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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:DePauw University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Indianapolis, IN

Hobbies:I like to workout, coach my son's flag football team, spend time with my wife, daughter and son.

Interesting Facts:I have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes and musicians. I have had a patient drive from Florida to Ohio for care.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a family of healthcare providers who focus on the quality of treatment and specific cause of someone's discomfort. To be part of a team that is focused on the patient and that patient's outcome of treatment. I believe from my own personal experience with Airrosti, I am providing treatment that is second to none.

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by Sheli Schlueter

Airrosti is a fix, not a band-aid. If you are on the fence, just take the plunge and try Airrosti. What do you have to lose, except pain (or the physical and financial cost of surgery)?! You might even get your (pain-free) life back (without surgery!)! I went to Dr. Ross Browning at Airrosti Cincinnati out of pure desperation to avoid surgery…after being in a boot on and off for two years for a posterior tibial tendon tear/issue. I love running and being active…and for two years I couldn’t run or walk very far without significant,debilitating pain in my ankle. Surgery and the boot were my only options until my first visit to Airrosti. I am SO GRATEFUL for Dr. Browning! He is a miracle worker! Pain doesn’t have to be part of your life+ show more…go see Dr. Browning…he can fix it! (And if he can’t fix it, he will be upfront and honest and will tell you that he can’t, but I’m pretty sure there’s no pain he can’t fix, given my impossible issues he fixed.) When I found Dr. Browning, I had been in the boot for 11 weeks, with 5 more to go and was told “call me when you are ready for surgery” by a local ankle specialist. The pain was getting worse each day and I was losing hope of walking again without a limp…and running again seemed out of the question. Dr. Browning changed ALL of that, fixed the pain source and gave me the ability to be active again. The first day he treated me I left wearing a shoe and the pain was less!!!! (He got me out of that stupid boot 5 weeks early!!!! I was sold on Airrosti treatment and Dr. Browning that day.) After the 2nd treatment I had several pain-free days (something I had not had in 2 years.) Dr. Browning shared in my joy of being pain free…he understood and empathized. After the 3rd treatment I started going for walks again and after the 4th treatment I started back to running. Yes…running! This was all in the course of A MONTH…ONE MONTH. And I had been in pain for 2 YEARS (and I’m no spring chicken…I’m in my mid-40s). I am able to walk and run again…live my active life again. I still have a few twinges here and there after hard runs/long walks, but I’m pain free again after a day or two of doing the home rehab program Dr. Browning gave me. Also…the home rehab/physical therapy program Dr. Browning gave me takes 15 minutes maximum to complete. It’s short and extremely effective so therefore it’s totally doable. And it’s not something you do for the rest of your life either…it’s just for a few weeks post-treatment and after that only occasionally, if needed. Dr. Browning solved my nagging ankle issue, so I challenged him to solve my relentless migraine issue too. I have had debilitating migraines since I was a child. I literally lost 1-2 weeks of life each month, sometimes more, due to these horrific headaches. My migraines always lasted 3 days minimum and often 7-10 days, with the record being 23 days straight. I schedule my life around when I think I might get a headache (I have extensive headache logs so sometimes they are predictable, but not preventable). My migraines were just something I thought I was doomed to live with…and due to previous medication reactions, trying the newest migraine prevention medications was really not an option. So, I asked Dr. Browning to try to tame this beast…and he delivered big time. He is a miracle worker!!!!! After 40 years of suffering, I have had almost 2 solid months migraine free…2 months that I have NOT had to cancel plans or stop my life to manage these monsters. I have my life back and my energy back. The fear of the next one is slowly fading. Again, with the Airrosti method, I have a quick 10 minute “fix” (home physical therapy/stretching program) Dr. Browning gave me that is a complete game changer. When I feel the twinge of a migraine coming or if I think I might get one (i.e.major weather change), I do the home rehab program and have avoided having one for almost two months…two months headache free in this crazy Cincinnati weather where we had 94 degrees and 28 degrees all in the same month! I purposely waited to post a testimonial to see if maybe those first weeks were just a fluke somehow, but going this long without one is not a fluke. Dr. Browning has given me my life back…he fixed my headaches and my ankle pain. I have seen several other specialists for both of these issues and have never had them fixed like this. Dr. Browning is a game changer. Give Airrosti a try, if you are considering it. Their approach and results are like no other. I can only speak for Dr. Browning as he is the only Airrosti provider I have seen, but he is extremely passionate about helping people (and healing them)…it’s obvious he loves what he does. He has the ability to empathize with the impact your pain has on your life and he is driven to fix it. Go see him! I highly recommend him.

