Miranda Wall, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:University of Missouri

Graduate School:Logan University

Hometown:Mexico, MO

Hobbies:Practicing and teaching yoga, running, and cooking healthy vegan dishes. I also love relaxing at home with my husband and our cat.

Interesting Facts:I grew up on a small farm in Missouri where we raised dairy goats. I also rode horses (hunter/jumper). I left home at 16 to go to a performing arts boarding school in Maine. Before going to college, I briefly danced with a ballet company in Missouri. A severe accident during college left me in a coma for several weeks. I had to re-learn to walk and do basic daily activities. Through this experience I can relate to the frustration of debilitating pain and limited function not only for the person going through it but for their families as well. I am grateful to be able to use this experience to better help and relate to my patients at Airrosti. The best part of my job is getting people out of pain and back to doing what they love!

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by Brett Powell

I have had the opportunity to be Dr. Wall's patient for several years now and it has been great! No matter what kind of injury I have, she knows what to do to get it feeling better, anything from a hurt shoulder to a hurt back. I have been to several clinics and by far Airrosti is the best when it comes to rehab and understanding the injury. I will continue to use Dr. Wall for many years and I will always remember an injury will get better with good care. Thanks

by Jennifer Rucker

I saw Dr. Wall after the second bout of plantar fasciitis hit and several friends recommend Airrosti. Her course of treatment and care was outstanding. She listened to all my concerns and worked to get to the root of the problem. I highly recommend her to care for friends and family.

by Shannon Kraft

I have SLE and have pain almost every day. I started working out at OTF three years ago and while it strengthened my body, it came with some injuries. I have been to Dr. Wall for at least four different issues. One issue I had for several months and my neurologist said it was a pinched nerve. I had severe pain in both sides of my elbow, weakness, and tingling down my entire arm. I went to Dr. Wall and within two visits the pain was completely gone. I highly highly recommend Dr. Wall. She is amazing and one of the sweetest people I have ever met!

by Gabino Saldana

After my first visit for my chronic back pain, Dr. Wall had me feeling way better than I had in years. I was so happy with the treatment, I had her work on my plantar fasciitis and busted knees too. I feel years younger now and my quality of life is greatly improved! Thank you, Dr. Wall and Airrosti staff!

by Dave Ransome

I was introduced to Airrosti by a colleague who mentioned she had great success with them for treatment and relief of both lower back pain as well as plantar fasciitis. I had experienced lower back pain from a protruding disc on a nerve that rendered me nearly unable to walk and caused a great deal of pain. I was assigned to Dr. Miranda Wall. Upon a quick, yet thorough evaluation, Dr. Wall was able to apply the physical therapy necessary to relieve the pain, allow for my immediate mobility, and also freed me up to travel for a vacation the following weekend. She also prescribed a simple set of exercises for me to take away and do at my own leisure to supplement the in-office visits. I only had to attend the 4 prescribed visits, and there wa...+ show mores no pressure to continue a long term treatment plan like some other companies push. After the 4th visit, she re-evaluated and told me I was good to go. Several months later, by the action of my own, the disc was protruded again, and I returned to Dr. Wall. With a quick read through my case file, she went right to work on the fix and I was back up and walking quickly. I wholly endorse Dr. Miranda Wall and Airrosti treatment centers for their professionalism, courtesy, and approach. They can fix you.

by Antonyo McCall

My hip and low back had been bothering me from playing a lot of rugby over the summer. Dr. Wall was able to help find the issues and give me the tools to continue playing rugby.

by Nicole Bell

After spending most of 2020 working from home, my hip flexors were causing me lots of pain. It was hard to move without feeling pain in my lower back, hip, and knee. After visiting Dr. Wall at Airrosti, I was quickly on my way to recovery. There I learned maintenance moves that help me stay in alignment and prevent further or reoccurring injury. If you are having muscle tension or pain, I highly recommend Airrosti and in particular Dr. Miranda Wall.

by Nicole Traub

Dr. Wall was recommended by my sister when she hurt her neck. I went to Airrosti thinking this chiropractor's office would be just like the others I've been to. Wow, was I wrong. Dr. Wall and her staff worked diligently to make sure my visits were constructed for me. No cookie-cutter chiropractic here! I was given individualized treatment and support. Dr. Wall even reached out to me via text and email after visits to make sure I was feeling better and keeping up with my at-home rehab exercises. Dr. Wall goes out of her way to connect with patients personally too. She was genuinely interested in my research and how my Ph.D. program was coming along. I made a friend as well as getting my life back by going to Airrosti and being treated by Dr....+ show more Wall.

by Lee Iselt

I’ve been to Dr. Wall twice. Once for a hamstring injury and a year later for hip pain. She was the last resort for the hamstring injury caused by running uphill. I’d been to my primary care doctor and was prescribed medication. It didn’t work. I was miserable. I couldn’t sit for any length of time. Dr. Wall was able to get my pain away with 3 treatments and suggested home exercises. When I had hip pain, I didn’t hesitate to go see her. She immediately knew what the root cause was and within three visits I was pain-free. I would not hesitate to go to her again!

