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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:University of Arkansas

Graduate School:Cleveland University- Kansas City

Hometown:Bono, AR

Hobbies:I love to go hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Being outside, on the river is very calming for me. On the weekends if you can't find me on the water, I'll probably be watching an Arkansas Razorback sporting event, GO HOGS!

Interesting Facts:I grew up participating in 4-H for 14 years. I held a State Officer position and had friends from every county in Arkansas. My project was entomology- the study of BUGS! I had over 130 in my collection. I can also say the alphabet backwards really fast.

Awards and Recognitions:Intern Performance Award from Cleveland University-Kansas City

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by Janell Baker

My 14 year old daughter has seen her numerous times due to ankle and knee issues. SHE IS AMAZING! She is incredibly thorough, patient, a wonderful listener, and covers all issues in terms that we understand. She is caring and personable, and goes above and beyond to make sure that we understand what is going on with the injury and how we are going to fix it. She then explains all that needs to be done and shows us how to do exercises. We never feel rushed or that we are not her number one priority. Thank you, Dr. Owens, for being so wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who asks and even some who don’t. 🙂

by Heidi M.

Dr. Owens was amazing! I had severe Achilles tendinitis that was prohibiting me from basic walking and running in my favorite sport, tennis. Dr. Owens was gentle yet firm, got to the root of the problem, and worked around my insurance issues! She is definitely professional and worth the visit!

by Penny Dodd

Saw Dr. Owens for chronic lower back pain. After a few sessions of hip flexor and psoas release along with at home stretches, pain is virtually gone. Excellent care by her and the entire team at the Rockwall clinic.

by Rhonda Schackmann

Dr. Whitney Owens is the best! She is professional, compassionate, and personable. She takes time to listen to your concerns and explains the treatment. I went in with pain from my lower back down my leg into my foot. It was not only limiting my daily activities it was dramatically affecting my sleep. Dr. Owens explained what was happening and the treatment plan. After one treatment I was pain free and able to sleep again. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Owens to family and friends.

by Rochelle Menendez

I had been suffering lower back pain for over ten years, but the pain become overwhelming and debilitating in September 2020. In late January 2021 the rheumatologist I visited prescribed physical therapy and I began seeing Dr. Owens at your Mesquite location. Through this journey of visiting specialists, no one has ever taken the time to go through my history as Dr. Owen’s did. She made it clear that she took very seriously how my back pain was impacting my quality of life and day-to-day activities and explained in detail, even with diagrams, what the plan for my treatment was. I left that initial visit feeling a little bit of hope that a solution might be possible. At every session, Dr. Owens took the time to ask and listen to how I had+ show more felt since the last session. She asked questions, modified at-home exercise routines, and explained in detail how what she would do and the exercises she prescribed would make my core stronger, and my pain lessened. The orthopedist I was seeing requested I get an MRI and Dr. Owens asked for a copy of the results once they were ready. When I went to my next appointment she had read my results and EXPLAINED them to me, something the orthopedist did not do even when I asked him to. Dr. Owens went beyond what I believe were here duties and gave me peace of mind as the results seemed far worse when I read them on my own. Anne Elliot, my Recovery Specialist, was also very attentive, explained and modified exercises so I could really do them on my own, and was always positive when it came to my recovery. I cannot express how almost miraculous the results of Dr. Owens’ treatment have been. When I was released to at-home exercises only, we agreed that I was about 95% improved, the most we could hope for after my MRI results, and I was ecstatic, I hadn’t felt this well and strong in years. I was concerned that my progress would decline once I no longer had in-office PT but Dr. Owen’s assured me that if I felt the slightest decline to set up an appointment and we would figure out what needed to be done to get back on track. After almost 2 months since my last visit to Dr. Owens, I am still feeling strong, I have not shed a single tear because of back pain, and haven’t regressed at all. Not only did Dr. Owens and her team at Airrosti, Mesquite, give me back the high quality of life and mobility, but also created awareness of how I need to move, take care of myself, strengthen, and also loosen back muscles when they feel tight. I have used the badminton ball when I’ve felt a movement has hurt and boom! it helps immediately! I am forever grateful for Dr. Owens, I never thought it would be possible to leave chronic back pain in the rearview mirror, but she made it possible and I hope she knows how much she has changed my life for the better. I will recommend Dr. Owens and Airrosti whenever the opportunity arises and will always seek her treatment when I am in need of physical therapy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!