by Tyler Himes

I had shoulder surgery in August 2018, repairing a posterior tear in my labrum and two torn rotator cuffs. Prior to surgery, I was in extreme pain, which was causing me troubles sleeping, and rendering me unable to workout effectively. I opted for surgery to end the pain and allow me to get back to living my life. July 2019: I was still in pain. I hadn’t been able to participate in an intense workout with my gym family in nearly a year, and I felt like I was no better off than before my surgery. It was at this point that I found Airrosti and Dr. Browning. After my assessment and first treatment with Dr. Browning, I knew I had made a great decision. In my first visit alone, I walked in with a pain level of 9, and walked out at a 3. Dr. Br+ show moreowning ensured me he would be able to help, and was very in-depth in explaining exactly how he was going to treat me, and why he was going to treat me the way that he did. Pain was virtually nonexistent. Range of motion drastically increased. After three visits, I am experiencing NO PAIN, and was able to do my first killer workout in over a year. I spent months wondering if this pain would be with me for the rest of my life, only to have that worry erased by Airrosti and Dr. Browning. Thank you Airrosti – You have given me my pain-free life and confidence back, and coming to you all was the best decision I have made!

by Kasey Coffey

I have had uneven legs since 1986 or so (when I first noticed) I was 13. It didn’t start causing issues until I was in my 30’s. I am 46 now. It got to the point where my muscles were so tight, I was in pain all the time. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Had Xrays done, MRIs.. nothing could be seen. I had ankle pain which ended up being a torn tendon from 20 years of walking on the side of my foot, ever so slightly. I had surgery. I got to the point where I was taking off work, and almost getting a handicap placard for my car!! I could not even walk for exercise, let alone go to the gym anymore. I tried over 15 different doctors for different things, not knowing what my problem was. I figured I would give Airrosti a shot. Dr. Browning L+ show moreISTENED to me, and READ my story, looked at my films… we did an exam and he figured out which muscles were being affected. If I had been able to see him years ago I would not have gotten to this point. But I am SO GRATEFUL I found him now! In 5 visits my pain has gone from 10 to 1. I still have aches but I believe I do have Fibromyalgia and some arthritis but NOTHING like I had… I have at home and at work little exercises to do which help me immensely! They are so easy! I absolutely cannot tell people enough how this has helped!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

by Carla Schatzman

I haven’t been able to walk without limping due to hip pain for the last nine years! I didn’t go out often, due to the anxiety of how far I would have to walk, or how long I could stand without being in terrible pain! I struggled to just do housework. Dr. Browning helped me with multiple issues! Sciatica & hip pain (5 visits), also shoulder, upper back pain and arm pain (5 visits). He’s very professional and courteous, personable and puts you at ease to ask questions. I haven’t felt this alive and well in 9 years! Thank you Dr. Browning & Airrosti. You are the best!

by Katherine Grue

I have been seeing orthopedic surgeons, spine specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, pain-management therapists…..I had one good physical therapist firm, but none of them took away the pain the way Dr. Browning did. Within three visits, I had so much less pain — I didn’t even believe it was possible anymore to feel that well. Its been a few months, and I continue to feel better and better. I’m a believer. I was skeptical — I’d been to so many others! But I’m glad I gave it another try with Airrosti. Dr. Browning is amazing.