by Mark Franklin

I injured my lower back 25 years ago by washing a dog, of all things. Since that day I was in nearly constant pain, sometimes intense but usually at least a dull ache. I got x-rays, MRIs, visited chiropractors, etc. but, no one was able to pinpoint the issue or help. I can't take NSAIDs and didn't want to be on stronger pain meds so, I lived with this pain for over 20 years when it finally began to subside. Then recently, I reaggravated it and the pain was as bad and intense as it was when I first hurt it. I could barely walk and couldn't find any position that would alleviate it. My wife suggested seeing Dr. Wall and I thought I would at least give her a try. I appreciated that Dr. Wall wasn't going to prescribe any medicines that would 'c...+ show moreure' me. She also let me know that the relief would not be immediate but, would lessen after each visit while she zeroed in on the cause. She also gave me stretches and exercises to do at home to help with recovery and prevent a recurrence in the future. Within 2 weeks (3 visits) the pain was gone. I saw her a 4th time but, that was mainly to have her work on a neck issue I also had. I can't believe that I lived with that back pain for 25 years and she was able to eliminate it in less than 4 visits

by Ann Marie

My son, Barrett, was having elbow pain from baseball. I took him to see Dr. Miranda Wall and she was quickly able to give him a diagnosis, work out the injured tissue, complete exercises, and send us home with further instructions all in one visit. Barrett was able to get back to throwing right away. About a year later I took him back with a shoulder injury. Miranda quickly diagnosed the issue and referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. She still checks on us today and I will come back with any future pain for myself or my son. I would highly recommend Dr. Miranda and Airrosti.

by Kathy Webb

I have suffered from debilitating back problems for over four years. In that time I've seen an orthopedist, pain management specialist (steroid injection, muscle relaxers), chiropractors, and physical therapists. Getting Airrosti treatment from Dr. Wall was a game-changer! Instead of solely focusing on relieving the pain, she diagnosed the root of the problem. The Airrosti treatment not only aided in recovery, but it increased my flexibility beyond what I ever thought would be possible. Dr. Wall got me to a point where I could start working on strengthening and healing my body. I was told by an orthopedic doctor that I would always have back problems - just something I would have to live with. She reassured me that was not the case. She pro...+ show morevided education and training so that I am empowered to continue strengthening my body to avoid future back problems. I am back to an active lifestyle, including lifting my grandchildren without worry. I highly recommend Dr. Wall and Airrosti treatment. I would go for treatment even if insurance did not cover the costs. It is worth it - you can't put a price on quality of life.

by Jerry Frazier

I tore my Achilles Tendon while attending a Camp Gladiator workout, interval week and I was sprinting like I was still 20...what was I thinking...I quickly scheduled an appointment with Dr. Wall to get it evaluated. It was not a complete tear, so no surgery...which was a huge relief, but still painful nonetheless. We got started right away and right then...no come back and we will get started on a plan for your recovery...Dr. Wall and her team went to work with treatment, stretch, and a foam rolling session. I was very impressed with the time and consideration they took to educate me, answer my questions, ensure that I fully understood what I needed to do daily for recovery on my own. They made sure I was outfitted with what I needed and pr...+ show moreovided instructional information for reference along the whole way. I had an office follow up the same week, not to mention that they checked on me regularly to be sure I was doing alright and to see if I needed anything. I had about 3 more visits/treatments after that, adjusting as my recovery progressed, and with confidence, I was good to go. I had not visited Airrosti prior to this injury...but I thought, instead of going to my family practitioner and being referred several times before receiving treatment I'd give it a shot...best decision I could have made, I have no doubt that without visiting Airrosti my recovery would have easily taken 2-3 times longer than it did and definitely would have been more frustrating. Thanks to Airrosti, Dr. Wall, and her team, I am back out there crushing goals and trying to be the best version of myself...although, my sprint takes offs are now more like I'm still 35, 20 in the middle, and back to 35 toward the end just to be safe. If you have an injury or struggle with constant aches and pains from past injuries or activities that are debilitating I highly recommend visiting Airrosti for rapid recovery treatment...you won't be disappointed!

by Whitney Fenzel

I've had chronic knee pain in both knees for as long as I can remember. Dr. Wall and her team went the extra mile to work with me in-office and give me at-home exercises to reduce pain and inflammation. Within just two visits I was feeling immense relief! 10/10 recommend this team!

by Tracey Griffith

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for 2 years prior to receiving my first Airrosti treatment. Expensive orthotics and multiple visits to podiatrists were not getting me results. A friend of my sister told her about the Airrosti method and that it had worked for her. I immediately researched it and was thrilled to find an Airrosti clinic here in Georgetown. Within 5 visits with Dr. Wall, her team, and recovery plan I was done with plantar fasciitis. Quality of life is infinitely better. Thank you Airrosti and Dr. Wall.

by Scott Bowerman

I suffered from tight hamstrings, low back spasms, and a very active piriformis muscle. Dr. Wall did a remarkable job with releasing the pinching thru massage and stretching. My symptoms were resolved in a matter of a couple of weeks. Dr. Wall is very patient-friendly, an active listener, and communicates her knowledge and expertise in a way so you can understand.

by Sarah Snyder

I am grateful for the help & treatment that Dr. Wall and her team provided me with. I came to see her at Airrosti with a running injury, and Dr. Wall was able to astutely assess the injury, showed empathy and helped develop a treatment plan to get me back to running within a few short visits! I am thankful for the kind and thorough doctors like Dr. Wall!

by Octavio Garza

I visited Dr. Wall several times with lower back pain. I learned a lot about proper exercises and techniques (e.g., use of a foam roller, tape, ice, and elastics) to help relieve the pain. The exercises did help but eventually, I needed a steroid shot. What I learned from Dr. Wall became much more valuable after the shot. I currently continue to use the techniques she prescribed and happy to report I am free from lower back pain and have resumed all outdoor activities, e.g., hiking, biking, boating, and horseback riding.