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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by Brian L.

One morning I got a surprise while getting ready for work; my back totally seized up on me. This had never happened to me before and I wasn’t sure what to do. I tried to tough it out, thinking it would get better, but as the day wore on, the pain kept me hunched over and moving slow. I had some co-workers remind me that our insurance covered Airrosti. I’d never been to a chiropractor or anything like it in my life, but the pain had me ready to try anything. My local Airrosti provider, Dr. Rob Reass, got me in quickly. He diagnosed that it wasn’t my back, but my hip flexors that were the problem. Dr. Reass started treatment. It hurt but I knew he was helping. What happened? I was nothing short of amazed – the soft tissue manipulat+ show moreion and therapy had me standing up straight and walking with a normal stride by the end of the appointment. What a blessing! I kept up with my exercises at home, and after the second visit I was totally pain free. (I came back for my third just to be sure!) I’m a fan! Direct smart treatment and quick results are the proof that Airrosti works. I’m glad to know that Airrosti is there if I ever need them again.

by Ken A.

As a more seasoned adult man who still believes he can still do all he did when he was 25, ‘My Airrosti Guys’ keep me out there. I tell my wife all the time that it’s not the years so much as the mileage, and through my Airrosti experience I can often have one of those high mileage parts, IE: knee, both knees, hamstring, calf, Achilles, specifically treated. Treatment has often been the difference between me running up and down the football field sidelines or sitting in the stands watching. I’m thankful to my Airrosti team for helping my to act not quite my age.

by Mike B.

After running my first marathon, I had developed a literal pain in the butt. I first thought just a little rest and some stretching would get it loose. After a few weeks of this with no improvement, a friend told me about Airrosti. I’m glad they did. In three sessions, I was back on my feet running again pain free. I did a half marathon one week after the last treatment and it went great. I’ve been pain free since. In addition, they taught me good ways to remain injury free. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

by Holly J.

I sprained my wrist while exercising and thought it would heal up on its own. After about 5 days and no improvements, I decided to call my local Airrosti provider. Dr. Reass was able to see me in a timely manner, and after one treatment, I was nearly 100 percent better. Doing my at-home care that was recommended by Danny, the recovery specialist, I didn’t need my second appointment several days later. AMAZING! I’ve appreciated Dr. Reass and Danny and all their help in my recovery, that I have sent my daughter and husband to them as well. All have had successes. Love Airrosti!

by Joy M.

I couldn’t raise my arm without pain. I also had tingling in the back of my shoulder. After a few visits I’m pain free. They showed me how to do stretches to keep me pain free.