Airrosti Keeps The Coyote Moving

As the 2016 NBA season comes to a close, the San Antonio Spurs fans must also say goodbye to Rob Wicall, the man behind The Coyote mask.Wicall has been The Coyote mascot for nearly two decades, continually exciting and entertaining the crowds with wacky stunts and silly tricks.“The decision to leave was such a difficult […]

Ben Smith: Ask Me Anything

CrossFitter Ben Smith with arms raised in celebration

We sent your questions to CrossFit Games Champ Ben Smith and he answered! Read about his training, journey and community below.  1. Was there anything you did differently to prepare for the 2015 Games vs previous years? – Naomi Wueste Hey Naomi, I wouldn’t say that my preparation was much different than in the years past other […]