The Importance of Ankle Stability

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The ankles are the foundation of the body, but they can be surprisingly fragile and vulnerable. Thousands of people every year sprain an ankle by stepping off a curb, tripping in heels or twisting it during a run. These injuries are usually shrugged off. After a short time of resting the joint, people often return to normal activities thinking everything is healed.
While you may think you’re back to normal, a new study finds that may not be the case. Ankle injuries may have a lingering impact on our lives that we may be ignoring.

Lingering Ankle Sprain

recent study co-authored by Dr. Hubbard-Turner sheds light on the lingering impact an ankle sprain can actually have.
The study followed 20 young adults with chronic ankle instability caused by a previous ankle sprain. With this condition, the ankle is fragile and easily gives way during movement. The study also followed 20 healthy young adults with stable ankles. Each of these individuals were instructed to wear a pedometer for a week while the researchers tracked their number of steps per day.
The study found that the young adults with chronic ankle instability were far less active than the other students. On average, the students with weak ankles took roughly 2,000 fewer steps per day than their counterparts with healthy ankles.
The findings of this study actually mirrored the findings of another study co-authored by Dr. Hubbard-Turner did with mice. In the prior study, mice who had previously suffered an ankle sprain also proved to be less active than mice who had never suffered an ankle injury.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

These studies both imply that ankle sprains should be taken seriously. Improper healing can lead to lifelong problems than can inevitably inhibit your activity levels for an undetermined amount of time. It is important to consult a doctor or Airrosti provider to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Addressing the issue as soon as it happens can keep you pain-free and moving as if the injury never occurred.
At Airrosti, our providers spend an hour with each patient. After completing some simple tests to find the root of the pain, our providers then treat the injury directly at the source. We also educate our patients about their injury and teach them stretches and exercises to expedite the recovery process. Watch our ankle sprain case study to see just how quickly Airrosti can get you back on your feet.

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