3 Reasons to Try Group Fitness

3 Reasons to Try Group Fitness

Although many people prefer to work out alone, group fitness classes and activities have always been a big part of the fitness world. Knowing that you are working as part of a larger team is an appealing feature of group exercise classes. Besides motivation and support, group fitness offers several other benefits that can take your fitness to the next level.
If you’re struggling to keep up with your solo workouts and need more support, it may be time to try group fitness.

Motivation and Support

We can talk for hours about how we want to lose weight and get stronger, but you’re getting nowhere if you don’t follow through. Breaking this cycle of “all talk and no walk” is one of the most impactful strengths of group fitness.
When working out as a group, not only do you share your workout goals, but you’re also able to hold each other accountable. By engaging with others in this energetic atmosphere, your motivation will turn into a determination to push past your limits and keep going.
Group fitness will also help you build rapport with others in your community and allow you to create connections that otherwise may not have been possible. Knowing you are part of a group with similar goals can help you build these social connections and make new friends.
Remember: you’re not alone. There is a team of people beside you, all in a journey to get stronger and push limits. You’re all on this fitness journey together, and that knowledge can also motivate you to keep going.

Challenge and Variety

If you’re doing the same workout routine every other day, your body will become accustomed to the routine. Eventually, your progress will begin to plateau. Many people tend to neglect smaller muscle groups in favor of larger muscles during training. Others may decide to just keep their workouts simple by doing the same exercises every day.
Unfortunately, failing to engage all your muscles during exercise can lead to imbalances in the body and cause adhesions and inflammation from overused muscles. It’s good to switch up your routine and introduce a wide variety of exercises into your workouts. By incorporating different movements, you’re engaging those smaller, often overlooked muscles.
Working out by yourself can also be a mentally draining task. By switching up your routine, you may feel less bored and more motivated to keep going. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your stamina, or reach some other fitness goal, you should challenge yourself and try new exercises. You may not realize it, but your brain is also being exercised by focusing on coordinating your movements in-step with the rest of the group. Group fitness programs favor diversity and creating a routine that doesn’t feel so routine. Learn to love your workout by finding a group that can show you new and exciting ways to challenge your limits so you can achieve your goals faster while staying active.

Injury Prevention

Many inexperienced people who try high-intensity workouts alone tend to sustain sprains and strains. Due to the lack of experience, improper exercise mechanics may go unnoticed, placing yourself at risk for injuries. For instance, if you’re trying to do squats or side shuffles, and you have poor ankle mobility, you’re more likely to roll your ankle.  Ankle rolls commonly cause sprains and torn ligaments, and damage to these supporting joints can take months to heal.
Watch the video below for some simple exercises you can add to your routine to help build up your ankle mobility and stability.

One of the best attributes to group fitness is that all group fitness sessions have an instructor or trainer leading the group. Most instructors understand how important proper form and mechanics are to an injury-free workout. If you’re struggling with a specific movement, your instructor can give feedback to improve your mechanics and optimize your workout.
Another great benefit to group exercises is the class never skips a warmup!  The instructor leads a warmup activity before the workout session and a “cooldown” period at the end of the session. This lets your body adjust to the changing levels of activity and reduce your risk of injury.

Ready to Try Group Fitness?

There are many different group fitness options out there, so find one that works best for you! Airrosti is proud to work with Camp Gladiator to help keep their Campers healthy and pain-free. By including Airrosti-recommended stretches and exercises into their workouts, Campers can enjoy going to class knowing that they’re strong and capable of completing their workouts.
If pain or injury has been keeping you from your workout, schedule an appointment with Airrosti provider near you!
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