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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Parker University

Graduate School:Parker University College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Canyon, TX

Hobbies:Hiking, Trail Running, Camping, Kayaking/Canoeing, Powerlifting.

Interesting Facts:I served in the US Navy for nine years as a CIWS technician. I was responsible for the mechanical, electrical, electronic, and operation of a six-barrel, 20 mm, automated gatling gun that could fire 4500 rounds/minute. I was selected as Navy Region Midwest's Senior Sailor of the year and got VIP access to the White House.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti provides me with the tools and training to deliver exceptional and effective care to patients in a unique manner that yields rapid results. Airrosti equips me with the ability to help people get their lives back. Furthermore, the culture and environment of Airrosti is intrinsically ingrained and focused on delivering outstanding patient care - it's truly in our DNA!

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by Jacques Daniels

Prior to visiting Dr. Laura Bates and Savanah, the pain I was experiencing in my left shoulder, neck, the wrist was unbearable. A co-worker recommended me to Airrosti. After three visits I am currently pain-free. The in-person sessions I had were very helpful and the home therapy is going very well as well. I love the energy, professionalism, and solicitousness exuded by Dr. Bates and Savanah. Thank you!!

by Susan Hoffman

I was having pain in my shoulder, and it was hard to lift my left arm up over my head. I really liked the Video Doctor’s appointments, and the ease of using the app, with the videos of each exercise that I need to do. I still have a little trouble with my shoulder, but it’s getting better little by little with the exercises. Dr. Bates was great on the video appointments, and with the exercises that she prescribed. I would recommend this type of treatment, especially right now with the social distancing, it was a great way to get treatment.

by Thomas Thalhuber

I came in with neck pain, and am very pleased with Airrosti’s service! I am especially impressed with their telehealth capabilities. They sent me a care package that I received in record time. They have a nice app that walks you through the program. The app has exercises with videos to walk you through how to perform the exercises correctly. You fill out a survey after each exercise to report pain level and any comments that you want to share with your doctor. The app has a message function so you can talk with your doctor, and you can even have your telehealth video conference on your phone or computer if you like. I worked with Dr. Laura Bates, and she was great! She has great enthusiasm for her patients, very knowledgeable, and she ga+ show moreve me a lot of very simple tips to monitor and fix my posture.

by Kim Bridges

Dr Bates was amazing! Great personality and helped reduce my neck and shoulder pain tremendously. Wish I’d known about this type of physical therapy sooner.