Provider Spotlight: Amanda Suchko, DC

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Meet our Provider of the Month, Amanda Suchko, DC! This month we caught up with her to learn more about her favorite hobbies, hidden talents, and more! You can stop by and visit her practice in Cincinnati, OH. Call us at (800) 404-6050 to schedule your appointment today.

1) Where is your practice?

Cincinnati, OH.

2) Where are you originally from?

Greensburg, PA. Suburb outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

3) How long have you been with Airrosti?

2 years 8 months.

4) Describe your favorite thing about your job.

The time we spend with our patients. Being able to have 60 minutes of time to treat as well as give them exercises that will help them recover and get back to their goals is something I always wanted to do before working at Airrosti. Giving patients the ability to stay out of our office pain free couldn’t be done without the time we spend with them each visit.

5) Best food recommendation near your practice’s location.

I wouldn’t be able to choose just one. Sotto and Gomez are always places I crave though!

6) What did you want to be when you grew up?

I have wanted to be a chiropractor since middle school. Before that I think I was settling on neurosurgeon.

7) Name three things you love to do in your spare time.

Run, walk my pups (Auri and Lennox), and bake.

8) What’s the oddest injury you’ve had and how did it happen?

I received two black eyes in a college soccer game from a goal keeper punching me in the face going for a ball.

9) What’s a hidden skill or a fact that no one would guess about you?

I cannot for the life of me dive into any body of water. Every time a try I always end up belly flopping.

10) What’s your favorite sport?

To play: Soccer

To watch: Hockey

11) If you could make a difference in the world, what would you be known for?

This is something I work on everyday. I want to be able to leave a positive impact on people. I would hope that once they met me they want to pay kindness/generosity/encouragement forward.

12) If you could have any superpower, which would you choose and why?

Don’t know if this is a superpower or not…..Be able to bring any Pinterest or cookbook recipe to life without having to cook or bake it. Mostly because of the ease of it and seeing if a recipe is worth trying. I have a giant sweet tooth so being able to snack on the many recipes I want to try would be ideal.

13) What is your most treasured possession?

My cross necklace. I wear it every single day and feel lost when I don’t have it on.

14) Finally, name one thing you couldn’t live without.

My family of course. But chocolate comes in at a VERY close second.

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