We sent your questions to CrossFit Games veteran Christy Adkins, and here’s what she said!

What training tip/advice/learning you have discovered most impactful over multiple Opens and Games preparations? – David S.

When I embraced the philosophy that there is no “road map to the Games” and there is NO ONE who has a perfect path in getting there, it helped me handle setbacks and “bad days” better and gave me the confidence to train to be the best that I can be. My coach always reminds me “your best is good enough,” meaning if I can perform to the best of my abilities, I will be able to achieve my goal.

After your shoulder surgery, what was the single most important thing you did to get back to full range of motion?- @kathrinoutloud

The MOST important thing that I did to get my shoulder back to full range of motion was to schedule a full 45 minutes a day dedicated to doing the stretching and strengthening exercises given to me by my physical therapist and my Airrosti doctor. 

What do you want for your birthday? – Your Husband

A day on the beach, lobster dinner, and an ice cream cake. 

What’s one of your hobbies outside of CrossFit? – Hannah G.

Watching Homeland and The Americans with my husband. 

How’d you get to be such a bad ass? @lizzyhinkley

It takes one to know one, Lizzy! 😉 

Have you ever considered combat sports when you’re finished with your CrossFit career? – Alan F.

I haven’t considered competing in combat sports but I’ve always thought it would be interesting to learn and practice a martial art. 

What’s your favorite WOD, favorite cheat meal, and favorite pump-up song? – Lisa A.

Favorite WOD: Amanda, was the first event of the 2010 CrossFit Games and was created in honor of my friend and fellow CrossFit athlete, Amanda Miller. 

Favorite cheat meal: chicken and waffles

Favorite pump-up song: “Follow me into the jungle” – X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

What’s your favorite movie? – Omar C.

My Best Friends Wedding starring Julia Roberts!