Tips to Help Increase Your Speed

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Whether you’re running for fun or training for a race, you’re always looking for ways to get faster. These tips, combined with consistency and hard work, can help take your running to the next level.

Tips to Run Faster and Better

While improving stamina and strength help reduce your risk of injury, sometimes aches and pains can still manage to interrupt a perfectly good run. Airrosti providers can help you understand the cause of your pain and give you the tools needed to address issues as they appear. Consult with an Airrosti provider today to start your recovery.

Supplement Your Run with Caffeine.

Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee has been linked to improved running performance and speed. Its ability to reduce perceived exertion can help you keep going, even past your normal distance. Since caffeine typically lasts a few hours once it’s in your system, you should drink it an hour before your run to get the full energy benefits.

Build Endurance with Inclines and Distance.

If you’re used to running a couple miles on a flat surface, your body may not have the strength needed to run efficiently. Push your boundaries a little: add more miles and try different slopes to improve your stamina. By challenging yourself to run in a variety of distances and inclines, you’ll be working much harder while building the endurance needed to reach your goals.

Pace Yourself with Tempo Training.

Tempo running is a great training method to reduce your time while preparing for a long race. The ideal way to practice your tempo is to run at a steady pace that you can keep up with for 60 minutes.

You don’t want to put all your effort into a full sprint. Instead, run at a pace that will keep your heart rate steady. This can help keep your run interesting and will prepare you for marathons and 10k races. You should also include a good warm-up and cool-down routine to help reduce your risk of injury.

Up the Ante with Interval Training.

Practicing your speed with interval training is a great way to increase speed, endurance, and running form. Your running pace during interval training is often faster than tempo training. Interval training is a method of training that involves a series of workouts varying in intensity, mixed with a few brief periods of rest.

By varying the intensity of your running, you’ll be improving your aerobic capabilities, exercising your heart, and reducing your time. Because interval training is a very demanding method, it’s essential to do a proper warm-up first and focus on recovery after your workout.

Give Yourself Time to Recover.

Make your post-workout recovery routine a priority. After every training session, help your body recover faster with a few stretches and cool-down exercises. If you’re struggling with soreness and muscle knots, supplement your recovery with tools like the foam roller and lacrosse ball. These recovery tools can help loosen tight muscles, improve flexibility, and increases range of motion.

You can also use these tools to help ease pain in larger muscles like the quads, hamstrings, and calves. With the right tools and recovery routine, you can reduce post-workout soreness and help keep your muscles from becoming tense after a run.

Outrun Pain with Airrosti

If pain has been keeping you from reaching your ideal race time, schedule an appointment with Airrosti. Our providers are dedicated to finding and eliminating pain at the source. We also provide the tools and resources you need to keep pain at bay so you can safely return to your favorite activities.

Find an Airrosti provider near you to get started. We offer both in-house and virtual appointments to best suit your needs.

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