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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by Fritz J.

I’m a trainer with Camp Gladiator. With all of my running, I had developed very bad foot problems. I had bruises on the balls of my feet and pain in my arches. I started seeing Dr Reass and Danny. After several treatments I started feeling the difference. My feet have been great ever since. I tell all of my people at my camps to go see them if they ever have any issues. I highly recommend going to Airrosti.

by Cheryl C.

I am not a professional athlete, but I do enjoy working out regularly and doing some small races from time to time. I had a back and shoulder injury sneak up on me right before my first Spartan race this spring, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to run it after I had been training for it. Thanks to Airrosti, I healed faster from my injuries than I ever have before. I was a gymnast and have had many sports injuries in my life. I’ll be honest when I say that the pain during treatment is not minimal, because they are dealing with such deep tissue, but the relief and quick healing is so worth it! Unlike a traditional chiropractor that has you coming back for weekly or more treatments with no end in sight, this type of tre+ show moreatment has you in much better shape after only a few visits. I appreciated the fact that they gave me so many stretches and things to follow-up with at home as well. They arm you with knowledge and information, so your body can perform at it’s best potential. I highly recommend Airrosti for any sports injury!

by Jaimie R.

I got a sprained ankle the night before leaving for a vacation in Europe where we were walking the majority of the time. I had one office visit before boarding the long flight and although it was still hurting it felt much better after my appointment. They gave me exercises to do while in Europe that really helped me out. I was able to walk the entire vacation without too much pain. Although the appointment was pretty painful it was worth the faster recovery/healing time. I would highly recommend using Airrosti!

by Steve L.

I was constantly disappointed with traditional chiropractic care for my chronic lower back and neck pain. In one visit from my Airrosti provider, Dr. Robert Reass, I have instant relief. I’m able to move my neck and bend over. The back spasms and headaches are greatly reduced. Coupled with the stretches and exercises that my CRS, Danny Halley, taught me, I’m learning to maintain the effects of the treatments longer. With Airrosti I can get back to enjoying life!

by Lela S.

For the past eight months I had been having trouble with my hip, mostly at night, and it was interfering with my sleep. I had seen a couple of chiropractors, had acupuncture, tried all types of stretches, and was at a loss on what to do next. Fortunately, I have several friends who have successfully used Airrosti and told me about it. Dr. Reass patiently listened to my situation asked a few questions and went to work. The relief from the symptoms was immediate and then Mr. Halley taught me stretches and exercises to help heal and strengthen my weak areas. What a team! I am very pleased and highly recommend both Airrosti and Dr. Reass and Mr. Halley!