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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:University of Houston

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Sugar Land

Hobbies:Sports, Fitness & Exercise, Cooking, Writing, Traveling

Interesting Facts:- Published a novel titled: Stuck in Neutral - I can speak Spanish fluently

Professional Affiliations:American Chiropractic Association Texas Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti, to me, means putting the patient's needs at the forefront in order for them to be able to achieve their desired goals, so that they can live a pain-free life, while doing the things they love.

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by Jeremy Bunte

My back has been going out on me for the past ten years. When it does, I usually can’t walk or move very well for the 1st week. I give it time to rest for that 1st week, and then I’ve made an Airrosti appointment every time after. Within two weeks or less, they have been able to help me stand up straight, lessen pain, and get back on my feet and back to work and playing golf (which I love). I would highly recommend anyone who is in any kind of pain to see an Airrosti provider as soon as possible.

by Jami Nebergall

I can’t say enough about how amazing Dr. Garza is at Airrosti. I fractured my foot and talus bone (ankle) on July 1st and was not able to walk for over four months. I came to Dr. Garza on a knee scooter for my rehab treatment in October, and eight sessions later, I am walking with no pain and in sneakers. I immediately felt relief after just the 1st session. He is a miracle worker and I highly recommend him!

by Colton Key

Dr. Garza not only healed the plantar fasciitis that I had been battling for two years in a few visits plus exercises, but he also got my ankle back to normal in a week after rolling it. I highly recommend using Airrosti & Dr. Garza to anyone battling aches & pains.

by Paige Roberts

Dr. Garza was great in helping me get over some Achilles pain from running. After receiving treatments and implementing the at-home exercising and icing, I was even able to be discharged earlier than anticipated. It was nice to receive a clear plan for my injury that started relieving my pain quickly. I will return here if other pain or injuries occur.

by Andrew Ceriello

This has been an incredible journey to recovery. I went to Airrosti with minimal understanding of the injury I was dealing with in my hip. Dr. Garza managed to pinpoint what I was dealing with and healed my injury with incredible exercises and strategy. What was a one-year injury turned into a healed injury within one month of working with Dr. Garza. I have never felt more confident than I do now about my injury recovery and the understanding of it, thanks to Dr. Garza. I extremely recommend anyone give Dr. Garza a visit if you are dealing with any injury. 10/10.

by Joan Albert

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Garza and Airrosti Downtown. Went there with constant neck pain that had been impacting my activity level for a year which included unsuccessful experiences at 2 other PT places. Dr. Garza was able to help decrease my pain quickly and increase range of motion substantially. He clearly explained the steps and exercises to make it easy to continue at home. The exercise videos were great support when needed. Have already recommended Airrosti DT to several friends and colleagues. Thanks Dr. Garza!

by Marsha Perez

I had surgery to repair a labral tear in my left hip and consequently had to use my right leg for support for weeks. The source of my pain wasn’t addressed during post-op physical therapy, so I decided to make an Airrosti appointment. I have used Airrosti before for lower back pain and was hopeful for positive results with this issue. Dr. Garza was very professional, and personable/easy to talk to, especially during the sometimes painful treatment process. During every visit, Dr. Garza thoroughly explained the treatment plan for that day and going forward. My pain level improved pretty much on the planned timeline Dr. Garza set out for me. I am pain-free and so thankful for his help to get me there! Having this level of excellence in car+ show moree is wonderful AND to be able to visit an Airrosti clinic downtown is invaluable.

by Kelly Kuni

I have been to Airrosti for multiple injuries over the years. They have helped me recover from low back pain, knee injuries, and most recently turf toe. My experience and results with Dr. Garza are why I keep returning. He quickly assesses the injury, discusses treatment plans and expected time recovery upfront, and sends you home with the necessary manual therapy treatments to recover. I believe Airrosti’s mission is to help you recover from your injuries in the quickest time possible. I can verify the truth in this mission statement. I was able to recover from my most recent injury in a few weeks. Dr. Garza is the first person I’ll contact the next time my body decides to throw a fit.

by Sam O.

