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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by Susannah Amiss

I want to mention that Dr. Reass and his team have been such a wonderful and significant part of my physical recovery. Dr. Reass is so skilled, intelligent, & provides a great amount of time, advice, & kindness to whatever physical problem you have. I’ve had several situations where I could barely move, and I knew that Dr. Reass and his team were the only service providers who could help – and they did. Since seeing Dr. Reass and his team, I’ve learned so much about how to take care of my body ; I’m much stronger & more active in life. Thank you Dr. Reass!!!

by Sarah Jackson

Dr. Reass and Danny have truly been a blessing the past couple of weeks. I injured my Achilles training for a marathon and needed something that would help me recover quickly. The two of them made it happen. You can tell that they are both dedicated to their work and that they care about making their patients better. It was an enjoyable experience and after 4 visits I feel completely healed and ready to race. I highly recommend Dr. Reass and Danny to anyone looking to be pain-free again.

by Samantha Andrew

Almost 3 years ago I pretty much destroyed my leg at Roller Derby practice! I stretched my ligaments until they tore causing the gap between the tib & fib to widen! Doctor was shocked it wasn’t broke and told me it would have been better if it was broke. 2 years later and lots of therapy I figured I would just live with the pain and giant ankle! The top right was just a couple months ago & the bottom is now!!! After 2 months of visiting Airrosti it is almost completely back to normal!!!

by Sharon Callis

I was referred to Airrosti for a muscle/back injury. I had an allergy attack with numerous sneezes back to back. During my sneezing episode I dislocated 4 ribs – odd to me, however, I was told by Dr. Reass it was not uncommon. I told Dr. Reass (Airrosti) should register his thumbs as lethal weapons for having so much power and helping to ease my massive pain! 🙂 During each visit (2) it was explained to me what he was going to do and what he was prepared to accomplish. I would like to especially thank him for being the utmost professional – during my session he received news concerning a family member and he continued with our session. David was also very helpful in suggesting exercises I could benefit from after my injury healed. I+ show more brought the suggestions to my employers Wellness Committee to take advantage of even if you don’t have an injury. I have been recommending Airrosti to everyone – especially since they have such cool tape colors! 🙂

by Kelly Cummins

I have been struggling with right shoulder pain for 3 years. After having an MRI and ruling out a tear I was left with having an injection to help reduce the pain and ordered Physical Therapy. My sports medicine doctor was unsure as of December 1st where to go but we would re-evaluate in January. Several friends recommended Airrosti treatment and I figured what do i have to lose. After my first treatment the next day I felt no pain and was stunned at how good I felt. I returned for 2 more treatments (in total 3). My results are great, I am not on anymore prescription anti-inflammatory medications and I really do feel better. Airrosti has made a great difference in my life as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. My quality of + show morelife and not living in pain has gone away.

by Teresa Scalapino

A few years ago I ended up in the emergency room with muscle spasms. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. I could tell the spasms were coming back and was able to see my Doctor immediately. That is when the office recommended Airrosti Rehab Centers. I figured if I can do anything to prevent the spasms from coming back it would not hurt to try the program. Dr. Reass was able to pinpoint the problem and after several visits with him and his physical therapists I was able to take the knowledge home and continue strengthening my back. I would recommend Airrosti Rehab Centers to all of my family and friends.

by Steve Wacker

“Danny and Dr. Reass quickly assessed my injury and their treatment was spot-on. And they gave me useful exercises that will help me prevent re-injury and give me more flexibility and strength. Excellent service!”

by Bria King

I had really bad back and shoulder pain. Dr. Reass and Danny really helped my pain.

by Paul Snyder

I’m an avid runner, but for over a year had been sidelined with a leg/hip injury. I went through multiple rounds of doctor visits and traditional rehab without any progress. After a couple sessions with Dr. Reass and Danny I had noticeable improvement, and after a few more I was totally pain free and training for a marathon. Thanks guys!

by Suzanne Patton

I hurt my shoulder when working out vigorously. It got worse and moved down into my right arm. I decided to go see Dr. Reass and Danny. They helped me out tremendously. To add to that, I even looked forward to my visits! Dr. Reass and Danny make getting better fun.

