At Airrosti, we know that the most important part of any fitness or training program is consistency. But injuries often sideline athletes and keep them from doing what they love most. Our providers are experts at fixing pain fast—so dedicated CrossFitters can get back in the box as quickly and safely as possible.

Airrosti has many strong partnerships with CrossFit facilities across the country. We are proud to support the growing CrossFit community and are honored to serve as the Official Athlete Services Provider for the Reebok CrossFit Games, where we help keep the world’s most elite athletes injury free and performing their best. 

In addition, we also partner with CrossFit to offer additional services to affiliate owners and their coaches. Scroll down to learn more about how Airrosti works with you and your athletes.

Airrosti Supports Affiliates Program

Airrosti is proud to partner with CrossFit to provide valued affiliate owners and their coaches with complimentary Airrosti treatments, as well as a wide variety of complimentary onsite services and member injury prevention programs. If you’re not currently enrolled, please click the “Sign Up Now” button below. If you’re currently enrolled and would like to take advantage of our onsite services and member education programs, click the “Connect With Us” button below.

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CrossFit athletes push themselves to achieve peak physical conditioning and athletic performance. An injury can derail an athlete’s progress considerably. Traditional treatments for common athletic injuries often require long periods of rest. In addition to derailing an athlete’s training program for an extended period of time, this inactivity can cause muscles to atrophy and fascia to distort.

Airrosti’s evidence-based treatment provides rapid recovery and lasting results for most common soft tissue and joint injuries. Our patients achieve 88% pain-free movement (along with increased flexibility and mobility) within the first few visits and typically are able to resume normal activity following the first visit to Airrosti. Most conditions are fully resolved in an average of only 3.2 visits. Additionally, we provide athletes with the tools and education they need to prevent recurring or future injuries. Click here to learn more about how Airrosti works.

We’re proud to have been an integral part of the CrossFit Games since 2014, helping treat the world’s most elite athletes. As head of Athlete Services, Airrosti helps athletes maintain peak physical fitness and restore function and range of motion to areas of the body where athletes are experiencing difficulties.

We have a wide variety of tools and resources to help you make the most of your partnership with Airrosti, including professional marketing materials and web kit designed to help you introduce Airrosti to your athletes, as well as partnership spotlight opportunities on Airrosti’s social media channels.

What Affiliate Owners and CrossFit Athletes are saying about Airrosti

Ben Smith

Airrosti Athlete, 2015 Fittest Man on Earth

I can't thank Airrosti enough for helping me get back into training again after hurting my low back. An injury that previously took 3-4 months to heal was fixed in just 4 visits.

    Angelina Martinez

    Affiliate Owner, CrossFit Optimistic

    We are very excited about partnering with Airrosti. The affiliate support program delivers incredible value to our staff and community as a whole.

      Wes Kimball

      Affiliate Owner, CrossFit Austin

      Airrosti has been a great resource to our community for over 7 years. Our athletes have seen incredible success utilizing them to keep them healthy and injury free.

        Stacie Tovar

        Airrosti Athlete, 2015 11th Fittest Woman on Earth, Affiliate Owner

        Airrosti understands athletes. They get us back to performing at our full potential, fast, so we can get back to accomplishing our goals.

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