Randy Jonas, DC

Randy Jonas, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:Texas State University

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:New Braunfels, TX

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is the best soft tissue injury treatment on the planet, so the results are outstanding. But to me Airrosti is all the people that you don't see making it an incredible experience for the patient from start to finish. Airrosti is truly a team effort with the ultimate goal of delivering the patient a profound environment in which to heal.

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by Brittney Odell

My lower back was in constant pain for 4 months. I went to my primary doctor and had xrays done and they couldn't figure out why I was in pain. I was thinking it was related to my rheumatoid arthritis, but when I went in to see my rheumatologist he assured me it was not related. He then recommended me to Airrosti, which I had never heard of. I saw Dr. Jonas, he explained what Airrosti is all about and put together a plan to get my back better. It only took two treatments for the pain to go away. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I had a great experience and have already started referring friends over!

by Laura Roberts

AIRROSTI with Dr. Jonas has helped everyone in our family! It was recommended by a few people in the sports community for one of my daughters. After hearing people really tell their stories and how much it helped and helped quickly we decided to give it a try as my beach volleyball player needed to get out of her boot on her injured foot and get into the season. Within one session she was out of her boot and off her crutches and back to competing within 2 weeks. As a competitive athlete, she has been seen for shoulder, knee, ankle, etc and the treatment, including homework/physical therapy keeps her competing. My other daughter broke her foot and was in a boot and cast for months. AIRROSTI has literally helped her walk again after her leg w...+ show moreas very atrophied. have been too for neck/shoulder problems and the relief is incredible. I was willing to try anything that worked but not stick with it without results. The AIRRSOTI organization is results oriented. And I saw it with all of our treatments with doctors that really care about the people they are treating and getting them back into their lives.

by Darwood DuPree

After several trips to the Chiropractor, I finally realized I had to do something different for my lower back pain/tightness. I had seen the Airrosti logo while watching the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games but wasn't quite sure of what Airrosti was exactly. After a little researching and calling around, I found a clinic nearby and decided to schedule a visit. That visit was with Dr. James Jonas. Within 5 minutes of speaking with Dr. Jonas, I had a pretty clear understanding of what was going on with my back and the steps we were going to take in order to try and resolve this issue. During my visits, Dr. Jonas was very informative and descriptive on my issue and made sure all my questions were answered throughly and on a level that I could unders...+ show moretand. After 3-6 visits with Dr. Jonas I was able to increase my volume of training again and start preparing myself for the goals I desire to achieve. Not only was Dr. Jonas able to help relieve my lower back pain/tightness, but he was able to create a friendship with a complete stranger whom he had never met before. My experience with Dr. Jonas opened my eyes to a whole new world and understanding of how to correctly and efficiently take care of the human body. Thank you Dr. Jonas and the Airrosti Team for helping me get back to training and doing what I love. CrossFit!

by Holly Dees

Upon my arrival to Airrosti, I was in major pain. I did not know how they were going to help me but I knew I needed to try something to get back to normal and prepare for an upcoming 10K. The treatments were custom tailored to my injury. In three visits I was good as new. My guess is that if I would have tried to let my back heal on it's own I would have been down and out for months. I am so thankful I gave Dr. Jonas and Katie and try!

by Meghan Teira

After having a successful previous injury recovery at Airrosti, I chose to have them treat a recent shoulder injury after resting alone wasn't enough. After just 3 visits, my shoulder (bicep tendon) was feeling normal. I learned how to strengthen the weaker areas of my shoulder to help alleviate the pain, speed recovery, and prevent the injury from occurring again. Thanks Airrosti for getting me well again!

by Mark Brown

As fitness instructor for two decades, I had long considered plantar fasciits an unfortunate part of the job and had spent so many years with constant foot pain that I had forgotten what it felt like to walk without a limp in the morning or walk barefooted through my house. Dr. Jonas did an amazing job taking through treatment to where now my condition is better than it has been in 30 years. I keep saying to myself, "wait, that doesn't hurt". Most importantly for me was the way he explained the process, coached me through the process, and made adjustments along the way to accommodate the various stress levels my work imposed week by week. Fantastic work!

by Oscar Sanabria

I went to visit Dr. Jonas about three weeks ago. I had a sharp pain in the back of my knee for quite a few months. I was not sure what caused the pain so I went to Airrosti after hearing about it from my fellow trainers. During the first visit Dr. Jonas quickly assessed my imbalances and thoroughly explained to me what was going on in my body. He showed me foam rolling techniques and different exercises to relax and strengthen my weakened muscles. Slowly but surely I felt the progress with each day that I performed the prescribed exercises and stretched. It was great having Dr. Jonas take care of me. I highly recommend him and will be going back to him if the need arises.

by James Perry

After retiring from the Army in 2003, my running gradually took a backseat to other priorities. In 2011 I began running again and my mileage increased rapidly over the coming year (to the tune of two marathons, a 50K and 50 miler.) I suffer from the "no pain, no gain mentality" to the extent that while injured I continued to train and race for almost two years resulting in chronic Achilles tendonitis in both legs and calf muscles that were constantly sore and knotted from the back of my ankles to the back of my knees. I tried sports massages, trigger point therapy, and a lot of self performed deep tissue massage to get by, but in the end my calves would get so painful and tight that I had to walk (hobble) after running an hour or so. I did ...+ show morewhat many runners might do, I ran harder. It didn't work of course, it got worse. Even though I managed to get into Boston in 2015 I knew that if I could not get my injuries under control that I would not be able to train properly. That being said, I finally decided to give Airrosti a try. First of all, Airrosti is not one of those "relaxing sports massages." After an evaluation Dr. Reeves went to work. I must say, you have to expect some pain, but if you're serious about something, you know nothing comes easy. After three sessions there was substantial improvement in dorsiflexion and a reduction of pain and tightness. Now after three more, I am finally able to toe-off again. I can plant my feet without the pain and tightness that I've become accustomed to and my legs are "springs" again! In essence, I am not afraid to run again. I was a bit skeptical but I can honestly say that without the treatments I would be dreading every training run and just being satisfied with making it to Boston rather than enjoying every step of the 26.2 miles as you should. I was "flying" down the road a few mornings ago and something amazing happened; I found myself smiling and happy to be running. I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone who has the desire to fix an issue such as mine, just don't wait as long as I did.

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