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Airrosti’s patient-centered musculoskeletal care drives our partnerships. We offer a collaborative provider and member engagement solution for employers, carriers, consultants/brokers, family medical homes and ACOs.

Musculoskeletal conditions are the costliest and most rapidly growing group of diseases in today’s health care space, causing lost time from work, family, and activities. Employers, health plans, and individuals are looking for a better solution.

At Airrosti, our outcome-based solution delivers measurable results for these conditions by providing one-on-one care that achieves a high level of patient satisfaction, improves outcomes, and significantly lowers claims costs.

Our results speak for themselves. Out of more than 1,000,408 injuries treated, we average only 3.2 visits per case. 88.3% of our patients report full recovery following treatment and 92% report no need for further medical care.

Why is Airrosti Different?

Airrosti improves member experience. – Our goal is to get patients better as quickly as possible, but we also want to provide a really amazing patient experience. That’s something that we really focus on, and this is why 99.5% of our patients say that they’ll recommend Airrosti to their friends and family.

Airrosti improves member outcomes – Airrosti providers are extensively trained to evaluate and assess the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. The time we spend with each patient — one full hour of one-on-one care — plays a key role in our outcome average. Most cases are fully resolved in an average of only three visits based on patient-reported outcomes.

Airrosti improves plan costs – Claim analytics verify savings and confirm patient- reported outcomes, including the prevention of surgeries, high-tech imaging, and other unnecessary/unsuccessful care. A 50-75% reduction in treatment resolution times leads to faster recovery, with less absenteeism and lower productivity costs.

Employer Partners

Airrosti provides an outcome-based solution that delivers measurable and consistent results for musculoskeletal injuries. We have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to bring fast, long-lasting results to our patients. Our quality approach to care results in decreased costs and recovery timelines, as well as the prevention of expensive procedures (including unnecessary imaging). We’ve even helped a large number of patients avoid costly and invasive surgical procedures (over 16,290 to date).

Airrosti Offers Employers No Cost Engagement Solutions:

  • Custom, co-branded educational and benefit awareness materials
  • Injury Specific Workshops for surgery prevention and avoidance
  • Musculoskeletal Wellness Activity Workshops – Educational and interactive exercise programs designed to prevent injuries and increase member activity and productivity

Carrier Partners

Airrosti’s disciplined approach to care is what differentiates us from other groups in this space, providing an extremely portable and accountable solution for employers, carriers and ACOs.

Certain carrier partners have made Airrosti a part of their Advanced Chiropractic Network—allowing their self-funded groups to choose Airrosti as a Value-Based Benefit in effort to steer members to Airrosti before other costly/specialty care.

Airrosti also collaborates with payors to place providers in an area where their employer partners have a strong need for a reduction in musculoskeletal claims costs. Airrosti helps the plan identify these opportunities through high cost claimants and geo trends. We then design custom member engagement programs around those needs. In a recent study conducted by one of our carrier partners, the carrier was able to quantify through claims analytics the significant economic impact of Airrosti’s effective and efficient care. Airrosti provides ongoing plan impact measurement tools and future savings opportunity analysis for key accounts.

Airrosti has had several independent claims analytics companies perform episodic analyses of our provider group as compared to other providers across all disciplines that treat the same conditions by diagnosis codes.  The net result of all the claim episode studies to date confirm that Airrosti is lower in cost, utilizes less visits with shorter care duration, and has significantly lower post-care expenditure. 

Health Systems / Provider / Specialty Partners

Airrosti has a great record of collaborating with other providers in the musculoskeletal space. We partner with recognized primary care physicians, specialists, and health systems in the markets we serve.

In addition to our medical partnership development efforts, our carrier and consulting partners facilitate Airrosti partnerships with aligned ACOs and FCMHs.  These activities have increased exponentially recently, especially in Texas, and Washington, with over 200 practice locations nationwide.

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