CrossFit Games and Airrosti: Keeping Athletes Strong

The CrossFit Games bring athletes from all around the world together to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth™. The athletes are challenged over a multi-day period and consistently push themselves to the limit on every workout. These challenges are comprised of a range of functional movements performed at high intensity that serve as the foundation of CrossFit. In previous years, workouts have consisted of deadlifts, muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, burpee box jumps and more. CrossFit prides itself on comprehensively testing the 10 aspects of general physical fitness. Because of this, there is a strong level of confidence that the top competitors in the Games truly do represent the fittest athletes on earth.
All of this intense training and the grind of daily activity can take a toll on athletes’ bodies. Sometimes pain or an injury can affect an athlete’s performance or keep him/her from reaching their competitive goals. This is where Airrosti comes in. As head of Athlete Services—providing athlete recovery services and injury treatment for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games—Airrosti helps athletes rapidly recover from injuries and return to competition quickly, safely, and pain free.

Three Stages and Thousands of Athletes

The CrossFit Games are broken up into three stages and open to anyone who thinks they’re up to snuff.
The first stage, the Open, recently wrapped up at the end of March. As its name implies, this stage is open to anyone in the world. The workouts are posted online and athletes compete to get the best time or the most repetitions. In order to validate their workout, they must either perform the workout at an affiliate gym so they can be judged in person, or they can send in a video of their workout for the entire CrossFit community to see. In this stage the competitors are ranked both worldwide and by region. The athletes’ scores depend either on the total time it takes them to complete a set amount of work, or the total amount of repetitions they can complete in a set amount of time. Either way, they must move quickly to succeed.
After the Open, the top competitors from each of the 17 regions move on to Regionals which are held throughout May with the first four commencing on May 9th. During the Regionals section of the Games, athletes and teams are tested on multiple workouts over the course of three days. This year the events will be the same across all regions for equal comparisons. Newcomers and veterans are matched up and compared on every aspect of their performance. Here thousands of athletes will be whittled down to 44 males, females and teams that are the strongest, fastest and fittest athletes in the world.
July 25th is when the top scoring competitors from each region come together at the CrossFit Games to find out who among them is the absolute fittest. In order to keep everyone on the same playing field, the athletes are unaware of which workouts they will be performing until right before the competition. A wide variety of events are included, and they are never short of surprises.

How Airrosti Helps CrossFitters

Airrosti specializes in fixing pain fast. With all the intense workouts inherent in CrossFit, we make sure that nothing is holding these athletes back. We treat their pain and deficiencies so they can compete to their fullest potential. For the third year in a row, Airrosti is helping athletes restore function and range of motion when any issues arise. Airrosti Providers diagnose the root causes of any pain or restriction and use manual therapy methods to manipulate the soft tissue, correcting the problem and ensuring that each athlete is fully prepared for their next challenge. This year Airrosti will be at five of the Regional competitions as well as the CrossFit Games in July.
Stay tuned to learn more about Airrosti’s ongoing partnership with CrossFit and our dedication to keeping these elite athletes performing at their best.

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