Brent Froberg, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Brigham Young University

Graduate School:Life Chiropractic College West

Hometown:Bellingham, WA

Hobbies:I love playing outside with my wife and two sons. I also enjoy hiking, trail running, crabbing, biking, exploring new places, and reading.

Interesting Facts:I lived in Spain for two years, and speak Spanish. I have fallen from a ladder twice and have had other significant injuries, but never broken a bone (knock on wood). I have fainted on several occasions, including once fainting while on a ladder; yes, this resulted in a fall.

Awards and Recognitions:Graduated Valedictorian

What Airrosti Means to Me:At Airrosti, the patient is the top priority. We are committed to helping people get as functional as possible, as quickly as possible, as long-lasting as possible, with as much respect as possible for their time, energy, money, and hope.

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by Erin Fiskum

I am so grateful that I found Airrosti. I have dealt with SI joint issues for so many years now and while chiropractor visits relieved the pain for a time, I knew I had to keep going back to keep it at bay. That was so discouraging to me. On recommendation, I was directed towards Airrosti to seek actual treatment of the source of the pain. Working with Dr. Froberg and Dr. Gardner was nothing but a positive experience. They made me truly believe in Airrosti’s company mission and dedication to their clients. I really doubted that I would actually have full relief from the pain, I had lived with it for so long and it got so bad I didn’t see any end to it. I was mostly seeking less pain and exercises to help continue to lessen the pain at h...+ show moreome. Dr. Froberg and Dr. Gardner not only helped me COMPLETELY rid myself of the pain I’ve become so accustomed to but also empowered me by providing a variety of exercises and movements to do at home to keep that pain away. I went from hobbling like a pregnant lady at 9 months and seriously thinking there would be no end to the pain to going back to CrossFit workouts with absolutely ZERO pain. Not even a HINT of the old pain. I’m still in awe that it could actually be done. All this to say, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Froberg and Dr. Gardner. They are extremely humble and easy to work with. They truly truly want to get you well and give you the tools to help yourself so you do not have to depend on their treatment to feel better. That’s so huge. I always got the runaround with chiropractors that I needed to come back consistently in order to get better. Airrosti just wants you to be better and not have to come back! What a concept! Make an appointment now!

by Bruce Krebs

I had ongoing shoulder pain from a torn bicipital tendon that would regularly flair up. After 2 sessions with Dr. Froberg the pain subsided which allowed me to return to my regular activities. Unfortunately, I felt so good, I forgot that I was injured, lifted something heavy, and seriously re-injured myself. Dr. Froberg did his absolute best to help me, but unfortunately it seems as though surgery may be the best option. I was impressed with his honesty, his openness about future treatment options, offered to continue to help with the injury, and referred me to a physician to review more invasive treatment. Bottom line, a pleasure to work with, delivered real results, and was honest with other solutions that may deliver longer term results....+ show more I highly recommend him.

by Jon Guidoux

Brent helped me heal a hip & shoulder injury quickly & effectively. I really appreciate how much he focused on educating me on the issues & providing tools that empowered me to address the root cause of the problems. Thank you Brent & Airrosti for allowing me to get back to peak physical performance!

by Taylor Smith

Brent has honestly been a life saver. I’m a professional female athlete and I’ve had tons of athletic trainers and I would place brent in the top two. I go into his office weekly for various treatments and he is always extremely helpful! We first check in he asks what’s bothering me he will then show me on a chart what he believes the issue to be and what he plans to work on in the session, I get great treatment and then at the end he gives me exercises and stretches to for when I go home and the time in between visits! I would highly recommend him!

by Jodie Taylor

I am a professional soccer player for OL Reign and the England WNT. I started working with Dr Brent Froberg a couple of months ago as I was having some issues with my calf during the corona virus pandemic. Dr Froberg gave me a full evaluation and highlighted areas that are causing my ongoing issues. I have noticed a significant difference since working with Brent and couldn't be happier with the results. I have worked with many medical professionals throughout my career and I must say Dr Froberg's knowledge, treatment, and exercise prescription is top class. I would highly recommend Dr Brent Froberg.

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