Musculoskeletal Care for the Aging American Workforce

Musculoskeletal Care for the Aging American Workforce

HR directors play a pivotal role in shaping workplace health initiatives. In recent years, there has been a growing concern regarding the musculoskeletal (MSK) health of the American workforce, particularly the aging population. A rapidly aging workforce, including the retiree population, highlights the need for organizations to implement musculoskeletal programs proactively. This becomes even more pronounced in the context of Medicare Advantage plans, which are crucial for providing comprehensive healthcare coverage to aging employees and retirees.

Continue reading to learn the significance of expanding MSK care for an aging workforce, why HR directors should prioritize these programs for the benefit of both employees and organizations and how Airrosti can help!

The Aging Workforce and Retirees: A Looming Challenge

The demographic shift in America is undeniable. The Baby Boomer generation is reaching retirement age, and by 2030, all Baby Boomers will be older than 65.[1] This seismic shift in demographics presents a unique challenge for HR directors – an aging workforce and retiree population with unique health concerns, notably musculoskeletal issues.

The Rise of Musculoskeletal Conditions

Musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and joint problems, are becoming increasingly prevalent. These conditions are already the leading cause of disability in the United States, affecting over 50 million adults.[2] Moreover, as the population ages, these conditions are expected to surge, creating a substantial burden on individuals and organizations.

The implications of musculoskeletal conditions on the workforce are as numerous as they are complex. Employees suffering from these conditions may experience decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher healthcare costs. As of 2020, MSK-related injuries and conditions factored into the second leading cause of occupational injuries, however, accounted for the leading cause of lost workdays.[3][4]

For HR directors, this translates to reduced organizational efficiency and rising expenses.[5] For example, one study found that MSK-related conditions or injuries were estimated to cost $300+ billion in healthcare spending.[6] With current trends in healthcare spending, it is expected that the costs will rebound and increase over the coming years.[7]

The Case for a Musculoskeletal Program

Implementing a musculoskeletal program within organizations is not merely a proactive measure; it’s a strategic necessity. Here’s why HR directors should make MSK a priority:

  • Enhance Employee Well-Being: A comprehensive musculoskeletal program can offer employees preventive measures, early intervention, and support in managing these conditions. By proactively addressing musculoskeletal health, organizations demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. One study revealed that early intervention of MSK-related conditions reduced the “incidence of chronicity from 15% to 2%,” while 13 out of 100 patients who did not receive early therapy or care developed chronic back pain.[8]
  • Boost Productivity: Employees with improved musculoskeletal health are more likely to be productive and engaged. Addressing pain and discomfort can reduce distractions and absenteeism, resulting in a more efficient workforce.[9]
  • Improve Cost Savings: Prevention is often more cost-effective than treatment. By investing in musculoskeletal programs, organizations can reduce healthcare costs, workers’ compensation claims, and disability expenses.[10]
  • Increase Competitive Advantage: Organizations that prioritize employee health and well-being are more attractive to potential employees. A robust musculoskeletal program can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

How Airrosti Can Help Employers

The aging working population in America requires the urgent implementation of musculoskeletal programs in the workplace. By prioritizing musculoskeletal health, employers can ensure a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

To help resolve the increased need for MSK care, Airrosti offers comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment that is not only effective but conservative. At Airrosti, our Providers work to relieve pain directly at the source, without pain medications, injections, or surgeries, and often resolving most injuries in an average of three visits (based on patient-reported ).

By selecting Airrosti as an in-network benefit, employers will receive:

  • No-cost MSK triage and navigation: all health plan members, including those in Medicare Advantage plans, are eligible for Airrosti’s VIP Chat, a no-cost consultation with an Airrosti Provider to determine the best care for you.
  • High-quality care and coordination: Airrosti Providers create personalized treatment plans for every patient and can help coordinate with other healthcare professionals when medically necessary.  
  • No-cost employee engagement: Airrosti directly engages your health plan members, through a variety of traditional and virtual outlets.

To better serve our client’s employees, both during and beyond employment, Airrosti is actively contracting with Medicare Advantage plans and is continuing to work on expanding coverage. For more information, or to schedule a meeting or demo, click here.














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