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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Pasadena, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Woodworking and riding ATV's. Spending time with my beautiful wife and our dog. I have also been known to Crossfit from time to time.

Interesting Facts:Finished my Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at age 23. I was the youngest member of my graduating class. Practiced traditional chiropractic care for 1 1/2 years following school. Started with Airrosti in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has giving me the tools to personally impact thousands of patients lives, over the past 12+ years, in a greater way than I ever assumed possible

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by Bridget Hancock

I was referred to Airrosti by my chiropractor for ongoing problems with my neck and back. I was quite impressed with the professionalism and knowledge exhibited by Dr. Matthys and his staff. He is very good at understanding the issues and actually getting to the cause of the pain. He worked on releasing my problem areas, and by working with his staff, finding ways to keep the problem areas from returning, in a minimal amount of appointments. I have referred my daughter and others at the gym experiencing pain. When telling my story, I’ve been joined by others at the gym who have amazing stories of release from pain or nagging injuries. I now consider Dr. Matthys and his staff part of my “medical team” to keep me healthy!

by Amanda Kreller

I was introduced to Airrosti by an athletic friend who swears by it. I was getting ready to do a half marathon and during my training I had significant pain in my IT band and I had no idea how to fix it besides the stretching routine that I did daily. When my friend told me to go to Airrosti I had no idea what to expect, but I was hoping for relief! I saw Dr. Matthys the week before my race and he did what he could, which was intense and amazing at the same time! I saw him multiple times after the race for further treatments and he was able to provide relief, treat my symptoms, and give me stretching techniques to aid my healing. I really couldn’t believe that I wasn’t in pain anymore and that I could run without worrying about if the pa+ show morein was going to return. Dr. Matthys has always been kind, patient, and respectful. He listens and then treats the area(s) effectively. I highly recommend Airrosti!

by Becky Folta-May

I made an appointment with Dr. Matthys because I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. I had such limited range of motion that I could barely turn my head from side to side. Dr. Matthys told me up front that he recommended 5 visits and that is what it took. He’s a wonderful, caring Dr. who really listened to me. The first visit was done very thoroughly and my many questions were answered. I liked the therapy sessions which followed each time and the “homework” really helped. I highly recommend Dr. Matthys and the Airrosti rehab.

by Monica Torres

In my mid-thirties, I decided it was time to get back in shape since my two children were school-aged and I had more time for myself. I enjoy walking and jogging, but I was experiencing a worsening pain in my hip after every exercise session. I was referred to try Airrosti. I was skeptical since I had never heard of it and didn’t understand fascia soft tissue treatment but willing to try it. I would’ve never realized the problem began in my leg leading to my hip. In just a summertime of once a week visits, Dr. Matthys fixed my “hip” problem. No more pain after walking or jogging even two years later. I am so glad I went and grateful to Dr. Matthys and his kind staff for improving my life.

by Tina Parker

I am a very active person and when I started having shoulder pain during workouts, a friend referred me to Airrosti, boasting a quicker healing process and long term results. I made an appointment and right away I felt that Airrosti and Dr. Matthys were a great decision for me. He took time to explain what he felt my issues were based upon some very simple movements I had to make. He was able to see the imbalance between several of my muscle groups. It was great to find out that my shoulder was not injured, it was just not functioning correctly because of the stress of other muscles pulling on it incorrectly. During the span of 3 visits over 2 weeks, my shoulder was functioning correctly and he gave me the tools to keep things in balance+ show more on my own without recurring visits. I would strongly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Matthys to anyone who is having muscular discomfort.