by Jack McConnell

After years of extreme workouts and gymnastics little activities such as just driving down the street became a painful activity for my neck and back to take on. I was constantly in physical pain and often times not too fun of a person to be around because of it. A relative recommended Airrosti for me. I was originally a little skeptical that anything would work even through the first few sessions but it worked miracles. I now am completely free of neck pain and rarely ever have any back pains; never near the intensity they used to be constantly. Airrosti has made my life so much easier in so many different ways. I’m very happy I went in to give it a try and it will be the first place I go with any future injuries or strains I experience + show morethat won’t seem to heal themselves.

by Elizabeth Whitaker

First was a hamstring strain during Marathon training 2013. I could not make full stride while walking normally. I visited multiple PT’s/Therapists for 3 months without noted improvement. Finally listened to my coach and went to Airrosti Rehab Center in Round Rock (Dr. Reass). After first treatment I had improved range of motion. By my 2nd treatment I was running again. We tackled an old ankle issue and more hamstring work and by 4th treatment (and 3M) I was running pain free. Second was a random calf strain mid-year 2014 on a Saturday afternoon. Could not walk up or down stairs without complete reliance on rail. I called office Monday morning and was seen Monday afternoon. By Tuesday night I was greatly improved. Thursday was 2nd ap+ show morepointment and by Friday I could walk downstairs and made 40 mile bike ride on Saturday. A friend with similar injury was on crutches for a week, nursing the ache and choosing not to move the muscle. Even though they are very pleasant individuals I would love to never see them again in the office. But with an active lifestyle comes occasional injury and when they do I call this Team immediately. Get Results. Get back to play.

by Nathan Younger

I ended up with some pain in my heel that limited my running two weeks prior to running a marathon. The Airrosti Center on Great Oaks in Round Rock had me back and moving in only two visits and I was able to complete the marathon. The combination of deep muscle therapy and recovery stretches have been a great asset to my daily routine. I follow the exercises that they gave me and quickly got miles back to where they had been before the injury.

by Jeanette Johnson

I developed plantar fasciitis after teaching high impact and step aerobics for several years. Initially, I gave custom orthotics a go and they worked well…for a while. Then the pain came back with a vengeance! My podiatrist referred me to Dr. Reass after all the usual tricks failed. Being a marathon runner herself, she knew better than to ask me to stop doing the high impact exercise I love. Dr. Reass worked on my PF for 6 visits and it made a world of difference! Even after the first visit, I noticed the very next morning that I didn’t have the usual morning pain associated with PF. I could walk fairly normally, not the old lady hobble!! It was amazing! It has been well over a year since I’ve seen Dr. Reass for plantar fasciitis and I+ show more‘m doing great! He has also treated me for knee pain associated with playing tennis and I’ve had amazing results with that, as well! I have recommended Airrosti to several friends when I hear their complaints about plantar fasciitis and other sports related injuries. I tell them it almost sounds too good to be true but, it works!!

by Troy Clifton

After battling intense pain in my glutes, low back, and all the way down my leg for 8 months and not getting any relief from my 2 weekly PT visits, I decided I’d try something else. My original doctor diagnosed me with sciatica. It was Dr. Reass that treated me on four different visits that discovered that was only a symptom of the real problem. He was able to determine through the large amount of scar tissue that my issue was largely related to a severely pulled or torn hamstring in the previous months (which is what I told my original doctor and he quickly dismissed). No doubt the sciatic nerve was part of the issue, but it was likely caused by the hamstring trauma. Through conversations with him we also determined that the pudendal ne+ show morerve was effected from my triathlon bike saddle. This caused the majority of my back pain, glute pain, and even some down my leg. With four treatments, Dr. Reass was able to get me running and cycling pain free again, even though the treatments weren’t pain free. I feel very strongly that Dr. Reass was the key to getting me healthy again with the use of Airrosti and I continue to practice the exercises they taught me during my time there. I have been a triathlete for over 13 years and have coached triathletes and runners for the better part of a decade. I would not hesitate to send every one of my athletes to Dr. Reass and his staff if there is anything soft tissue related. This has been my first real injury in 12 years and I feel strongly that it won’t take me this long to resolve any future injuries now that I know about Airrosti.

by John K

Dr. Robert Reass & Danny Halley have helped me with several soft tissue injuries over the past few years including: shoulder pain, peroneal in right leg that ‘popped’, strained right hamstring, and lower back strain. These were from sports and/or CrossFit. I’ve recovered quickly and no relapse with any of these injuries. Dr. Robert Reass & Danny Halley truly care about their patients and I highly recommend them.

