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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:Miami University - Oxford, OH

Graduate School:Northwestern Health Sciences University

Hometown:Minnetonka, MN

Hobbies:Playing guitar, golf, bowling, watching sports and spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter.

Interesting Facts:I've had the privilege of treating Olympic and professional athletes, as well as working on set of Hollywood films.

Professional Affiliations:American Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Being an Airrosti Provider allows me the opportunity to profoundly improve the quality of life and abilities for people in my community; which, in turn, provides me great satisfaction and a true sense of fulfillment.

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by Ashley Moorman

I decided to visit Airrosti after dealing with wrist pain for about a month. I didn’t really know how I injured my wrist but assumed it happened in a workout. I was in enough pain that it hurt to type at work and I could no longer grip weights correctly with my left hand or do things like push-ups in my workouts. I went to my chiropractor first and the pain did not get any better. After my first visit with Airrosti I started feeling a difference and the exercises I was given to do have helped me build up strength in my wrist and they don’t take up a lot of time. I saw Dr. Wright a couple more times and now I’m back to being able to participate in my boot camp workout classes without pain. Dr. Wright was committed to taking time to figure+ show more out exactly what was going on with my wrist so that he could customize my treatment for what I needed. I also liked that I was welcomed by name to the office each time I came in and they were always running on time.

by Pam Wysong

After suffering for weeks with pain in the right heel, I visited Dr Wright and got relief after the first visit.

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