Seth Myers, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:Kansas Wesleyan University

Graduate School:University of Western States

Hometown:Salina, KS

Hobbies:I enjoy Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting in my free time. I like to get outdoors and I try and participate in as many recreational sports as I can.

Interesting Facts:I have 5 sisters and I am the only boy of all my siblings.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a company that takes pride in putting the patient first. We are mission-driven and our outcomes speak for themselves. Airrosti is a place where people are happy and proud to go to work each day to positively impact the lives of our patients.


by C. McAdoo

I had pulled my calf and could not put all my weight on that side. After one visit to Dr. Myers, I was able to walk relatively normally. Probably 30% better after one visit. After 2 visits with the rehab exercises and treatments, I was 85%. It's the fastest I've ever had a pulled muscle heal.

by Sherryl Johnson

I came to Airrosti for therapy after I broke my arm. My first visit I was convinced this is the place for me to be. Dr. Myers is very efficient and professional I could hardly move my arm but after the 2nd visit I was able to move my arm and with each visit, I got better and better. Thank you, Dr. Seth Myers, you're AMAZING!

by Landon Salvani

Dr. Seth Meyers treated me for hip pain that I had been experiencing for a month or longer. I had four sessions with Dr. Myers and after each session, I had noticeable improvement in pain and ability to do today activities my job requires. If there for a visit to see if him I was completely pain-free and back to normal. Dr. Meyers is extremely professional and I highly recommend him to any friends or family.

by Danny Gonzales 

Being new to Houston right after the hurricane last year. I joined a CrossFit gym and being 49 and not worked out that hard in a long time had me and my body freaking out. Using muscles I hadn’t really used especially my lower back. The gym I attend told me about Airrosti how they could help me with my lower back pain and rehab. So with that I ran with it and made myself an appt with Dr Myers, Seth. Meeting him for the first time was awesome. His practice was close to where I live and it was easy and convenient for making the appt so quick and fast. After 2-3 appt for my lower back, not to include teaching me proper lifting technique rehab at his office and at home rehab on my own. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr Myers and Airrosti....+ show more I recommend anyone with issues with any muscles that U wake up from the dead. If I have any other future issues, I know who to call. Thx Airrosti

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