by Meagan Allen

I was recommended to Dr. Reass and Danny by my best friend who works for Airrosti in the Dallas area. She was constantly raving about it and after I began suffering from some irritating neck issues, she highly suggested I go. It was definitely the best decision I could have made. After just a few visits to see Dr. Reass and Danny, my neck feels amazing! The tension and pain I had before is almost completely gone; I feel like a brand new person. A big thank you to Dr. Reass and Danny for caring so much about their patients and their well being!

by Chris Walton

While training for the Boston Marathon I developed an issue with right knee/thigh that impacted my ability to train. With two visits I was able to finish my training and complete the race within 10 min of my goal time. Three months later while ramping up the training for the next marathon I experienced additional issues with my calves and quad all but stopped my training. I was considering pulling out of race, but after 6 visits to Airrosti, and following Danny’s home therapy, I am and fully recovered and back to pre-injury speed and running without any pain or discomfort!

by Brekke Mehis

I injured my rotator cuff performing muscle-ups in CrossFit. I attempted to self-heal the injury with zero improvement over a 4 week period. A workout mate suggested Airrosti. I went in a little much better can it really be than PT? Well, I was 100% wrong. I felt a huge difference after my first visit with Dr. Reass and Danny Halley. Their attention to what I was describing (where it hurt, how much pain, etc…) was spot on in their treatment. Their average time with you is an average of 3.3 (I think) visits and I was discharged after my 3rd visit. Not only did Airrosti expedite my healing process, but gave me back time and overall cost of not having to go through traditional PT for weeks. I have recommended Airrosti to all m+ show morey gym mates for their lingering injuries.

by David Crowder

I have been using Airrosti for years and they have fixed every injury I have given myself. My mind thinks it’s still 20 years old and as Danny has told me so many times “you’ve just had too many birthdays.” I have recommended several friends and they all have been amazed and pleased that I have made them aware of this program. One co-worker has been living with lower back pain for years and has been “just dealing with it.” After 3 sessions, he is pain free and began working out again and has lost over 20 pounds in the process.

by Melissa Hodges

I was involved in standard physical therapy when the suggestion was made for me to check out Airrosti. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been diagnosed with a shoulder problem (partial tears in my rotator cuff) by my ortho doctor. After starting Airrosti, Dr. Reass also suspected I had a frozen shoulder. My issue couldn’t be resolved in just a few visits, so I went to see Dr. Reass and Danny, his physical therapist. Most visits weren’t particularly pleasant, some might say that’s an understatement, but I made improvement each week. I’m thankful for Dr. Reass and Danny! Improvement was noticeable after each visit even though it seemed small at times. I have continued to strengthen my shoulder through exercise/workouts. I would highly re+ show morecommend Airrosti, particularly Dr. Reass and Danny. They’re the best!

by Karen Prather

I seem to be kind of injury prone. Airrosti has been the best thing to keep me active and help me recover quickly. I tore my hamstring tendon at the attachment point at my glute. My doctor told me to limit my activity and no running for at least six months, if not more. Needless to say I was a tad distraught. I didn’t want surgery as a consequence of ignoring the “no activity” advice, but I knew that wasn’t an option for me. A friend told me about Airrosti and I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Reass ASAP. After a few intense appointments, Dr. Reass fixed all of the associated problems. My healing time was decreased substantially and I was able to be far more active than my doctor had stated. During that process of fixing my+ show more leg, I had mentioned shoulder pain that hurt when I lifted weight above my head- in 2 treatments that pains is gone completely, and has been gone for over 6 months now.

by Vanessa Sapp

Over the years, I have sustained many injuries to my back. Most of them, I just suffered through until they subsided on their own, but this last one got the best of me – to the point that I could not sleep and was on the verge of tears due to the pain. My husband, also a patient of Dr. Reass, had been telling me for years that I needed to go give Dr. Reass a try. Amazing! After about 5-6 sessions with Dr. Reass and the instructions from Danny regarding the steps I could take at home to help heal my injury, I am 100% better. It has been approximately 2 months and I have had no further problems. If you want to be healed, pain free (without meds or the side affects of meds), this is the place to go. Dr. Reass and Danny are extremely profess+ show moreional, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. Many thanks Dr. Reass and Danny!

