3 Easy Stretches for Hip Mobility

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Tight hips can lead to an array of nagging issues, the most common of those being lower back pain. The over competence of certain muscle groups leads to other groups developing weaknesses that can throw your body’s balance off kilter. One of the most common causes of tight hips is working a desk job. When […]

Mobile Back Pain

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Back injuries aren’t just caused by accidents and falls. In fact, many back problems stem from lifestyle changes and daily habits that impact our muscle and joint health. Discover three daily habits you can implement to improve your spine health. If pain is holding you back, schedule a NO-COST video chat today with an Airrosti […]

Recovery Tips for Hamstring Strains

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Many people experience hamstring pulls and strains in sports that use powerful leg movements, like soccer or track & field. They’ll likely attempt to just “walk it off,” but ignoring a hamstring strain is the last thing you’ll want to do. If you continue activity after pulling your hamstring, you could risk increasing the severity […]

Exercises & Stretches for Hamstring Strains

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Join Airrosti’s Amy Nguyen, DC, as she demonstrates three easy exercises to help relieve pain from hamstring strains. A standing quad stretch can help relieve tension in the quads while improving hamstring mobility. We also examine two variations of the glute bridge exercise that can help build hamstring strength. Practicing these easy exercises daily can […]

Running Tips for Your First Race

Running tips for your first race

Training For The Race A 5k race is usually the distance of choice for running beginners. This type of race is relatively short, about 3.1 miles long, and it doesn’t require months to years of training. If you’re new to running, 5 kilometers is a good starting point for building stamina, speed, and practicing your […]

Tips for Healthy Hamstrings

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Suffering from chronically tight hamstrings can leave your hips fatigued and your body restricted with limited mobility.   The hamstring complex consists of three muscles that run down the back of the thigh, from the buttocks to the back of the knees. This muscle group’s function is to extend the hip and flex the knee, […]

Tips to Help Ease Travel-Related Pain


This article was written by Dr. Ally Jackson, DC.  As an avid traveler, she has four helpful tips for staying comfortable and pain free while flying. Many people travel for work or vacation, and often these trips include long plane rides with young and sometimes restless children. Extended flights can be uncomfortable for everyone involved, from sitting […]