Why Continuing Your Rehab Program is Important


Not all injuries are the same – some bodies respond to treatment and recover quickly while others may take much longer to recover. Many patients also suffer from chronic or recurring pain, even after the initial injury has healed.

If you have questions about your injury or unaddressed pain, reach out to an Airrosti provider today. Our providers can help you understand your pain and walk you through potential treatment options based on your needs.

The Cycle of Injuries

When you get injured, your body immediately begins the repair process by producing chemicals and hormones that help repair damaged tissues. Depending on the injury, this process can involve swelling, bruising, and sensations of pain that signal something is wrong.

For most minor injuries, this healing process lasts up to 72 hours. Unfortunately, there are many injuries that do not repair quickly and instead start to linger, becoming chronic or recurring despite the body’s efforts.

When injuries evolve into chronic conditions, your pain may become a major roadblock in your everyday life. You may start avoiding certain activities or overcompensate for the injury by overusing other parts of your body during activity. Overuse can prolong the condition and possibly causing more injuries.

Why Rehab Compliance Is Important

Finding and addressing the source of your injury as quickly as possible helps break this injury cycle. This includes receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment plan paired with a rehab exercise program. Your treatment and rehab program will depend on many factors, including the type of injury, previous conditions, lifestyle, and other factors.

Complying with the prescribed rehab program will help you recover faster and help reduce injury recurrence. It also helps your provider understand where you are in the recovery process and help adjust your rehab program as you continue your journey to recovery.

How The Rehab Helps You

One of the biggest benefits of following the rehab program include decreased pain, improved movement, and reduced risk of future injuries. Your rehab program may include:

  • Strength and stability exercises
  • Stretches to help improve flexibility
  • Recovery tools for self-myofascial release

Your rehab program isn’t just designed to help you recover from your injury. It is also created to help you learn more about your body and empower you to take the recovery process in your own hands.

Get a Customized Treatment Plan for Your Injury at Airrosti

 If you’re in pain and struggling to recover, remember to be patient with yourself. Some injuries may take longer than others to heal. Consistency and communication is key.

Committing to your exercises and stretches will help you recover, but also remember to communicate with your provider if you run into any issues or unexpected pain. They can assess your progress and make adjustments to keep you moving forward.

Don’t let unexpected injuries or pain bring your life to a grinding halt. Chat with a provider today at no cost to learn more about your injury and explore options for eliminating or significantly reducing the pain. 

There’s absolutely no cost or obligation to schedule with Airrosti. Click here to schedule your complimentary VIP Chat today!

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