Differentiate your practice by adding an outcome-based solution for quality musculoskeletal care. Airrosti’s disciplined and measurable approach to care is what separates us from other groups in this space, providing an extremely portable and accountable solution for employers, carriers, and ACOs.  We have a solid track record of partnering with recognized physicians, specialists, and health systems in the markets we serve. We have also demonstrated the ability to rehabilitate and resolve shoulder, back, knee, and other soft tissue injuries in a very short period of time through 3rd party episodic studies. The net result of all the claim episode studies to date confirms that Airrosti is lower in cost, results in shorter care duration, and has significantly lower post-care expenditure.

Watch this video to hear why these physicians and family medical practice owners choose to work with Airrosti and trust us to get their patients out of pain quickly and safely.

Quality Musculoskeletal Care

Airrosti Providers are licensed doctors of chiropractic or doctors of physical therapy. We have roughly over 200 clinics that provide convenient access for your patients. With over 250 Providers, appointments are generally available within 24-48 hours. Each Airrosti visit consists of significant individualized patient time between an Airrosti Provider and the patient. This time allows for a thorough clinical guidelines-based assessment, accurate diagnosis, highly specific manual therapy, and active rehab. Our time commitment to each patient results in rapid and successful recoveries, usually in an average of 3 visits.

Communication Is Key

We understand treatment is a collaborative process, and we aim to be a key part of your referral network. Airrosti recognizes the importance of communicating pertinent information regarding your patient’s response to Airrosti treatment. Our Providers are equipped to provide referring physicians with patient notes and information regarding your patients treatment progress, any contraindications we may find, and any recommendations for imaging or referrals.

Your Success is Our Success

Airrosti has developed strong, lasting relationships with over 9,000 physicians including orthopedists, physiatrists, neurologists, podiatrists, and primary care doctors. We track and report outcomes on every referred patient and consistently show over 99% patient satisfaction levels and over 92% of patients require no additional medical services.

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