Layne Palm, DC

Dr. Layne Palm | Airrosti | Provider


Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:University of Dubuque

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Winnebago, Illinois

Hobbies:My passion for the healing and optimizing the human body has lead me to develop a love for fitness. I love spending my free time at the CrossFit, hiking outdoors and looking for new ways to challenge myself. I also love to learn new things and love finding good books to read.

Interesting Facts:I grew up on a dairy farm in small town Illinois, I was a wrestler for most of my life and I have been coaching CrossFit throughout school for the past 5 years.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti stands for exactly what I envisioned when I decided I wanted to go into healthcare. Airrosti offers nothing but the best for their patients and the patient always comes first, no exceptions. The reason I got into healthcare is for the patient and because of my love for others. At Airrosti I truly feel I am in a perfect position to have a lasting impact on other peoples lives.

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by Benjamin Myers

Late May 2021, I started experiencing pain in my right forearm, pain so bad that I couldn't function - it was excruciating. I saw my primary doctor and he prescribed the usual medications for an RSI (muscle relaxer, steroid, ibuprofen), however, none of the medications I took provided any relief and the pain was so extreme that I went to the ER that night. There, after what can best be described as a cursory examination of my arm and a downright dismissive assessment of my symptoms, I was given an NSAID injection. A few days later, there was improvement but after a couple of weeks, I was still having trouble sleeping and was still experiencing considerable pain doing everyday things like tying my shoes, making my bed, and sleeping in my pre...+ show moreferred position. I finally made an appointment with Airrosti in mid-June and my only regret is that I didn't do so sooner. Right away I found Dr. Palm's attention remarkable. After two previous rushed and seemingly flippant medical visits, it was a huge relief to have Dr. Palm really listen as I described in detail the nature of the pain and the profound impact it was having on my quality of life. After my first treatment, I observed marked relief and after my second, the pain was completely gone and I was able to resume my normal life...I didn't need a third treatment. Dr. Palm is the type of medical professional I wish all providers were. He listens intently, he's empathic, and he provides a level of care, unlike anything I've experienced before.

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