I was in tremendous pain from my neck where I could barely lift my left arm, and with less than 8 sessions he resolved my issues. Dr. Garza’s treatments were targeted, and effective. His consultative approach and recommended exercises were customized to my condition. I highly recommend his practice to anyone needing relief from muscle pain.

by Miguel Garza

Hace unas semanas atrás presente un dolor fuerte en la parte de la espalda baja que me impedía hacer mis rutinas diarias y por medio de redes sociales encontré al Dr. Garza. Al principio tenía un poco de duda en hacer la cita con el (no estaba seguro) y pues me anime a hacer la cita. En mi primera cita el Dr. Garza me explicó detalladamente el problema que me estaba ocasionando el dolor, así que puso todo su esfuerzo en trabajar en espalda baja y en mi primera visita con él y los ejercicios que me recomendó vi un cambio en que mi dolor disminuyó. Solo bastaron 3 visitas con él para que el dolor disminuyera un 95%, pero claro hay que seguir los ejercicios que él te recomienda a seguir. La mera verdad recomiendo 100% al Dr. Robe+ show morerto Garza es una persona muy profesional. No duden de visitarlo si tienen algún dolor muscular.

by Candice Gambrell

Unable to shake a nagging knee pain that had gone on for six months, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Garza at Airrosti. At the time of my appointment, I had been sidelined from running, my kettlebell workouts were painful, heavy weight lifting was out of the question, and even simply driving home was painful, due to remaining still for too long. I was waking up with pain each day and decided I’d had enough. I read numerous of these Google reviews and felt hopeful. Dr. Garza did not disappoint. He quickly diagnosed my issue, provided treatment, and at home exercises to be completed daily. After my first visit, completion of my first day of exercises and recommended icing routine, I no longer had any pain during my daily activitie+ show mores. After my third visit, I was able to jog again without pain. After my fourth visit, I was discharged with what I estimate to be a 90% improvement from when I first walked through the door two and a half weeks ago. I’ll continue the exercises and icing regimen daily and check in four weeks from now. Dr. Garza’s bedside manner is impeccable. He’s the consummate professional-extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to gab with during the sometimes not-so-pleasurable manual treatments. I always left appointments feeling less pain and more confidence with my knee functionality. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Garza to anyone in pain!

by Jennifer Fay

I started going to Dr. Garza for pain in my low back and hips. I have been through a lot of other physical therapy, chiropractors, a rheumatologist, and an orthopedic, but this treatment has been the best for me. He gets to the root cause and improved my range of motion very quickly. I will continue to see him as needed for any pain concerns.

by Catherine Fields

I came in with a hip impingement that was affecting my comfort in everyday activities, limiting my range of motion, and flaring up during workouts. Dr. Garza diagnosed the issue then explained how all the other muscles were affecting it and detailed the plan on how to get back to normal. After one visit, I was already feeling better. Throughout treatment, I asked lots of questions and always got quick and helpful responses. I am about a week out from my last appointment and am feeling great.

by Lisa Chinn

Dr. Garza really helped with some neck/upper back pain and tension. My migraines have been lessened, and I can move my head and neck way more now too. I like that the treatment includes exercises that you can do as for as long as you want, so the maintenance is more sustainable long-term. He’s very professional and his office is nice and comfortable. He’s also very prompt. There was never more than a one or two-minute wait.

by Jacob Simpson

I came in with severe lower back/right hip pain that was keeping me from being able to sit for long periods of time as I worked. After meeting with Dr. Garza around 5 visits, my pain is completely healed and I feel better than I did before the injury took place. I could not recommend seeing him enough!

by Alycia Leatherby

I came with a pretty severe bicep/shoulder issue that had progressed to the point my mobility was impacted and I couldn’t sleep. Dr. Garza was able to provide chiropractic care along with exercises to reduce pain. Working this along with my orthopedic team allowed me to get relief and get back into CrossFit without surgery.

by Yen Dinh

Dr. Garza was treating me for knee pain and he was great! I recommend anyone who experiences pain especially, muscles related pain seek Airrosti for help.

by Erika Suarez

Estoy muy agradecida con el Dr. Garza por sus atenciones, paciencia y buen trabajo con el problema que mi hija estaba tendiendo en su espalda baja y cuello. Adlih tiene 9 años y decidí cambiar de quiropráctico pues no le estaban ayudando para nada los tratamientos previos que había tenido con otro especialista. Mi hija ya no tiene dolor gracias a Dios y al Dr Garza. Muchas gracias sé que por sus tratamientos, y experiencia mi hija ha sido sanada. Tambien algo que me gusto mucho es que el Dr. Garza habla español fluido y es mucho más fácil y placentero para mí ya que es mi primer idioma. Dios lo bendiga por su gran atención y paciencia para sus pacientes yo lo recomiendo 100%.

