3 Easy Stretches for Hip Mobility

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Tight hips can lead to an array of nagging issues, the most common of those being lower back pain. The over competence of certain muscle groups leads to other groups developing weaknesses that can throw your body’s balance off kilter.

One of the most common causes of tight hips is working a desk job. When you’re sitting all day, your glutes and hamstrings are not utilized, causing them to become weaker over time.

Tight Hip Flexors Can Lead to Back Pain

Your hip flexors and quads tend to overcompensate for these weak glutes by tightening up as you move. The added stress of overworked hip flexors can then pull on your low back muscles, putting stress on your back. The accumulating tension can eventually lead to pain, stiffness, or limited range of motion in the hips.

While you may not be able to avoid sitting at your desk for work, there are some stretches you can incorporate into your day to help loosen your hips, improve hip range of motion, and may help alleviate lower back pain.

*Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you experience any numbness, tingling or reproduction of your symptoms, please contact your doctor.

Executive Stretch (Figure 4 Stretch)

  • Sit on a chair, putting one foot over the opposite knee in a figure-4 position.
  • Push on your knee to open the leg and straighten your back while you bend your upper body forward until you feel a comfortable stretch in the buttock.
  • Hold the stretch for 1 minute, then release.
  • Repeat for 3 sets, twice a day.

Half-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Begin in a half kneeling position.
  • Engage the glutes to tilt your pelvis backward, flattening your low back and stretching the front of the hip. ⠀
  • If a greater stretch is needed, lightly press your hips forward keeping your back flat and body upright.
  • Complete 2 sets of 1-minute holds.

Standing Quad Stretch

  • Stand in front of a chair and hold on to it with one hand.
  • Grab the top of the ankle with the hand on the same side of the leg being stretched and pull.
  • Pull your foot towards your buttock until you feel a gentle stretch in front of the thigh.
  • Hold the stretch, keeping your lower back neutral.
  • Repeat the stretch on the opposite leg.

For more exercises and stretches to help combat hip pain, watch our Hip Pain Injury Spotlight.

Don’t Let Hip Pain Hold You Back

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Read our Medical Disclaimer here.

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