Marcus Johnson, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Graduate School:Parker

Hometown:Palmer, Texas

Hobbies:Playing with my kids, Hanging with my wife, Fishing (Conventional and Fly - Fresh and Saltwater), Hunting, Marksmanship (rifle and pistol), Photograph

Interesting Facts:Started playing drums for Heavy Metal Bands in clubs at the age of 15. I did undergrad genetic research on C. elegans, one of the first animals(nematode),to have it's genome sequenced. I did my internship in Costa Rica with their 2008 Olympic team, as well as Nicaragua's team.

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by Jim Lucas

Went in with upper back pain and nerve shocks in both triceps; within three visits both the back pain and shocks had dissipated. They take the time to explain everything and provide expert care!! Highly recommend!!!

by Mark Parshall

I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue Nov 2018. I had to have surgery on my neck to remove 37 lymph nodes, and then 2 months of chemo/radiation treatment. Afterwards I was unable to lift my right arm above my shoulder. I was prescribed physical therapy for my situation. I attended therapy weekly, and was very consistent with doing my home exercises. After about 8 weeks of this, and even though the pain subsided considerably, I was still unable to lift my arm much higher than my shoulder, and throwing or catching a ball. or frisbee, was out of the question. Worried that my PT sessions would be running out, I was referred to Airrosti by a friend, who is a chiropractor. I asked my PT what she thought about Airrosti, and she encouraged me t...+ show moreo give it a try. She accessed me prior to my first Airrosti treatment, and then again immediately afterwards. Her and I were amazed by the results after one treatment. My range of motion increased to nearly 90%. I continued both PT, and Airrosti, and now I'm able to gladly say that I have full range of motion, with no pain at all, and as a 60 year old man, am able to play Ultimate Frisbee with my High School swimmers that I coach. I'm able to reach, and throw better that I could prior to my cancer diagnosis. Marcus Johnson & Whitney Holderness are incredible. Highly recommended. They helped me to go beyond what I thought I was capable.

by Chad Taylor

I am not one to write testimonials, but I do find them helpful from others. However, I choose to write a testimonial because of the absolutely amazing service & results that I received from Marcus Johnson & his amazing staff. I have been struggling, tolerating & looking for solutions to my hip area pain for over a year & a half. I have gone to Massage Therapists, Acupuncture and Chiropractors & while I might have experienced some limited improvement it was always short lived and the pain would return to the same thresholds. What was frustrating was that none provided a any permanent improvement, let alone a solution, but they were actively encourage me to continuing to treatment knowing full well they likely did not have a way to fix it. I ...+ show morewas at a point where I thought my only solution was surgery, which I wanted to avoid if I could. Fortunately, two friends recommended Airrosti,so I did some research & found Marcus Johnson's business. After 4 sessions I experienced a dramatic reduction in my pain which I was thrilled about. The service that I got from he & his team was great and I was thrilled to see a truly noteworthy reduction in my pain over the long run. However, what makes Marcus such an outstanding Dr is his advocacy of the patient. Let me explain. Marcus was very forthright that he did not just want to fix the symptoms but rather fix the root cause. While I was delighted with the substantial reduction in pain, he was not satisfied with the progress & encouraged me to get an MRI so I did. When I got my MRI results, Marcus was willing to review my MRI with me & explain to me what it meant & also to help me think through what to do next. What I learned is that I had issues that were not going to be fixed from these solutions. It was because of Marcus's approach to doing what is best for the customer that I now know what is causing the issue & can address the root cause. It is rare for a Dr. to acknowledge limitations to their field of practice and ultimately do what is in the best interest of the patient and to take time out of their busy schedule & consult with you on what to do next, knowing they will likely not get any more business from that patient. That is the ultimate experience in Dr. / patient care. I had great results & continue to experience substantially less pain after a few months & now know I need to get surgery to fix my issue.

by Mark Swope

I was loading a riding lawn mower onto a pickup truck. As the mower went up the ramp, it flipped over and fell on top of me. I caught it with my feet and arms. After a period of time, I began to have severe pain in my left shoulder. It would wake me up several times each night and I had a very restricted range of motion. I went to a regular doctor who prescribed physical therapy. I went 2 times a week for about two months. There was some improvement, but I reached a plateau. After stopping PT, the pain gradually returned. I had heard about Airrosti and decided to give it a try. I am on Medicare and it does not cover this treatment, but I decided to pay the cost for at least 2 treatments. After the second treatment, the improvem...+ show moreent was so dramatic that I went for one more. Dr. Johnson found the right spots to provide deep massage and the follow up exercises and stretches with the lacrosse ball are great. It looks like this may never be cured, but I am staying on top of the exercises and continue to improve.

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