by Maria Arredondo

Before my first appointment at Airrosti, I pretty much couldn’t move, bend, or reach out in any direction. Sitting or resting for about 10 minutes or less was enough for me to be in extreme pain and/or become stiff. Dr. Garza asked thorough questions to pinpoint where exactly the pain was coming from and set me up for an in-office and at-home recovery plan. As soon as I walked out of that first appointment, my pain had decreased and my mobile has increased. After three more visits and doing my part at home, I can honestly testify my pain is minimal! My injury was pretty severe, so I still have some work to do on my own with the exercises given, but I have no doubt soon I will be pain free thanks to Dr. Garza at Airrosti.

by Phil Green

Dr. Garza was fantastic from start to finish and helped me fix my hip pain. His communication was great and his treatments were effective. Would highly recommend him to anyone considering using him!

by Paul Drake

Incredibly painful leg injury! Dr. Garza had me better free the first visit and feeling great after 4…he’s really great. Thanks, Airrosti!

by Kristin Hoisington

I recently had severe pain from TMJ after years of having no pain at all. I really didn’t want to deal with a long chain of dental and oral surgeon appointments so I decided to contact Airrosti first. I am so glad I chose this route of treatment! After 3 appointments I am 100% pain free thanks to Dr. Garza. With the exercises and focused massage treatments to my jaw and neck, I feel like my old self again. This was the third injury I have used Airrosti for treatment and I love that I get fast and lasting results without medication or surgery.

by Bianca Martinez

Airrosti helped me with chronic pain I was having in my neck and shoulders. They helped relieve my headaches and gave me exercises to continue my recovery on my own.

by Christine Mikulich

Dr. Garza treated me for an injury that flared up again after a car accident I originally had in 2018 to my head due to a whiplash injury. I was initially treated by Dr. Powell who was the only one to cure my issue and relieve me of depilating pain after unsuccessful physical therapy and medicine. Dr. Garza treated the same injury and it took only a few visits. Dr. Garza was attentive and really listened to me. I knew that going back to Airrosti was the answer. Since being treated by Dr. Garza i have not had a reoccurrence of the pain. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Garza.

by Mark K

I had neck pain and tension that did not respond to treat for several years. Dr. Garza was able to make significant improvements after a few weeks.

by Leslie Raymond

Been going to Dr. Garza for over a month. In just 4 visits, my shoulder pain feels much. The exercises and stretches have provided much relief. Definitely recommend.

by Samuel Miller

First off I don’t do many reviews, in fact this may be my second review all time. After completing my first iron man triathlon I developed a serious case of IT band syndrome. After months of rest, traditional physical therapy, and steroid shots I was still unable to run or bike. The orthopedic surgeon recommended me to Dr. Robert Garza at Airrosti in Downtown Houston. Within 4 visits, and dedication to my treatment plan I was able to run my first 5k in months with no pain. Within 6 treatments I was discharged and ready to start training for the next triathlon. I continue the exercises and stretches I was taught by Airrosti and I couldn’t be happier. If you have pain please give this a try. I was worried I would have to have surgery a+ show morend miss a full season. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Garza any more. Seriously a game changer!!!! Thanks for helping me!!!!

by Shonetorehahi Woodard

I’ve been dealing with foot pain for so long that I just learned to cope with it until one day it became so bad that I had to leave work. I went to so many doctors and through so many medications I thought there was no hope…. until I was referred to Airrosti where I met Dr. Robert Garza. The BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! He walked me through the treatment and exercises, explained every detail! Every visit I left better than I came! 10 out of 10 Highly recommend and I will be back for any pain or injuries in the future…..

by Misty Pabalan

Dr. Garza is very kind, professional, and knowledgable in his practice. He genuinely cares for his patients and it is very evident in his work. I came in for leg pain after running and Dr. Garza was able to identify where my injury was and treated it subsequently. It took several treatments and exercises on my own to treat the pain accompanying the injury but I can confidently say that my pain is now 99% relieved. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Garza and will certainly continue to go to him for all my chiropractic needs!

