Athletics Collaboration


At Airrosti, our primary goal is to help support your efforts to get and keep your athletes injury free, out of pain, and performing their best.

Airrosti has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to rehabilitate shoulder, back, knee, and other soft tissue injuries in a very short period of time. We have an unprecedented reputation in the Olympic, professional, and amateur sports and athletic community. Most conditions are resolved in an average of 3 visits. More importantly, we help eliminate the potential for long-term chronic problems often associated with soft tissue injuries.

Quality Musculoskeletal Care

Airrosti providers are licensed doctors of chiropractic. We have over 150 clinics across the country. We know that you are responsible for the care of a large number of athletes, and it may be challenging to spend one-on-one time with them, especially for extensive soft tissue work. That’s where we come in. Each Airrosti visit is dedicated individualized patient care. This time allows for a thorough clinical guidelines-based assessment, accurate diagnosis, highly specific manual therapy, and active rehab. Our time commitment to each patient results in rapid recoveries for your athletes.

Communication Is Key

We understand treatment is a collaborative process, and we aim to be a key part of your specialist referral network. Airrosti recognizes the importance of communicating pertinent information regarding your athlete’s response to Airrosti treatment. Our providers are equipped to provide referring trainers with patient notes and information regarding your athlete’s treatment progress, any contraindications we may find, and any recommendations for imaging or referrals to a specialist (with patient’s informed consent). Following treatment, you will receive an overview of your athlete’s status so you can make a plan for your athlete’s return to activity.

Your Success is Our Success

Airrosti has developed many key partnerships and strong, lasting relationships with athletic trainers and organizations at all levels. We work with major university athletic programs such as The University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, University of North Texas, and Oklahoma State University. Additionally, we are a key part of the medical staff for the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and many other professional teams.

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