Samantha Traylor, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:Murray State University

Graduate School:Parker Chiropractic

Hometown:Lexington, KY

Hobbies:Working out, reading, traveling, riding horses, any activities that are outside.

Interesting Facts:I participated in rodeo from a very young age all the way into college.

What Airrosti Means to Me:What Airrosti means to me is a chance to really make a positive change in today's health care and be able to give patients the best quality care.

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by Amy Waugh

I was originally looking for another foot doctor, but my insurance said they partnered with Airrosti, and the co-pay was less than a specialist if I wanted to give it a try. Yes I was leery at first, I mean, who makes pain go away in 3 appointments..... well Airrosti does. I did have more than 3 appointments but my pain was severe. I had a prior foot surgery back in October 2018, I had a heel spur removed. When I was wearing the boot after surgery during my "healing" time, my tendons, ligaments and muscles just seemed to get stuck or lodged and didn't want to move or stretch at all. My pain was in my ankle around the back of my heel and up my leg both on the outside and inside of my leg. Yes I did have more than 3 appointments but between t...+ show morehe pain management and the therapy with Dr. Traylor and Anne, and the taping, I have very little to almost no more pain. I will look at Airrosti going forward before going to another specialist. I have also recommended them to several co-workers as well. They are the BEST!

by Kimberly Hartwell-Noe

I was referred to Airrosti by a co-worker. Luckily there was an office just minutes from my work so I made an appointment with Dr.Traylor. I have had back issues for over 4 years when I repeatedly pulled a muscle in my back, which resulted in 3 & 1/2 months of physical therapy and almost a year of pain daily. I reinjured my back this past spring and was trying to avoid physical therapy. When I tweaked my back a month ago, is when I was referred to Airrosti. Dr. Traylor did an amazing job. Within 3 visits I was released and in less than a month my back was better. She taught me methods to address my back if I overdo it and to keep from being in pain. Yes I had bruising, but I'll take bruising over pain any day. I feel relieved knowing if I h...+ show moreave any more issues with my back I can turn to Dr. Traylor at Airrosti to have my issues addressed and probably pain free in just a few visits. I do not wish back pain on anyone & I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Traylor if you are experiencing pain. Dr. Traylor and her staff at Airrosti are WONDERFUL.

by Terry Adams

I have had soft tissue damage for several years and the pain was constant in varying degrees and sometimes crippling. I have 2, 3 visit sessions over the last year and half and the exercise and stretching routines Dr Traylor set up for me have made a huge difference to allow me to live with a 0 to 1 or 2 pain level consistently. As long as I keep up with my exercises. I would recommend Arriosti to anyone experiencing the same condition.

by Joseph Artiles

I visited my physician regarding a lower back pain that had gone from annoying to very painful and slightly debilitating in the span of about two weeks. He referred me to Dr. Samantha Traylor at Airrosti and suggested we see if she could help first. Upon my initial visit with Dr. Traylor she advised me of what her therapy entailed and told me that we would probably know after two or three visits whether her therapy would help or not. Very simply, the pain I was in when I first visited her was considerable, and I frankly and honestly did not hold much hope that she would be able to help, but I was essentially pain free after the second visit, literally. I felt it was a minor miracle! I simply couldn't recommend Dr. Traylor any more highly, v...+ show moreery professional, very effective, and very honest and upfront, no empty promises.

by Carol Dickey

I am so glad I found Dr. Traylor with Airrosti! I found Airrosti through my health insurance provider. After completing a grueling 6.5 mile in Maine I injured my right ankle and knee. I had a painful limp for two weeks and I could hardly walk! She fixed my ankle and knee in 4 visits! I followed her active care instructions and faithfully did my exercises daily. Dr. Traylor is amazing! She is genuine and explains exactly what she is doing to my level of understanding. Pain is gone and I am walking normally now. This place is wonderful. I highly recommend Airrosti.

by Kate Stoneham

I found out about Airrosti because they are a sponsor of my running club and host foam rolling clinics a few times per year. Over Christmas, I bent over while cleaning my house and my lower back locked up completely to the point where walking and sitting were painful. With a half marathon coming up in February and a 150+ mile bike ride in April, I was very concerned. The appointment team was able to find me an opening near my home for the next day. Upon arriving, Dr. Traylor was friendly and welcoming, immediately putting me at ease. While she conducted her assessment, she told me all about the company and how the treatment process would work. Her explanation of each treatment technique and its necessity was very thorough. After her ...+ show moretreatment, I felt immediate relief. She also created an individualized treatment plan for me with foam rolling, stretching, and icing, which my recovery specialist, Kristy, demonstrated and practiced with me. After completing my plan for a week, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Vachhiani and Will. They provided additional care and strengthening exercises and cleared me for a long run. After another week, I was completely discharged and my back actually felt better than before I hurt it. Dr. Vachhiani also provided some proactive strategies to keep me feeling my best. After experiencing the different approach to care Airrosti has to offer, I would definitely return and have already been sharing my incredible experience with friends.

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