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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Pasadena, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Woodworking and riding ATV's. Spending time with my beautiful wife and our dog. I have also been known to Crossfit from time to time.

Interesting Facts:Finished my Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at age 23. I was the youngest member of my graduating class. Practiced traditional chiropractic care for 1 1/2 years following school. Started with Airrosti in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has giving me the tools to personally impact thousands of patients lives, over the past 12+ years, in a greater way than I ever assumed possible

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by Amy Knowles

I have seen Dr. Matthys for several different issues and each time he has worked on me, I have been able to return back to my activity in a record amount of time. He is very thorough with his examination and his deep tissue pressure to fix my issue. Not to mention I work in a field where I deal with athletes everyday, and sprained ankles are a commonality. I recommend my athletes to go and see him all the time and their recovery rate is cut in half compared to other methods of recovery. Do your research and understand how valuable deep tissue massage therapy is to recovery rate! I HIGHLY recommend you see him if you have any pains you have had for a while or a very new injury that you don’t have time to deal with! Dr. Matthys is your man+ show more!

by Julie Sharifian

Dr. Matthys has been a big help to our family both with chronic pain issues & sports injuries. He always goes above & beyond to help and get us in as quickly as possible! Highly recommend he & his staff!

by Niki DuClos

I have an erupted L5 S1 disc. Instead of surgery I decided on couple steroid injections in my back and to learn about physical therapy. I have heard about Airrosti and was happy that we have a facility in my hometown. I went to Dr. Matthys and on the very first visit, I felt completely at ease, he answered all my questions and concerns and even gave me suggestions that I’d hadn’t even thought of. After the first session with Dr. Matthys, I saw the physical therapist that was very kind and was patient with me considering I’m middle age, okay, over the hill! 🙂 Anyway, she took time showing me the proper techniques. I went home that day with literature, step-by-step exercises to do at home. I went for another two visits and by then I+ show more was on my way to recovery. I’m able to keep up with the physical therapy at home and if I have any questions, it nice to know I can just call their office to answer my questions. I felt like family. My sciatic nerve is staying “calm” with the exercises I do and I’m so thrilled I decided to not have surgery and to see the team members at Airrosti!

by Samantha Shockley

Mike has been the biggest help! I’ve seen him a few times for a reoccurring injury. This is due to my stubbornness of not wanting to stop lifting. The most surprising help I’ve received was when I was at a CrossFit Competition, and I re-injured my shoulder. Mike was at this competition and was able to assess and help right away, and sign me up to see him for re-evaluations immediately following the comp. He will not only help, but if he knows he can’t fix it (because it’s outside of his practice) he will direct you to the proper resources. Bar far the quickest and best care I’ve received for an athletic injury.

by Chad Allen

“I received treatment a few months ago from Dr. Matthys. I was very uneducated about Airrosti. I had been suffering from pain in my knee during running, and it got to the point to where it hurt so much, I couldn’t do it anymore.
I never went to a traditional doctor, because I didn’t want to pay the bill for an MRI or X-rays. I also wanted to avoid any kind of surgery.

When Dr. Matthys and another associate did a series of visits at our fire station, I decided to give it a try. Unlike other doctors or medical facilities, they had a plan to get me back to normal, and no ongoing never ending treatment or visits.

After four short visits I was back to normal and running again. I am grateful for the experience, and glad + show moreI chose to go to Airrosti. I would highly recommend them if your experiencing any kind of discomfort. You won’t be disappointed.”