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Airrosti has been proven to efficiently resolve pain, to provide unparalleled patient satisfaction, and to save our patients significant time and money over other treatment options.

A third party, two year episodic claims study showed Airrosti’s average cost of resolving an injury via in-clinic care was only 43% of the average cost of other forms of care. For many patients, a large portion of the costs associated with Airrosti treatment is covered by insurance. However, even patients with a high-deductible health plan or those who pay 100% of the costs out of pocket will typically still save money. The cost of an MRI alone (usually around $1500) is higher than the total cost of Airrosti care. Additionally, Airrosti is an HSA and FSA approved benefit.

Many treatment options can drag on for many visits over many weeks and months. Even then, treatment typically ends when benefits run out rather than when your injury is fully resolved. Airrosti is different. We track outcomes for every single patient case. Out of more than 1,000,000 injuries treated, our patients have reported 88.3% complete injury resolution at the completion of their Airrosti treatment plan, and most injuries were resolved in 3.2 visits.


Below is a summary of our recent outcome data for all patient cases to date, as reported directly by our patients. Click here to learn more about how Airrosti is able to provide such consistent and unparalleled results.


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