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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:University of Texas at Austin

Graduate School:University of Western States

Hometown:Brownsville, Texas

Hobbies:I love being active whether it is running, cycling, kayaking, hiking and camping out in woods! Whenever I do get downtime, I enjoy meditating, reading and spending quality time with my loved ones.

Professional Affiliations:Previously a Diversity and Community Inclusion Committee member with the American Chiropractic Association Motion Palpation Institute

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti allows me the opportunity to work with a team of individuals that is dedicated in helping people get better and returning them to the activities they love! We are committed to evidenced based practices by having a patient-centered approach focused on providing tools and support leading to addressing their condition, improving their function, and decreasing their pain.

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by Lorenia Rodriguez

I went to Airrosti due to lower back pain (extreme pain, I was having trouble getting up from bed in the morning and I wasn’t able to lift weights anymore) being a super active person, the pain was already affecting me psychologically I was feeling like this for about 2 months already. I want to thank Dr. Baldazo and Alex for their amazing job, they were super nice to me and very professional (btw they always had great music) I can tell you that with all their help and the exercises that I still continue doing, I am now able to lift weights again!!!! and I can get up from bed in the mornings without that horrible pain I was feeling. Thank you again for helping me 🙂 Keep doing the amazing job you guys do!!!!

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