Supporting Hurricane Harvey First Responders

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area leaving countless people’s lives turned upside down. Many of our providers in the Houston area saw first-hand not only the devastation but the resiliency and strength of their community. Airrosti’s Dr. Stuart Rutledge, along with other area providers, want to formally thank every single first responder and military member that worked so tirelessly to keep their communities safe.
Read Dr.Rutledge’s story below and watch our video to hear from our friends at the Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department.

It’s been more than two months, and the buzz word around Houston is still “Harvey.” Some even refuse to say the name, as “he who shall not be named” brought too much destruction to our thriving region in Southeast Texas. In all actuality, Hurricane Harvey did bring devastation, tragedy, and loss, but what we also found was love, hope, and determination.
As waters and tensions began to rise, so did the courage and grit of Houstonians. People from all over Texas and different parts of the country flocked to Houston to help rescue efforts and began to restore homes and spirits of those affected.  People from all walks of life did not ask questions, they just humbly showed up to help.
The community all around Houston came together to help in any way possible. Many found the best way to help was to be there in person. People arrived with tools in hand, food deliveries, or a tender hug to remind each of us that our material possessions may come and go, but our relationships are what matter the most.

I live near Houston in Humble, Texas. Here the San Jacinto river rose to historic levels. We were unable to go but a few miles in any direction for a few days, and once the rain stopped the flood levels continued to rise. However, as soon as the rain subsided my neighborhood mobilized to go and serve an area near Lake Houston where homes had never flooded, but now found themselves with several feet of water damage. We went from home to home, working on dry wall, moving furniture and beginning the process of recovery.
These families, and those who lost everything continue to handle the challenge of restoring their lives and homes with humility, courage, and grace.
The first responders who worked tirelessly during and after the storm are our true heroes.  First responders are defined as those who run toward an event rather than away. We were fortunate to have first responders from all of Texas’ 12,000-person national guard, coast guard, and other military units. We also had Houston’s finest, the fire and police departments, EMS and trained volunteers.  Churches of all denominations rallied around the community and acted as donation centers and shelters for displaced families. We are forever grateful for the actions of these individuals and organizations. We will continue to recognize you for your service. Thank you.
Our thoughts are with those who remain affected by Hurricane Harvey and we will continue to support you. This includes our friends in Corpus Christi and all along the gulf coast.
The recovery will take time, and just like injuries we treat at Airrosti we hope that recovery can be swift.
As Henry Ford once said “Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
By: Dr. Stuart Rutledge

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