by Murray Rattray

After injuring my back and getting to the point where I could not walk straight, I sought help from Dr. Reass and Therapist, Danny. They both are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not only are they knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, but provided outstanding care. They completely healed me and wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. If you’re hurting, these are the people to see.

by Mike Morgan

I have had chronic lower back pain for years. My doctor (Dr. David Diaz) recommended Airrosti to me. I was skeptical due to spending lots of time at normal chiropractors, only to be let down with the pain just lingering on. Just after 3 visits with Dr. Robert Reass, I no longer had the lower back chronic pain. It was just like having a brand new back and it was wonderful! I recommend Airrosti to anyone who has any long-term pain.

by Tiffany Washington

I have been seeing Dr. Reass for a couple of years as I was a competitive body builder. After every session I always felt brand new. It wasn’t REALLY until I got pregnant and at around 32 weeks I’d naturally started having lots of back and pelvic pain that I TOTALLY 100% appreciated Dr. Reass. If I missed a week of seeing him, my body would feel it. Dr. Reass and Danny worked on me and with me for 10 weeks every other week. Every time I went I felt so much better and truly made my pregnancy much more tolerable. I had a beautiful birth at 42 weeks. I labored all day and had him 5 minutes after my water broke. I attributed that to my sessions with Dr. Reass as I really think that the work he did on body helped prepare me for a safe, easy a+ show morend quick birth. Our little guy came into this world naturally (no medical interventions) weighing in at 9 lbs 10 oz.

by Georganne Schuch

I experienced almost constant back muscle spasms for more than a year before seeing Dr. Reass. His Airrosti treatment helped break up old scar tissue and relax tight muscles to greatly improve my comfort level. He has also treated a couple of injuries, resulting in quick recoveries. I love Airrosti!

by Jason Lam

Hi, my name is Jason and I had lower back pain since I was about 24, when I picked up something wrong and pulled something in my back. I lived with this pain and it would come and go for 14 years. About four years ago I again picked something up wrong and really did a number on it. The pain was so bad I could not sleep at night. I started looking around for chiropractors and found one, but they wanted to treat me for 1 year and charge 2500 dollars. I thought that that was way too much money and time to commit to, because they said they would not actually see me on a week-by-week basis. At that point I had no idea what I was going to do until someone at work told me about Airrosti. I was skeptical but I went ahead and scheduled an appoint+ show morement with Dr. Reass. With just the first visit I began to see improvements to my back. I don’t remember now because it has been four years ago now, but after the 3rd or 4th visit I was pain free and have not had any back problems since. Thanks Airrosti keep up the good work!

by Melvin Battle

I was badly injured in automobile accident, causing injury to my hip and back. I had surgery on my hip and required extensive physical rehabilitation on both my back and hip. I remained under the care of a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist and primary care physician at various times over a three year period. I was introduced to Dr. Reass and Danny by my daughter who felt I could benefit from Airrosti. She was correct and it exceeded my expectations in THREE visits. It works! I have remained pain free since! It works! The added bonus is the professionalism and sense of humor exhibited by Dr. Reass & Danny Halley is awesome! I highly recommend Airrosti and specifically these guys!

by Jon Eastman

I was referred to Dr. Reass and Danny after a head-first fall of almost 15ft. The only time I could really get any pain relief was following my therapy. After each session the relief would last longer. After a few months I had completely recovered. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from muscle or joint pain.

by Mike Mancias

I’m a power lifter and workout 5-6 days a week. Each workout lasts about 2 hours. My workouts are very strenuous and I’m constantly shocking my muscles with heavy sets. Without the follow up treatments with Dr. Reass I wouldn’t be able to prepare or compete with the United States Powerlifting Association. I currently preparing for a world competition scheduled in Las Vegas in November. Dr. Reass and his treatments are very instrumental with my progress!

