Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but many Americans still don’t get enough sleep. The average adult requires about eight hours of sleep, however, many adults rarely get a full night of sleep because back pain or other issues keep them awake. Having issues falling or staying asleep can be a pain, literally. Chronic pain can leave you tossing and turning all night. What’s worse is you can even wake up in more pain than you began with.

Back Pain Causes Sleep Issues

Back pain is one of the most common causes of sleep problems. Lower, mid, or upper back pain can make it virtually impossible to get comfortable once you hit the sheets. The pain can leave you tossing and turning for hours. There are many habits that can factor in to back pain making your nights unbearable.

  • Stressing Out: Often causes muscle tension and pain
  • Desk Work: Sitting all day puts pressure on your spine
  • Bad Diet: Unhealthy eating means less blood circulation to the spine
  • Heavy Purse: Carrying around a stuffed purse can knock shoulders off balance
  • Skipping the Gym: Regular exercise eases stiffness
  • Old Mattress: You may need more support

These are just a few of the habits that can lead to uncomfortable nights, but they’re fairly easy to fix. Participating in some yoga or light exercise can ease tension in the back and other muscles to relieve pain. Yoga, or some other form of relaxation, can also allow you to de-stress after a long day and let that tension go.

At work, you can opt for healthier lunches or snacks to start your way to a healthier diet. You can also adjust your desk chair so that you are not slumped over. Also, leaning back at a 135 degree angle decreases spine compression, so leaning back and stretching in your chair from time to time can make a world of difference.

If a large purse is the cause of your pain, ditch the purse! Do you really need to carry around 8 tubes of lipstick, a book, an umbrella, a bag of snacks and an extra pair of socks everywhere you go? Nope. Lightening your load will really take the weight off your shoulders and spine.

Switching out your old mattress may be just the ticket to a good night’s sleep. Many people find they get the best sleep on medium-firm mattresses, but find one that is the most comfortable for your back.

Sleep Issues Cause Back Pain

While it’s common knowledge that pain can cause bad sleep, a recent study shows that bad sleep can also cause pain. The study focused on patients over the age of 50. At the beginning of the study all patients reported being free of widespread pain. The study found that subjects were more likely to experience the onset of widespread musculoskeletal pain over the three year study if they also experienced “non-restorative” sleep. After the three years nearly half of the patients now suffered with pain and a quarter considered their pain “widespread.” While research is still needed to find the true connection between lack of quality sleep and the onset of pain, it is apparent that the better sleep you get, the better your body feels.

Something as inconspicuous as your sleeping position may also be the culprit for your back pain. While comfortable for many, sleeping on your stomach can cause low back pain. Because your spine bends due to lack of support, it can become stressed and bothersome throughout the day. Sleeping on your back may also cause irritation if your spine is not properly aligned. Adding a pillow into the mix may help ease your pain. If sleeping on your stomach, place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen area to take the strain off of your back. If sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees to help keep the natural curve of your back in line.

Airrosti Eases Chronic Back Pain

If your back pain is persistent despite your efforts to relieve your stress and improve your posture, Airrosti can help. Airrosti Providers are expertly trained to assess each patient’s case to determine the root cause of the pain. They perform a thorough evaluation and then recommend a customized treatment plan to quickly and permanently resolve the issue. By manually correcting the soft tissue, they are able to not only relieve the symptoms but also resolve the problem in total. Airrosti Providers also educate their patients to help them understand best practices and ways to prevent future injuries. Using Lacrosse Balls and Foam Rollers, Airrosti patients learn active rehabilitation exercises and stretches that can be performed at home to speed recovery.

If your quality of sleep is suffering due to chronic or nagging back pain, give Airrosti a call to set up an appointment and begin your journey back to a pain-free life.