Sarah Rothgeb, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:University of Iowa

Graduate School:Palmer Chiropractic of College

Hometown:Long Grove, Iowa

Hobbies:Cooking, quilting, watching movies, and biking.

Interesting Facts:I have ridden my bicycle across the state of Iowa twice. I consider myself an ice cream connoisseur.

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by Hilda Khazem

I have a bulging disk in my L5 S1 lumbar area. I was living in constant pain especially in the morning. Driving and getting out of the care were Very painful... until I started going to Dr. Rothgeb’s. She has a magic touch!! No kidding! With only three visits I am now able to drive, ride the motorcycle, get in and out of the car with ease! I’ve been exercising twice a day the way Dr. Rothgeb and Sabine trained me, and the results are fantastic! I even reduced the dosage of painkillers to one/zero pill a day. My pain level is always under 5 and it goes down to zero when I exercise! I recommend Dr. Rothgeb to any person suffering from sciatica.. she saved me from a serious surgery. Thank you so much!

by Jamita Machen

I am a believer and now advocate of the Arrosti treatment! I am a Software Architect for Southwest Airlines; and each day I do a lot of walking between buildings and to/from meetings. After being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, it was painful to walk just a few steps. I did a google search and ended up in the office of Dr. Sarah Rothgeb. She did a great job in being thorough with regards to explaining the impacted muscles and ligaments as well as what the Arrosti treatment entails. I have heard stories of not being cured of plantar fasciitis within a 6 month period; but under Dr. Rothgeb's care and the Arrosti treatment, my ailment went away in just a little over a month! Truly Amazing! Thank you Dr. Rothgeb!

by Jacqueline Leferink

When I first contacted Sarah I had very limited mobility due to extreme back pain and tightness. I could not reach my feet to slip on socks or tie my shoes without major effort. After several weeks of treatment I am now able to freely move and no longer experience the constant pain. When I do have pain I use the roller and ball for exercise and that helps stretch the muscles. I felt extremely comfortable with Sara and she always made me feel that I was important in getting treatment.

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