Steve Wheeler, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Snohomish, WA.

Hobbies:Playing, watching and coaching soccer.rnWeight training.rnSpending time with my family.

Interesting Facts:Second generation chiropractor.rn3 chiropractors in my family.

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by Sarah Joy Torrison

I have sufffered severe back pain for 10+ years. Nothing helped and I had to do life & care for my little kids in extreme pain. I went to see Dr. Wheeler and after ONE visit I had HUGE improvement. I could stand up straight for the first time in a decade! It’s been nothing short of a miracle and I am forever greatful!

by Patrick Henderson

I had experienced Achilles tendon pain for almost a year. It significantly impacted my ability to run and exercise. After working with Doctor Wheeler, the pain is gone and I am consistently running and biking again. Well worth it !

by Jeff Egberg

My daughter had a really bad IT band and a pulled quad issue from basketball and Dr. Wheeler fixed her right up in a few visits. I was impressed! She was almost 100% ready to get back on the basketball court after 4 visits but we did a few more to completely address the issue. Thank you so much for all you have done Dr. Wheeler! Everyone really appreciated your work and honesty with Meghan. She is at 98% after a few weeks which is much better than what some were telling us she might need to heal.

by Alda Yu

I broke my leg and ankle over a year ago and I was still experiencing a lot of pain. I was a bit skeptical initially when I started my treatment at Airrosti because the pain was so great during the treatment. However, after only 5 treatments, I was amazed how much my ankle improved. I don't experience the pain and I was able to run during my regular PT without experiencing the pain afterwards. Dr. Wheeler was so professional and really listened to my needs. He followed up with me and called me after my first treatment which really impressed me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor that has the expertise and also the care for his patients.

by Thomas Abrams

So back in early 2015 I had a Level 2 LCL Sprain on my knee.  My doctor told me I needed to only get physical therapy to heal up, but usually that could be up to 3-4 months of therapy.  I was discussing with a co-worker of mine about wanting to get back on the soccer field sooner than later and she suggested Airrosti here in Bellevue.  She said that they specialize in getting you back to doing your sports or activities sooner than later.  It's like what professional athletes go to when they need to heal up faster. So I gave Dr. Wheeler a call and he got me in right away.  I was surprised as he was able to see me that day!  Well he looked at what I needed done and told me he would have me back on the field after 3 visits. ...+ show more And I'm not talking 3 visits in 3 months.  3 Visits in like 2 weeks.  He worked on my knee for 3 visits and by the time that was done, I was back playing soccer and feeling great!  It's crazy how fast I healed up! Ever since my experience with Dr. Wheeler, I've referred over 15-20 of my soccer friends and co-worker on any injury or pain symptoms.  Dr. Wheeler will not work on you if he does not think he can help.  Of all the people that I referred 100% of them were blown away by the results. Ever since my LCL, I've had lower back pain (Fixed), Should injury from Volleyball (Fixed), and Plantar Fasciitis (Fixed) all by Dr. Wheeler.  It's comforting knowing that I have an amazing doctor to fix me up whenever I need help! I would 100% suggest going to him if you have any sort of injury!  He will get you fixed-up really quick!

by Denny Huynh

When I was at the age of 14, I fell hard on my left wrist from playing basketball and fractured it. I never told my parents and so never went to see the doctor to have it treated. It was many days of excruciating pain but eventually it healed. Some years later, I get hit hard on my wrist while playing basketball and re-fractured it again. I went to get X-rays and CT scans to confirm that it was indeed fractured. I was told to take pain medication and let it heal with time, which I did. But since then, I have had chronic re-injuries to the wrist while doing everyday tasks, and I wouldn't know why. And each time, I would be told to take pain medications and let it heal with time. After the 5th re-injury, I was ready to give up and accept that...+ show more I would never again be able to regain full usage of my wrist, let alone doing the things that I love to do like playing basketball again. I met Dr. Wheeler at a career fair and was quite skeptical after having lived with this chronic problem for so long. But I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment. When I saw Dr. Wheeler for the first time, I didn't have any wrist pain, but had very poor mobility due to lack of use because I was so fearful of a re-injury. Dr. Wheeler explained that perhaps my chronic injury was due to lack of use causing my wrist to get weaker, and since I had never gotten treated for it, the tissues around the fractured bone was, for the lack of better words, all jammed up. The main goal was to help me straighten the ligaments and tissues around the fractured bone, and to increase strength in that area with exercise. And we would measure the improvements by seeing if my mobility / flexibility increased, and hopefully be injury free.After the first visit, I felt there was some improvement but was still nervous about the exercise. Over the course of the next two days, I was very diligent in doing my exercises and icing as instructed. By the second visit, I had already felt stronger in both my wrist and arm, and my flexibility had definitely increased. I was amazed and for the first time, felt there was hope. By the end of my 4th visit with Dr. Wheeler, my wrist strength and flexibility had increased by more than 50%. And I did not have any injury even while doing the exercises regularly, which really increased my confidence that things were getting better. It has been nearly 2 years now since my visit with Dr. Wheeler, and I have been injury-free and my wrist strength and flexibility continue to improve. Remembering to do the exercises regularly is crucial to the treatment process, and I continue to do them today in varying degrees. I play basketball every week now with my friends and they can't believe that I had any injuries; they even say I play better now that before. 🙂 Thank you Dr. Wheeler and Airrosti for giving me my life back! So often we take for granted the things that we can do when we are healthy, and when we can't do them anymore, it is a huge hit to both our physical and mental state of being. I am grateful everyday to be healthy and injury free. Never stop!

by Jada Edelbrock

I have seen Dr. Wheeler for my hip flexor, and a sprained ankle. He has gotten me back to playing soccer after a 2 to 3 visits. He does a great job! Thank!

by Debra Arbuthnot

As a result of injury and accidents, my neck had limited mobility and continual pain. After treatment by Airrosti I have mobility back, and there is no pain with the movement. My headaches are gone, and the difference in the way I feel is amazing. I would recommends Airrosti to any of my friends.

by Gabi A.

Dr. Wheeler helped me to quickly recover from an ankle sprain, and after that he worked on my plantar fasciitis. I was told my heel would hurt forever if I didn't stop playing soccer, and I was suffering with pain for more than 2 years. I didn't believe it could get better, but after 4 sessions with Dr. Wheeler my heel doesn't hurt anymore. Airrosti is some type of magic!

by JoAnn H.

I had a full knee replacement and could not bend or walk without horrible pain. Because I had waited six months to get treatment, it took several visits before I was pain free, bending, walking and gardening again. My PE teacher had told me about the Airrosti method. I am thankful because not only has he helped my knee, but also my tendons. My tendon reattachment was still painful after two and a half years, and after one treatment at Airrosti, I am pain free and my elbow pain is gone. Makes me wonder if this would help all arthritis patients too! Now I will always go see Dr. Wheeler for everything first. Airrosti has improved my daily life beyond words. Thank goodness they are finally in Washington State.