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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:The University of Texas at Austin

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Grand Saline, TX

Hobbies:I love to cook, entertain, and explore the burgeoning Austin cuisine scene. My toddler daughter, Margaux, keeps me on my toes and she loves chasing our dog, Prescott, and our cat, Penelope. However, I can not say that the feeling is mutual. My husband, Jeremy, and I love to spend our weekends out and about with our daughter during the day and then making homemade pizza and binging a good tv show or movie at night.

Interesting Facts:I grew up in a really small town with a graduating class of only 83 people. MTV came to our town and filmed an episode of True Life titled I'm A Football Hero.

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by Tara Hamlin

I was taking a kick boxing strike class at Lifetime Fitness and injured my lower back and left the class hobbling out in pain. I managed to make it to my car and drove home and took 800mg of Ibuprofen. The pain continued to radiate through my back and hips and down my legs. I was in tears with no position to relieve the pain. It hurt to sit, lie down, or to stand. I needed relief. I was considering going to the ER but wanted to explore all my options. I didn’t want narcotics. I called the Doctor but it would take 3 days before I could get in. After a sleepless night of agonizing pain I called my sister in law to ask her to pray for me. She asked if I had called an Arriosti Dr yet? I had never herd of one. She gave me the number and I cal+ show moreled and set up an appointment for the next morning. After two nights of no sleep and the worse pain of my life (10 X’s worse than giving birth to my two kids) I was read for seem relief. My husband helped me into the back of our minivan as I was crying in pain and drove me to the Airrosti office. When I walked in I couldn’t even bend at the waist one inch. I had tears running down my face. Dr. Rachel could see the pain I was in a worked to asses my injury. She worked on in for an hour and at the end of our session I was able to bend at the waist and almost touch my toes. I couldn’t believe it! I was still in pain but I could actually walk and move without crying. I knew I was going to be ok. I came back for 2 more treatments and followed her advice on home PT. By the following week I was pain free and so thankful for Airrosti for saving my life. The pain had been so terrible it was unbearable to deal with.

by Becky Newman

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my shoulder and neck for years. It’s a low pain but nags me every single day, irritates me when I’m at work, affects my sleep, and limits my workouts. I went to Dr. Rachel recently and she got in there and really made a HUGE difference w/ my pain in just four treatments! I have tried lots of other treatments, including acupuncture, deep tissue massage, traditional chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and just good old rest. Nothing helped until I saw Dr. Rachel. I am so grateful for the work she does and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

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