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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:College of William and Mary – Go Tribe!

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Houston, TX

Hobbies:Anything I can do with my family, woodworking, CrossFit.

Interesting Facts:I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. I can (poorly) play 5 different instruments.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I love how quickly our treatment model gets people out of pain. They come in not knowing what to expect and not believing it is going to help them, and usually even within the first treatment they are improved. We spend an hour with every patient, so not only do I get to help them, I get to know them, and I love learning people’s stories.

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by Jason Montier

3 weeks before scheduled marathon I was on the track when my left glute seized up with shooting pains so bad I was barely able to make it back to my car. I was unable to run for a week and Airrosti was recommended by a swim coach. In two sessions I was back to pain free running. I ran the marathon 3 days after the second session and had my 2nd fastest marathon ever.

by Krista Wallace

I was training for a half marathon when I was stopped by severe calf cramps. Overnight, I dropped from running 5 miles to less than a mile because of this injury. After 2 visits to Airrosti, I was back running several miles again. Thank you!

by Kaci Koviak

If you want to be treated at a place where the staff truly cares about you, Dr. McGaughran and his team are the people for you! I came in with so much pain in my shoulder and neck, I could barely move my arm and head without it bringing me to tears. By the end of my 5-session treatment, I was no longer in pain and no longer had to take medication. I could feel the progression of improvement with every session. They gave me back my mobility and independence. I can tell Dr. McGaughran and the Airrosti team care about their clients and truly want what’s best for them. They’re great people, and I highly recommend them to anyone searching for relief!

by Kyle S.

I am a 51-year-old male who experienced severe left scapula nerve pain. The pain graded about an eight out of ten with any movement. My job requires me to be physically fit due to heavy lifting, as well as flexible. Earlier in the year I was diagnosed with cancer and spent three months receiving daily radiation treatments. After treatments, I returned to full duty status at work, but due to the time off and radiation treatments, my strength and condition physically had deteriorated. My shoulder pain had gotten to the point where I felt I might need to have surgery. After being referred by a friend, I started doing research on Airrosti and was impressed by the positive reports. I spoke with my Oncologist about possibly seeking treatments.+ show more He fully supported my decision. My first visit with Brian McGaughran and Jennifer clearly showed that they were knowledgeable professionals and straight to the point. I was told that it may take several visits to rectify the pain issue, but Brian said he felt confident I could be stopped. Honestly, I was disappointed that it would not be miraculously gone after one visit, but being a healthcare professional I knew he was correct. After two visits I noticed drastic improvements and was encouraged that surgery was not going to be in my future for pain relief. Three weeks after my first visit I was able to drive 12 hours from Texas to Nebraska and return without any pain. Work shifts are now pain free and I feel fully confident if I had not been referred and treated by Airrosti’s Dr. Brian McGaughran, today I would be highly medicated and unable to work. Thank you.

by Angela Clemmons

Many years ago I injured my back at the hospital that I work at while attempting to move a patient. I went to a local chiropractor and he got me from hobbling to walking. For that I was grateful! However, wearing heels would set me back to the hobbling, and on short runs would keep me out of my running shoes for at least a month. To say the least, I was depressed. Running is my happy place and I no longer could go there. 2.5 years I suffered through hip, back, and leg pain, gritting my teeth and thinking this was just how life would be. My husband heard of Airrosti from a coworker and told me he would like me to go to Dr. Brian McGaughran before we went a different medical route. I set up my appointment and off I went to see yet “another+ show more” chiropractor and potentially throw away more money. I was not able to run after my first visit, maybe more out of fear than anything else. However after the second visit, finally I got on my treadmill and I was able to run a full mile. The next day I ran a shorter timed mile. Before I went back for my third visit I was back to running on the road 3+miles! I was so noticeably happier that strangers were commenting on how happy I looked. Currently I am making up for lost time. To date I have run two 5Ks, a 10K, and two half marathons. I can’t really put into words what Dr. McGaughran and Jen at the Tyler Airrosti location did for me. They helped me get back to my happy place. Thank you guys so much!