by Suhail Yazdani

Awesome recovery by Dr. Garza! Could not walk normally after a long day because of a prior injury. Now I can carry my daughter without pain. Wonderful experience!

by Felicia Maxwell

I’ve been suffering with slight knee pain for over a year and had no idea what was causing the issue, particularly when I tried to perform lunges. I finally decided to seek out a professional and received a referral from my PCP to Airrosti. Dr. Garza changed my life with his treatments + rehab exercises. I’ve only had a few visits with him and each visit my pain lessened, my exercise form got better and I was finally able to perform lunges without any pain. I’m not sure I would have received such amazing results had I chosen a different physician and I’m beyond excited to start my new journey with a knee that is pain free from tendinitis. Thank you Dr. Garza and Airrosti for giving me my full mobility and life back.

by Gloria McCalister

Dr. Garza treated my thumb/wrist pain and he did a great job! He worked the kinks out of my muscles and gave me exercises that have really helped a lot. Great job Dr. Garza! Best Regards, G. McCalister

by Bianca Jemmott

Dr.Garza is very knowledgeable and professional. He will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. I have a few more sessions to go but I’m progressing well. My lower back pain has lessen and I’m feeling better. Definitely recommend Dr.Garza

by Ryan Miller

Went in to the office in a significant amount of pain from tendinitis in the elbow. Within 2 visits I was relieved of most pain and back playing golf. Dr. Garza was helpful in explaining what he observed as the issue, worked the knots out of the muscles and equipped me to continue to do exercises at home to continue improving. Today I’m out of pain and back to enjoying life. Greatly appreciate the help!

by Micheal McManus

I had nearly crippling pain in my right thumb, which arose from seemingly nowhere. Some days it was nearly impossible to button my shirt or pickup anything. Dr. Garza treated me for 3 sessions and managed to nearly completely resolve my pain. The adjustments made to the underlying muscles, combined with the physical therapy, quickly resolved the issue, and the therapy I continue on a regular basis on my own to keep the issue at bay. This is the 3rd issue I’ve had that Airrosti treatment has resolved quickly, when other doctors had no effective solution.

by Sherly Nissing

As always, my Airrosti experience was excellent. Dr. Garza was always on time for my 6:30 am appointments, very professional and always explained exactly what he was going to be working on. Thank you for helping me get back to normal, painless activity.

by Jennifer Nickel

I have chronic back pain after tearing my ACL, MCL and meniscus on my right knee, and stage 4, level 4 endometriosis (which I’ve had 2 surgeries for), and 2 c-sections. Dr. Garza helped me out after only 4 treatments. There were two exercises that have been absolutely life-changing for me that I notice help every time I feel things pulling and out of sync. There are no silver bullets, ensure you do your 15 minutes of exercises, but they make a world of a difference. Thank you Dr. Garza! I never realized until now that something so small would have made such a difference all these years…

by Sarah Walsworth

After one failed knee replacement, the replacement of the failed one and another surgery to remove scar tissue I was a mess. I’ve been doing my required physical therapy for about six months and my doctor recommended then referred me to Airrosti. I’m so happy that he did. I have gained so much more flexión than I originally had. It’s never going to be perfect but I wouldn’t be as far as I am without the help of Dr Garza. It’s not for everyone but it is very effective and you notice results very quickly. I had seven visits which is more than normal but my knee was a mess and I never felt as though it was dragged out unnecessarily. I needed every session I got. Thank you Airrosti and Dr Garza.

by Myrna Macias

Last year I had surgery on my left shoulder for a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, and tendentious on my bicep. After my recovery period I had physical therapy for seven months at a Non-Airrosti center with very little improvement. My surgeon then recommend Airrosti and I wish he would have recommended them from the start. After my first visit I felt a tremendous improvement with my shoulder mobility. With every visit I felt better knowing how much my mobility was improving. Thank you so much Airrosti. Special thanks to Dr. Garza. He is very professional yet delighted to speak to….and you can tell he loves his job.

by Josmar Eleazar Garcia

Tenía un dolor intenso en la parte baja de la espalda que me dejaba paralizado cada vez que me agachaba. En dos sesiones y con ejercicios el Dr. Garza no sólo dio con la causa sino que aplicó el procedimiento correcto y hoy ya no siento dolor ni me quedo inmovilizado cuando me agacho. Sigo haciendo los ejercicios recomendados y mi vida cambió radicalmente de un dolor intenso a vivir sin dolor de espalda.

