A comprehensive in-clinic and virtual MSK solution backed by experienced providers, exceptional outcomes, and proven cost savings

Discover The Airrosti Difference

Airrosti is a mission-driven company. What does that mean for you and your organization? 

We help drive down your musculoskeletal costs while ensuring your health plan members have access to the best and most effective care available.

A Prevalent Problem. A Proven Solution.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the leading cause of pain, suffering, and disability in American workplaces. Airrosti provides a solution that is the perfect point of entry for MSK and helps take the confusion and frustration out of seeking care for your health plan members, while significantly reducing claims costs.

Consistent Outcomes. Unparalleled Results.

Airrosti is a group of licensed providers that are committed to reducing MSK pain as safely and efficiently as possible. With over 20 years of clinical experience and more than 1.4+ million patient cases successfully treated, we have a proven track record of getting exceptional outcomes for our patients.

Patient Satisfaction
Prevented Further
Medical Services
Injury Resolution
Play Video about Hear why Joe Braley trusts Airrosti with his Sports Injuries

Hear why Joe Braley, Healthcare Executive, Trusts Airrosti with His sports Related Injury.

43% Reduction in Total Cost of Care
80% Reduction in Surgical Cost
67% Reduction in High Tech Image Utilization
50% Reduction in Opioid Utilization
42% Reduction in Hours away from work seeking medical care
55% Reduction in Episode Length

Effective Care. Measurable Savings.

Independent third-party claims studies from Milliman Medlnsight and Koan Health continue to validate our extraordinary results. These studies reviewed up to a billion claims and over 2 million episodes of care using Blue Health Intelligence Data, as well as patient reported outcomes from over 1 million of our own patients.

Working With Airrosti

Airrosti’s quality approach to care results in reduced healthcare costs and recovery timelines, as well as the prevention of expensive procedures. Airrosti is an in-network provider for most major insurance carriers.

We also offer our employer partners opportunities to provide injury prevention education at no additional cost.

Clinical Expertise. Convenient Access.

Airrosti providers are singularly focused on getting results for your members, while providing the highest level of quality care. Our goal is to fix pain FAST (typically within 3 visits based on patient-reported outcomes). We help eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for costly and potentially dangerous prescription pain killers and opioids.

For those who are unable to come in for in-clinic care or who simply prefer a virtual care solution, our Airrosti Remote Recovery solution provides access to Airrosti’s extensive clinical experience and quality care from the comfort of home. Click here to learn more about Airrosti Remote Recovery.

Whether in-clinic or virtual, Airrosti’s quality approach to care consists of:

Hear how Airrosti helps resolve long-term chronic pain – even when nothing else has worked.

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Complimentary Assessments. Quality Care Coordination.

Our primary goal is to help your members make informed decisions about their care. So, we offer a complimentary triage service known as our Virtual Injury & Pain (VIP) Chat program.

This valuable service is available via video or text chat at NO COST to you or the health plan member.

Comprehensive Education. Effective Engagement.

Extensive patient-reported outcome data and third-party claims analysis studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Airrosti in-clinic and virtual care. However, we know awareness is key to driving significant cost savings for your organization.

That’s why we deliver a robust, fully customized, strategic employee communication and engagement plan at absolutely no cost.

Our professionally designed suite of materials is routinely tracked, measured, and optimized to make sure every communication piece drives maximum results – from email to text messaging to free webinar events.

While awareness is critical, we also place a strong emphasis on prevention and education. We offer a full suite of MSK wellness events, with virtual and onsite engagement options.

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Airrosti works with companies who want to invest in the health of their employees by prioritizing musculoskeletal prevention and care. Here’s what you need to know about working with Airrosti:

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We are claims based, and our program integrates seamlessly with your existing health plan.

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We provide detailed savings analysis and consistent, customized reporting with ROI guarantees.

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There are no implementation fees, and you can get started anytime with a rapid implementation timeline.

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There is absolutely no cost to get started; contact us today!

Fill out your contact information using the form below and we’ll be in touch to provide a more comprehensive overview of our program as well as a personalized savings opportunity analysis for your organization.

How employers can reduce MSK Costs

Airrosti’s Chief Population Health Officer joins The Benefits Breakdown podcast to explore the current state of the MSK industry and what employers can do to reduce cost. LISTEN NOW