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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by John K

Dr. Robert Reass & Danny Halley have helped me with several soft tissue injuries over the past few years including: shoulder pain, peroneal in right leg that ‘popped’, strained right hamstring, and lower back strain. These were from sports and/or CrossFit. I’ve recovered quickly and no relapse with any of these injuries. Dr. Robert Reass & Danny Halley truly care about their patients and I highly recommend them.

by Meagan Allen

I was recommended to Dr. Reass and Danny by my best friend who works for Airrosti in the Dallas area. She was constantly raving about it and after I began suffering from some irritating neck issues, she highly suggested I go. It was definitely the best decision I could have made. After just a few visits to see Dr. Reass and Danny, my neck feels amazing! The tension and pain I had before is almost completely gone; I feel like a brand new person. A big thank you to Dr. Reass and Danny for caring so much about their patients and their well being!

by Chris Walton

While training for the Boston Marathon I developed an issue with right knee/thigh that impacted my ability to train. With two visits I was able to finish my training and complete the race within 10 min of my goal time. Three months later while ramping up the training for the next marathon I experienced additional issues with my calves and quad all but stopped my training. I was considering pulling out of race, but after 6 visits to Airrosti, and following Danny’s home therapy, I am and fully recovered and back to pre-injury speed and running without any pain or discomfort!

by Brekke Mehis

I injured my rotator cuff performing muscle-ups in CrossFit. I attempted to self-heal the injury with zero improvement over a 4 week period. A workout mate suggested Airrosti. I went in a little much better can it really be than PT? Well, I was 100% wrong. I felt a huge difference after my first visit with Dr. Reass and Danny Halley. Their attention to what I was describing (where it hurt, how much pain, etc…) was spot on in their treatment. Their average time with you is an average of 3.3 (I think) visits and I was discharged after my 3rd visit. Not only did Airrosti expedite my healing process, but gave me back time and overall cost of not having to go through traditional PT for weeks. I have recommended Airrosti to all m+ show morey gym mates for their lingering injuries.

by David Crowder

I have been using Airrosti for years and they have fixed every injury I have given myself. My mind thinks it’s still 20 years old and as Danny has told me so many times “you’ve just had too many birthdays.” I have recommended several friends and they all have been amazed and pleased that I have made them aware of this program. One co-worker has been living with lower back pain for years and has been “just dealing with it.” After 3 sessions, he is pain free and began working out again and has lost over 20 pounds in the process.