by Dolores Bautista

Went to see Dr. Garza because I was having trouble sleeping from so much tension in my neck and shoulders. After a few visits I had significant improvement and was able to sleep through the night.

by Clint Corcoran

My rotator cuff and shoulders had some pain that Dr. Garza helped reduce and eliminate after 3 sessions. The exercises in his office and afterwards helped improve my shoulder strength. I am pleased I went to Airrosti to speed up the healing process and show me how to strengthen those areas of my back.

by Austin Vickers

Dr. Garza did a great job. I came in with a strained lower back. I had a hard time walking, picking up my toddler, and doing daily tasks in general. After three visits my back pain is much better and more importantly I have been given a plan to follow which should avoid similar injuries in the future.

by Silvia Jauregui

Hace unas semanas atrás presente un dolor muscular cerca de mi cuello y espalda superior, y mi esposo me recomendó Airrosti cómo un lugar muy bueno y te ayuda a mejorar tu dolor, y así fue saque mi cita con el Dr Garza que se encuentra en la locación del Downtown Tunnels en Houston, para mi experiencia con solo dos visitas mejore mucho mi dolor, solo quede con algunos ejercicios de ayuda a seguir mejorando 100%, el Dr es una persona muy profesional y lo recomiendo 100%. Si tienen algún dolor muscular no lo dude ahí lo van ayudar.

by Janell Moreno

I went in with a lot of shoulder pain after a car accident. After three office visits, treatment and recommended exercises, my shoulder pain significantly decreased. I would recommend Dr. Garza.

by David Monge

Dr. Garza did an amazing job getting me back to where I had no more pain from my sciatica. He was incredibly professional in my dealings with him and was patient with my numerous questions. I would highly recommend him if you are experiencing any back pain – he did wonders for me.

by Jaffery Nawal

Dr. Garza is absolutely amazing! I was having horrible neck pain, and barely any range of motion. My brother-in-law referred me to Airrosti, I made an appt with Dr. Garza, and after just one appointment I felt SO much better! This was my very first time going to a chiropractor but Dr. Garza was very thorough and transparent about the whole process and clear on what to expect, which I really appreciated. At first, he suggested it might take 4-5 sessions to address my neck pain, but after the first appointment I’ve only had to go back one more time, and I feel like a whole new person. I would highly recommend Airrosti, and more specifically Dr. Garza!

by Iman Shahim

I have been a marathon runner for over 4 years. During the last couple of months due to increased training for the preparation of Boston Marathon in April 2022, I got injured with Plantar Fascia, Achilles tendinitis, and running knee, all on my left foot. I was so worried these injuries will hinder me to not being able to run this iconic run. I cannot stress enough how incredible Dr. Garza was. He immediately made me comfortable by saying that we will fix this and you will be running the Boston marathon. I trusted him he can help me and he did just that. He found a way to stop the injuries not getting worse and after several sessions, he was able to help me to get back on my feet for my long run training and I was able to proudly cross t+ show morehe finish line at the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2022. I will always appreciate the treatment I received from Dr. Garza and how he helped me to get my dream comes true. Thank you Dr. Garza for everything.

by Elva M.

3 podiatrists, 2 orthopedics, and 2 surgeries later led me to finally find a doctor who was willing and able to listen to my case and my story. I have been dealing with debilitating foot pain for years and thanks to Dr. Garza and his staff, I now have a plan in place to keep my pain at a bearable level. Throughout all my appointments and treatments Dr. Garza made sure I was comfortable and understanding of my diagnosis, treatment, and rehab exercises. To make it easier on me, he also speaks Spanish perfectly, so it was a very welcoming experience. To those looking for a doctor who listens, cares, and provides great care to his patients, set an appointment with Dr. Garza! Thank you Dr. Garza for all of your help!

by Anjelica Garza

I had fallen on my shoulder during a couple of snowboard trips. I had a hard time sleeping and the pain was constant. After the first visit with Dr. Garza, I noticed a huge difference! I was able to sleep better. The exercises were targeted for my recovery and after only 5 visits I feel like I am actually recovering without medications. Dr. Garza listens and makes sure my recovery was completed. I would strongly recommend healing and recovery.