by Monica Navarijo

I found out about Airrosti through a fellow derby player in my league and it’s changed my life! I play banked track roller derby and there is almost always something hurting, feeling weird, or just not functioning at all. I’ve had pain from past injuries that I’ve been living with for years, thinking it was just part aging and playing sports. I’ve come in with shoulders that I couldn’t even lift high enough to brush my teeth with. Knees, knees, knees! Whiplash type of injuries!! I go into Dr. Reass’ office with it all and come out feeling like a new person. It sounds unbelievable and I was definitely a skeptic at first but was in so much pain and at risk of not being about to continue playing my sport that I decided to give it a try. Lik+ show moree I said, life changer. Minimal time for recovery, as in days in most cases for me! And the best part is you can continue your activity. It’s actually encouraged to help with the healing, which is what all of us athletes want to hear. I was so sick of being told by sports doctors that I had to sit out of something for weeks or months or that I could no longer run or do lunges because something was hurting me. I feel that Airrosti gets in and actively targets the problem area instead of just relying on rest and time alone to heal things, which takes forever and in my experience, usually doesn’t actually completely heal anyway. Oh, and another great thing is you’re sent home with easy exercises, stretches and rolling techniques to help you prevent your injuries from reoccurring! I can go on and on about how much I love Airrosti, Dr. Reass and his staff.

by Barrett Clark

I have gone to Airrosti for almost all of my injuries and they have helped me get back on the basketball court as quickly as possible. I have been treated for injuries all the way from my head to my toes and all of the treatments have been successful in getting me back to doing what I love. I’m not sure if I would still be playing basketball if it wasn’t for the Airrosti Rehab Centers.

by Tara Pearson

I went in for what I thought was going to be a major problem, but it turned out I just needed some specific rolling exercises. They helped tremendously and have kept me from having to go back. Great staff with exceptional ʺbedside mannersʺ!!

by Phil B.

I have had daily lower back pain for years. I received 3 treatments on my back. I am not pain free but I have felt better since the treatment. I have noticed a difference in the pain level.

by Fritz J.

I’m a trainer with Camp Gladiator. With all of my running, I had developed very bad foot problems. I had bruises on the balls of my feet and pain in my arches. I started seeing Dr Reass and Danny. After several treatments I started feeling the difference. My feet have been great ever since. I tell all of my people at my camps to go see them if they ever have any issues. I highly recommend going to Airrosti.

by Cheryl C.

I am not a professional athlete, but I do enjoy working out regularly and doing some small races from time to time. I had a back and shoulder injury sneak up on me right before my first Spartan race this spring, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to run it after I had been training for it. Thanks to Airrosti, I healed faster from my injuries than I ever have before. I was a gymnast and have had many sports injuries in my life. I’ll be honest when I say that the pain during treatment is not minimal, because they are dealing with such deep tissue, but the relief and quick healing is so worth it! Unlike a traditional chiropractor that has you coming back for weekly or more treatments with no end in sight, this type of tre+ show moreatment has you in much better shape after only a few visits. I appreciated the fact that they gave me so many stretches and things to follow-up with at home as well. They arm you with knowledge and information, so your body can perform at it’s best potential. I highly recommend Airrosti for any sports injury!

by Jaimie R.

I got a sprained ankle the night before leaving for a vacation in Europe where we were walking the majority of the time. I had one office visit before boarding the long flight and although it was still hurting it felt much better after my appointment. They gave me exercises to do while in Europe that really helped me out. I was able to walk the entire vacation without too much pain. Although the appointment was pretty painful it was worth the faster recovery/healing time. I would highly recommend using Airrosti!

by Steve L.

I was constantly disappointed with traditional chiropractic care for my chronic lower back and neck pain. In one visit from my Airrosti provider, Dr. Robert Reass, I have instant relief. I’m able to move my neck and bend over. The back spasms and headaches are greatly reduced. Coupled with the stretches and exercises that my CRS, Danny Halley, taught me, I’m learning to maintain the effects of the treatments longer. With Airrosti I can get back to enjoying life!

by Lela S.

For the past eight months I had been having trouble with my hip, mostly at night, and it was interfering with my sleep. I had seen a couple of chiropractors, had acupuncture, tried all types of stretches, and was at a loss on what to do next. Fortunately, I have several friends who have successfully used Airrosti and told me about it. Dr. Reass patiently listened to my situation asked a few questions and went to work. The relief from the symptoms was immediate and then Mr. Halley taught me stretches and exercises to help heal and strengthen my weak areas. What a team! I am very pleased and highly recommend both Airrosti and Dr. Reass and Mr. Halley!

by Paula B.

