Stephen Offenburger, D.C.

Stephen Offenburger, D.C.


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Became an Airrosti Provider:2009

Undergraduate School:San Jacinto

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houston, TX

Hobbies:CrossFit, traveling, hiking.

Interesting Facts:I have been struck by lightning, travelled extensively through Southeast Asia and Central America, and have taken the coursework for a Masters in neuroscience… twice.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I get to work with a large group of people trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

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by Sherry Shumer

The constant pain in my hip/buttocks area was getting to be more than I could handle. The telehealth visits were great, but I truly enjoyed the box that came with implements I could use at home. The videos help when I had to take my time to understand and can use them over and over again. At 56, I sometimes forgot exactly what I was supposed to do, but the videos helped. I could talk to my provider anytime, via email, and got any questions answered. Airrosti Remote Recovery is truly an ingenious idea to help in this time of Covid-19.

by Mark Olson

I have suffered from lower back and hip pain for over 20 years that has led to decreased mobility and prevented me from certain activities. During a recent flair up, I was introduced to Airrosti and Dr. Offenburger through work. Due to Covid, I was not able to have an office visit and was assessed online, sent the Remote Recovery Kit, and given video exercises to address my issues. After a month of performing the exercises with weekly virtual check-ups, I can honestly say that I have no pain and feel better than I have for these past 20 years. Thank you Dr. Offenburger and Airrosti!

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