Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Tips for a healthy holiday season with man running

The holiday season can be hectic and packed full of pastries, potlucks, and parties. It may seem impossible to balance your healthy habits and your social life, but there are some simple ways you can enjoy all the holiday season has to offer while still making your health a priority. We’ve got some tips to help you stay on track.

  1. Play outside. Exercise doesn’t always have to take place at the gym. Start a game of tag football, play in the snow, or just take a nice, brisk walk before dinner. Get some family or friends to join in to make it even more fun.
  2. Create a colorful plate. Aim to make your dinner plate as colorful as possible by choosing a variety of vegetables to add to your meal. Choosing smaller portions also lets you try more things without feeling overly stuffed.
  3. Drink water too. With all of the delicious beverages around the holidays, water can be overlooked. It’s important to drink water between other beverages to keep your body properly hydrated. Drinking water also helps you consume less excess calories often found in alcoholic and sweet drinks.
  4. Stretch away stress. Stress from shopping and travel can take a toll on your body. It’s important to make time to stretch to relieve tight muscles and keep joints flexible. Taking time for simple yoga moves can also help recenter your mind and keep you calm.
  5. Know when to stay home. If you feel the sniffles coming on, don’t push yourself. Take care of yourself before you get really sick. Lack of rest can weaken your immune system. Get plenty of rest, and listen when your body is telling you to turn down that party invitation.
  6. Don’t ignore pains. If you’ve been living with nagging pain, don’t let it hinder your holiday celebrations. Icing injuries can help reduce swelling and inflammation, but if that doesn’t help, consider visiting Airrosti. Our providers pinpoint the source of your pain to quickly get you back to doing what you love pain free.

Happy holidays!

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