by Annalise Eary

My doctor recommended Airrosti after telling her about some chronic neck and shoulder pain that I’ve been having for years. I’m so glad I took up her recommendation and gave Airrosti a try. After one visit with Dr. Garza and his staff, I was already feeling an improvement. By the end of my treatments, I felt like a had a normal range of motion again. I’m glad I have found a new solution to dealing with my neck pain. Thanks!

by David Koenig

I was unable to turn my head from side to side or up and down. It was having significant neck and shoulder pain when driving, sleeping, and while at work. I set up an appointment very quickly to see Dr. Garza. His treatment and exercise plan made a significant difference within 24 hours of my visit. My pain and range of motion dramatically improved after 48 hours. I had a follow-up visit one week later. I now have a full range of motion and no pain. Thank you so much, Dr. Garza.

by Hannah P

I have been dealing with chronic tension/cluster headaches for years after finally learning the cause was due to extremely tight muscles in my neck. After months of taking medication with only temporary relief, I thought this was going to be something that I would have to just deal with and accept that it wasn’t ever going to get better. I went to Dr. Garza to try another approach to hopefully get some relief. He was so great at assessing and listening to what was causing me pain. Throughout every appointment, he is extremely personable and dedicated to my treatment in helping to relieve the pain in my problem areas. His treatment has helped to resolve my pain and headaches and I am so thankful for his help! Dr. Garza truly goes above an+ show mored beyond!

by Brenda James

I cannot thank Dr. Robert Garza enough! I woke up on Sunday morning with back pain that was so debilitating, I was almost on my way to the ER because I thought I had kidney stones. There was nothing that was making the pain go away and I was up all night due to the terrible pain. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Garza on Monday morning. He performed a thorough evaluation, assured me that there was no serious condition involved, explained to me my diagnosis in a clear and simple way, and he began to work on my problem areas. After treatment, he gave me several exercises to do that would help keep my pain controlled. I must say after his treatment and the exercises are given; I am pain-free! I am at 100% and I have my life back. I+ show moref you are in pain, do not wait, go and see Dr. Garza – he is vibrant, patient, kind, and will do everything to help you get back to the best version of yourself!

by Michael Acosta

Dr. Garza helped me with my lingering shoulder pain that was impacting my ability to train properly and pain-free after my most recent bodybuilding competition. Thanks to him, the pain is gone, and I have a regular warm-up/mobility routine that we have established to avoid this issue again and allow me to continually train the way I love. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Garza to any friends and family members, and I will definitely see him again if any other issues arise down the road.

by J. Pasuquin

Originally, my orthopedic doctor referred my son to Airrosti to receive treatment and therapy for his ankle. He sustained a grade 1-2 ankle sprain in practice 10 days prior to a district meet. I did not believe he would be able to compete because he was not able to walk properly. After his first visit (the day after his incident), I noticed a BIG difference when we were walking out of the office. In three treatment sessions, Dr. Garza was able to get him going in the right direction. With Dr. Garza’s treatment and guidance, my son was able to compete at his district meet with no issues or pain. Thank you Dr. Garza for all your help!

by G. Choudhari

I have had chronic neck, shoulder, and upper back pain due to bad posture and work involving sitting in front of the computer for more than 40-50 hours per week. Dr. Garza really listened and worked on the problem right from the first visit. I saw 25 % improvement with each visit, which was incredible and unexpected. The rehab exercises recommended are very easy to do and provide significant pain relief in-between visits and help in maintaining long-term results post-treatment. Definitely recommend Airrosti and Dr. Garza!

by J Alfaro

Witchcraft! is all I can say. Dr. Garza pressed down on a couple of points near my collarbone, and years of neck and shoulder pain just disappeared immediately! In just a few visits, he was able to address all the spots on my body that were causing me discomfort throughout the day and disrupting my sleep. The visits were also covered by insurance, with just a small copay. Dr. Garza is very nice and professional, and explains everything simply, but clearly. I can honestly say my life is better for having gone to see him!

by Aida Rincon

I went to Dr. Garza’s office after being diagnosed with a hernia in my low back (L5). Even though the chances to heal were low, he put me on a 3 visits trial. I could stop taking anti-inflammatory and painkillers during his treatment. But the pain came back because of the size of my hernia. It needs surgery and he is helping me find a good choice for me. Dr. Garza is an Excellent professional, that treats his patients with ethics and respect.