While I was trying to ward off the pain one day, with some ibuprofen, I went out for a long run and ended up being unable to move at all and at the urgent care center 30 minutes later. Enough was enough! My husband checked at his workplace, which is a local University, and their Athletics Department recommended Airrosti. I had never heard of Airrosti and was a bit skeptical, but they said that it helped all of their athletes get back on track within a relatively short period of time. So I went online and looked up the local Airrosti provider and found Dr. Reass and Danny. The very first treatment that I had was challenging but VERY healing! I was able to sit up without pain right after treatment from Dr. Reass, which, just prior, wa+ show mores very hard to do. Danny gave me stretches and treatment to do at home. I even left with Kinesiology tape and it helped a ton! Both Dr. Reass and Danny also taught me that using heat was not the right thing — it was actually ice I should be using and several times a day. They were informative and helpful healers even at the first appointment and I was determined to follow the treatment at home and attend my appointments as prescribed. Each treatment got easier and easier and I felt better and better each time. After about six appointments I was pain free and ready to make all that I had learned part of my overall wellness plan to keep myself pain free.

by Brad S.

I originally sought Airrosti when I injured my shoulder from working out at the gym. I was uncomfortable when I slept and whenever I lifted items at my job. By the third treatment with Dr. Reass I began feeling refreshed. I was able to utilize my arm and shoulder more, and had more flexibility with my exercise routine. I am one for doing things naturally as possible, no medication or surgery, so Airrosti is what I recommend to friends and family to help with any sports injuries.

by Larry I.

My ankle had been bothering me for quite a while making it difficult to work out. My wife said I should go to Airrosti, and that several people in her company had gone there and gotten better. I had coached high school football for 38 years, so I was skeptical about the benefits of Airrosti, but went anyway due to my wife’s urging, plus the insurance paid for it. I was so glad I went. Danny and Dr. Rob fixed me right up in two sessions. I was back running on the treadmill in not time. They realigned some ligaments in my ankle and I was much better. The treatment can be uncomfortable to some extent, but the end results were great and well worth the small amount of pain. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone with joint problems.

+ show more

by Darla K.

I originally tried Airrosti when I pulled a muscle in my neck during a Powerlifting seminar and could barely move it. I needed to get back to my workouts as soon as possible because I had a CrossFit competition coming up soon. Not only did Dr. Reass work on my neck, but he also worked on a previous back injury I sustained several months prior. I was able to go back to my workouts immediately and the pain in my neck was completely gone within three visits. I recently visited Dr. Reass again when I received an overuse injury to my right knee from a Weightlifting Certification class that prevented me from any functional movement with that leg. Again, within three to four visits I was back to about 95 percent of my normal workouts. I l+ show moreove that Airrosti gets to the root of the problem and encourages continued use or exercise. I’ve been to other types of doctors for injuries that tell me to stay off of the injured portion of my body until it heals. That just doesn’t work for me! I highly recommend Airrosti. They’ve done wonders for me.

by Kamie F.

I was having some knee pain and decided to see an orthopedic doctor to have it checked out. He recommended physical therapy two or three times a week for a month. The pain wasn’t severe enough to go through all that hassle as well as the costs associated with physical therapy. I remembered that a new Airrosti benefit that was recently introduced at work and thought I would give them a call. After meeting with Dr. Reass and completing my first session, I felt that their main goal was to eliminate the pain as quickly as possible, as was mine. I only had 3 sessions and my knee pain was gone. It has been five months and I still have not experienced any knee pain. The entire experience was great, and I would recommend these guys to anyone!</p+ show more>

by Brian L.

One morning I got a surprise while getting ready for work; my back totally seized up on me. This had never happened to me before and I wasn’t sure what to do. I tried to tough it out, thinking it would get better, but as the day wore on, the pain kept me hunched over and moving slow. I had some co-workers remind me that our insurance covered Airrosti. I’d never been to a chiropractor or anything like it in my life, but the pain had me ready to try anything. My local Airrosti provider, Dr. Rob Reass, got me in quickly. He diagnosed that it wasn’t my back, but my hip flexors that were the problem. Dr. Reass started treatment. It hurt but I knew he was helping. What happened? I was nothing short of amazed – the soft tissue manipulat+ show moreion and therapy had me standing up straight and walking with a normal stride by the end of the appointment. What a blessing! I kept up with my exercises at home, and after the second visit I was totally pain free. (I came back for my third just to be sure!) I’m a fan! Direct smart treatment and quick results are the proof that Airrosti works. I’m glad to know that Airrosti is there if I ever need them again.

by Ken A.

