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Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:University of Dubuque

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Winnebago, Illinois

Hobbies:My passion for the healing and optimizing the human body has lead me to develop a love for fitness. I love spending my free time at the CrossFit, hiking outdoors and looking for new ways to challenge myself. I also love to learn new things and love finding good books to read.

Interesting Facts:I grew up on a dairy farm in small town Illinois, I was a wrestler for most of my life and I have been coaching CrossFit throughout school for the past 5 years.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti stands for exactly what I envisioned when I decided I wanted to go into healthcare. Airrosti offers nothing but the best for their patients and the patient always comes first, no exceptions. The reason I got into healthcare is for the patient and because of my love for others. At Airrosti I truly feel I am in a perfect position to have a lasting impact on other peoples lives.

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by Gail Kaplin

I have had years of back pain that conventional physical therapy could never resolve. My primary doctor referred me to Airrosti in Kyle because he had heard of workmates receiving relief and healing. I’ve spent many years with conventional physical therapy with no positive results wasting time, insurance benefits, and out-of-pocket money until I met up with Dr. Palm at Kyle Airrosti. He and Jesse the physical therapist not only helped me with the pain but were able to teach me how to overcome it on a day-to-day basis. I’m deeply grateful.

by Vidal Ynosencio

I almost don’t know where to begin. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that AIRROSTI has changed my life. And I’m not the review writing sort, but I OWE them at least my testimonial for what they’ve given >back< to me. Pun intended. To elaborate… I had a severe L5 disc herniation and a bulging/deteriorated L4 disc a little over two years ago… my neural surgeon (as well as my stepbrother who work in that specific field of radiology… I believe it’s radiology?) both said that my imaging indicated I would more than likely require surgery… as the months went on and I was able to start walking again, eventually jogging again, and then full-on running again I was improving in what I was able to do, but my pain had plateaue+ show mored at roughly ever-present… some good days and some bad days. Never good sleep as I had to sleep on one side or the other and would have to repeatedly switch sides due to my hips shifting throughout the night. Anyway. I’ve been living with this pain for years. Always questioning which of my old athletic pursuits were out of reach… then I heard from a client of mine about AIRROSTI. Honestly, I was highly skeptical because of some of the controversy revolving around chiropractic these days… (to be clear they seem to use a mosh mash chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy… though I’m sure they can elaborate better). So I decided to give it a shot because I really didn’t want surgery while I found my circumstance painful and uncomfortable it was at least tolerable, and back surgery felt like a bit of roulette I wanted to avoid. I went into my first session (after having to reschedule obnoxiously due to my absurd personal life) and met Dr. Palm. He felt like a very warm and genuinely kind “soul”. Immediately put me at ease. After some preamble, we did some… stuff? I don’t know that you’d call it an adjustment, though it certainly was. It invoked pressing his hands into the sides of my lower abdomen and having me do some simple movements. There was a little discomfort and tension… Then he sent me off to a nice young gentleman (whose name escapes me… Jesse? My apologies to this gentleman who was exemplary) and I learned some exercises and stretches that would aid what I assumed would be more of the same long journey back. At this point I’ll keep it brief… the pain has been almost entirely gone since then. I’ve gone back twice to be evaluated… they only charged me for the first visit! The following evaluations they didn’t try to justify more work and therefore more money (somewhat concern about how SOME practices operate). I’m freaking blown away. I literally tear up when I consider the pain that I thought would always be an unwelcome companion… gone just like that. Anyway. I can’t thank them enough and I can’t recommend them hard enough. I can’t believe I was living with this pain for YEARS and it was wiped away in less than an hour in the caring and eminently competent hands of Dr. Palm and company at Airrosti.

by Benjamin Myers

Late May 2021, I started experiencing pain in my right forearm, pain so bad that I couldn’t function – it was excruciating. I saw my primary doctor and he prescribed the usual medications for an RSI (muscle relaxer, steroid, ibuprofen), however, none of the medications I took provided any relief and the pain was so extreme that I went to the ER that night. There, after what can best be described as a cursory examination of my arm and a downright dismissive assessment of my symptoms, I was given an NSAID injection. A few days later, there was improvement but after a couple of weeks, I was still having trouble sleeping and was still experiencing considerable pain doing everyday things like tying my shoes, making my bed, and sleeping in my + show morepreferred position. I finally made an appointment with Airrosti in mid-June and my only regret is that I didn’t do so sooner. Right away I found Dr. Palm’s attention remarkable. After two previous rushed and seemingly flippant medical visits, it was a huge relief to have Dr. Palm really listen as I described in detail the nature of the pain and the profound impact it was having on my quality of life. After my first treatment, I observed marked relief and after my second, the pain was completely gone and I was able to resume my normal life…I didn’t need a third treatment. Dr. Palm is the type of medical professional I wish all providers were. He listens intently, he’s empathic, and he provides a level of care, unlike anything I’ve experienced before.