Ally Jackson, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida

Hometown:Hickory, NC

Hobbies:CookingrnSurfing (not so much anymore now that I'm landlocked in Texas)rnBrewing my own beer

Interesting Facts:I love Notre Dame football almost as much as UNC basketball (and I hate Dook with every fiber of my being). I celebrate half birthdays.SHARK WEEK is my favorite time of year. I held the record for highest Ms. Pacman score in college. My older brother and I are 10 1/2 months apart in age.


by John Borgon

Dr. Ally has been treating and helping my entire family going on two years now. Both of my daughters are in Soccer/Basketball and at times require specific and even general attention/ therapy to heal and keep healthy during the seasons. Dr. Ally has helped us stay healthy and get stronger during the off-season is as well. Impressive. Once the thorough session w/ Dr. Ally is complete Veronica takes the quality time necessary to show us the appropriate stretching/exercises that help heal and make areas of concern stronger. Tremendous results along with a fabulous attitude and "bedside manner" make Dr. Ally and her team second to none. Second to NONE! Highly recommended!

by Danni Springfield

I have seen Dr. Jackson many times over the last several years for different issues. It's obvious that she's sharp as a tack and really knows her stuff, yet I feel like I'm talking to a friend. She's kind and sympathetic, and also doesn't let me off the hook. And, best of all, I always feel so much better even after just the first visit. Love her.

by Jennifer Stephenseon

I should've months ago, but it's been summer & I'm a procrastinator & ridiculously forgetful, but every time I walk by Dr. Ally's office I think of how much good she has done me- months later, I am still reaping the benefits of Airrosti. I had almost 30 degrees of curvature in my lower lumbar spine; the pain was getting unbearable & I could hardly get through a workout. My first appointment with Dr. Jackson was unlike any I've previously had. She listened very intently while I complained of the host of problems my back was causing, all the while asking intelligent questions in a patient, sympathetic manner. Even on that first day, for the first time I felt I had actually been understood. When she outlined her treatment plan, she didn't suga...+ show morercoat my situation, but she also gave me hope. Using charts and diagrams, she took the time to point out how & why I was in pain, and then promptly got to work. I'd be negligent to not mention that the treatment was painful, but thankfully it didn't last too long. Although I was sore the next day, with this first, and each subsequent treatment, I got more and more relief, and most of all mobility. I had gotten to the point where it was very difficult to get out of bed in the morning- my workouts were slow and minimal. After two or three treatments, my flexibility, and range of movement had drastically improved & I actually got taller! (Scoliosis can make you shrink over time.) Now, I can workout harder, longer, and with more intensity and l

by Preston Riedel

I went to Airrosti in hopes to help cure a back pain I had been feeling for about 2 months. I scheduled an appointment with an Airrosti provider by the name of Ally Jackson at the local golds gym in my neighborhood. I really can't say enough about her and the patience she exhibited with my condition. I had seen multiple doctors prior and nothing was working until I saw Ally. Just a few appointments and I was feeling much better. Her therapy coupled with Juans exercises put me back on my feet again... and it didn't stop there. Once my back was healed I had mentioned a pain in my left wrist that had been plaguing me for 5 years. Yes...5 years. I had seen specialists, had MRI's, the works. Nothing ever worked. Ally decided to treat my wrist an...+ show mored low and behold, I am now pain free and have mobility again for the first time in half a decade. Once again, Ally, Juan, and Airrosti THANK YOU so much for giving me back my health and piece of mind.