As a more seasoned adult man who still believes he can still do all he did when he was 25, ‘My Airrosti Guys’ keep me out there. I tell my wife all the time that it’s not the years so much as the mileage, and through my Airrosti experience I can often have one of those high mileage parts, IE: knee, both knees, hamstring, calf, Achilles, specifically treated. Treatment has often been the difference between me running up and down the football field sidelines or sitting in the stands watching. I’m thankful to my Airrosti team for helping my to act not quite my age.

by Mike B.

After running my first marathon, I had developed a literal pain in the butt. I first thought just a little rest and some stretching would get it loose. After a few weeks of this with no improvement, a friend told me about Airrosti. I’m glad they did. In three sessions, I was back on my feet running again pain free. I did a half marathon one week after the last treatment and it went great. I’ve been pain free since. In addition, they taught me good ways to remain injury free. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

by Holly J.

I sprained my wrist while exercising and thought it would heal up on its own. After about 5 days and no improvements, I decided to call my local Airrosti provider. Dr. Reass was able to see me in a timely manner, and after one treatment, I was nearly 100 percent better. Doing my at-home care that was recommended by Danny, the recovery specialist, I didn’t need my second appointment several days later. AMAZING! I’ve appreciated Dr. Reass and Danny and all their help in my recovery, that I have sent my daughter and husband to them as well. All have had successes. Love Airrosti!

by Joy M.

I couldn’t raise my arm without pain. I also had tingling in the back of my shoulder. After a few visits I’m pain free. They showed me how to do stretches to keep me pain free.

by Brandon K.

Two treatments at Airrosti had me throwing the baseball with no pain when nine months of rehab didn’t!

by Kristina A.

I was a mess with a knee injury, old ankle injuries and some injury from compensating for these issues. Dr. Reass and Danny kept working with me to undo all I had done. I really couldn’t walk when I got in there and now I am almost pain free with one more treatment to go. They are very professional, funny and caring. I highly recommend their services. I wish I had gone earlier.

by Debbie V.

I had pain in my hip for about six months not due to any specific injury. It got to the point where I started to limp. I went to see Dr. Reass, and after three visits, I was pain free! Dr. Reass and Danny worked together providing me with exercises and stretches that I could also do at home. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain.

by Shanon L.

I have struggled with a long history of knee injuries. I dislocated my knee for the very first time when I was eleven years old. It happened so frequently I stopped counting when I did it over twenty times. I have had four surgeries between the two knees, and I was trying to live day-to-day just surviving the pain.
I started doing CrossFit, which has greatly improved my functionality, but it still HURT…. A LOT! The pain became so bad I actually thought I had fractures. It was mentally and physically exhausting after having dealt with knee pain for almost 20 years. I felt defeated and hopeless.

Dr. Reass came into our box (my husband is the head coach at our box and also a chiropractor) and talked to us about Airrost+ show morei’s treatment methods. We had appointments set the following week.

The difference in my pain level cannot be put into words. It is beyond anything I ever could have expected! I can finally squat again with weight, both light and heavy, and feel safe and pain free. Doctor Reass is not only an exceptional physician, but he is kind and listens. His knowledge in his field is beyond compare and it has changed my life. I feel hopeful for the first time in TWENTY years that I can do more than I previously thought my knees would limit me to. Airrosti is a phenomenal method for not only managing and treating pain, but also for restoring confidence and giving hope to athletes. I cannot say enough positive things about the method and the wonderful people that work with me. I am truly blessed by it.

by Michael C.

Simply the best. After 3 months of rehab for Ulna nerve compression with no results, and then another chiropractic facility advising us 4 months and 40-45 sessions and they “might” be able to get our son back to shape, we found Dr. Smith. He told us “If I can help, I will tell you and even tell you how many sessions; if I can’t I will tell you that, too.” He had our son back on the field in 3 sessions, pain free! Highly recommend.

by Mike M.

I am very active and workout a lot. Dr. Reass has resolved several soft tissue injuries for me. As a result of my success with Dr. Reass, he has also treated my wife and son…he helps me to maintain a healthy and active life.