by Lori Weber

I hurt my lower back and I was in a lot of pain. I could not even sleep. A couple of days later, a friend highly recommended I give Airrosti a try. I called and got an appointment with Dr. Garza the same day. Dr. Garza was excellent, he listen to me and quickly figured out how to treat me. By the end of the session, I felt a lot better. That same day the PT Michelle sent me an easy-to-follow email (and text) with all my instructions and home exercises, this was key for me to stay on track. A week later I came back for a follow-up and I was almost 100 percent better and I was discharged a week earlier than anticipated. I highly recommended Dr. Garza he is very knowledgeable, caring, and has healing hands. Michelle was also great, she was + show morevery patient and caring making sure I knew how to properly do the home exercises. They were both very professional and are a great team! Thank you both for making me feel so much better so quickly!

by Liff Greer

I had my evaluation with Dr. Garza and he expected me to have 3 visits. He did such a great job on me that I was released after only my second visit!! I feel that with my home exercising, my problem will be solved. Dr. Garza was extremely professional and efficient.

by Kimberly Vandiver

After months of struggling with intense pain and lack of mobility in my right shoulder, neck, and collarbone areas, I’m so glad that I decided on Airrosti for treatment. From my very first visit, Dr. Garza did an incredible job of explaining the science behind my pain, as well as the treatment plan. After the first visit, I felt a drastic decrease in pain. After only 5 visits, my pain is almost totally gone and my range of motion is back. Working with Dr. Garza and Michelle (for physical therapy) was truly a pleasant experience. They are both kinds, professional, and show genuine concern for the well-being of their patients. I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone dealing with pain. In fact, I’ve already recommended my mom! Thanks, A+ show moreirrosti team!

by Mari Van Der Walt

I am a pretty active person and developed Plantar fasciitis over time. I am thankful to have met Dr. Garza and his staff. His treatments made my foot feel so much better! I feel hopeful to continue my activities and hobbies. I highly recommend Dr. Garza and the team.

by Dan Marshall

I had trouble burning sensation in my left foot and a lot of problems with my lower back. Dr. Garza saw me 5 times. The treatment coupled with the exercise regimen has really helped. To be honest the pain has worn me down. I will continue the exercises and the strengthening of my core. I am grateful for the rapid progress and look forward to more improvement. I highly recommend this program. It’s a must to do all the exercises.

by D Collins

After a bad fall in 2020, an orthopedic consultation, an MRI, 2 months of PT & exercises at home, I became more immobile & suffered more pain over the course of a year. In order to walk further than a mile, I would always have to use a crutch, or have one within reach, in order to prevent the event of another fall from occurring due to significant leg weakness. With a history of Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Lumbar Nerve & Muscle issues I needed to see improvement to get my quality of life back & not mask it with pain medications on top of more pain medications. A friend suggested that I give Airrosti a try. I thought it was only for athletes & younger individuals. I made an appointment & luckily, with Dr. Robert Garza. During my first + show moreappointment, he patiently listened to my history & listened to my questions & concerns, and answered them with great expertise and knowledge. Three treatments later, along with a change in Home Exercises, I am mobile & basically pain-free. Thank you, Dr. Garza, you are indeed a miracle worker!

by Jeff Koenig

I’ve made two visits to Airrosti over the last three years for various neck and back pain. I often recommend them to anyone dealing with pain, regardless of where it is or where it came from. Dr. Powell (in 2019) and Dr. Garza (in 2021) listened thoroughly to the description of the pain I was feeling and worked diligently to fix the issues. The therapists then take the time to show the exercises and apply any tape. The process is very efficient. For all six visits, I was in and out in under an hour. Although I hope to avoid pain over the years and not see the Airrosti people often, it is comforting to know that they are close by if needed.

by Janis Henry

I have arthritis in my lower back and thought I’d have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I had been to a pain specialist, who tried two different treatments which didn’t work. A friend recommended Airrosti, and it feels like a miracle happened! I went for four treatments, plus have been doing the exercises at home, and my back feels great! Thank you, Dr. Garza!

by Denise Weeks

I’m new to Airrosti and now a huge believer. After only a short time Dr. Garza is helping me with Plantar Fasciitis and a completely stiff and painful neck issue. Dr. Garza talks to you and explains the process. Actually, look forward to each visit now. In addition, Michelle (physical therapist) is patient and helpful with her instructions and care.