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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:University of Northern Iowa

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport

Hometown:Davenport, IA

Hobbies:CrossFit, Soccer.

Interesting Facts:I am thrilled to call Cypress, TX home with my beautiful wife and three amazing kids. We love to CrossFit and play soccer as a family. I love to see a workout that has kettlebell swings or burpees!

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is in my opinion the best way I, as a doctor, can create a dramatic change in my patient’s life by decreasing their pain and allowing them to return to the activities that matter to them. The Airrosti treatment model affords me the time to really get to the root problem of my patients pain and teach them how to take care of it long term.

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by Joe Dorsch

Dr. Brian and staff did a great job helping me with knee pain. Orthopedic recommend future surgery. Airrosti staff came up with a program that helped me get pain free in a few weeks. Well done guys!

by Albenis Hernandez

My issues started with a common morning neck pain, that rapidly transitioned to my upper trap area and upper back. I could barely sleep as I felt needles on my back, decreasing range of motion in my neck, and starting to lose strength on my right upper back/shoulder area. Easy activities like lifting a 10-pound bag above my head or driving was painful. I went to a couple of therapists, and then to a spinal surgeon, physical therapy exercises, and had an MRI with none to little improvement. At this point most of the improvement was accomplished via medication: steroids and anti-inflammatory pills. I was recommended Arriosti by a friend that was aware of my issues and heard about it from another friend who was almost going to surgery, deci+ show moreded to give Arriosti a try and after a few sessions he was significantly better. In my case I needed to try something new as I was in a point where Doctors would not recommend surgery, yet my pain was the same. In Arriosti I found the following from the beginning to the end of my program: • Comprehensive exam and evaluation about my physical issues. • Commitment of taken care of my situation, not so much in the number of visits, but with clear path of consistent improvement • Willingness to work with me and my insurance which has limited authorized visits. • Detailed explanation of possible causes, consequences, and ways of treatments for my pain • Detailed explanation of the exercises and therapies to be done in order to accelerate the treatment efficiency • Clear transition from myofascial release, to stretch, to strengthen muscles groups, including taping. • Honest concern about my situation and improvement I cannot express enough my gratitude towards the staff of this facility as they met and exceed tmy expectations and for sure will be my place to go in case of any injure or physical issue. Albenis Hernandez

by Cecilia Bojorquez

I had a very bad neck pain for years, spend a lot of time and money between Orthodontists and physical therapy with no results. After only 3 appointments with Dr. Jestel, the pain was gone! I totally recommend this place.

by Vincent Salzwedel

After suffering from back lower back pain for 20 years, 3 MRI’s, 1 CT scan, multiple visits to neurosurgeons, chiropractors, and an acupuncturists , to the point where you find yourself researching the “log rolling” technique on the internet to get out of bed. Thank you Dr Jestel and Cody Marks, I’m able to pick up my kids and do the things I love again.

by Shan Magadi

I had terrible pain in the lower back. Impossible to move or walk. One of my colleagues referred me to visit Airrosti. I was a bit skeptical but pain won over my thoughts. After a quick call had my apt scheduled for the next day. With in an hour of twisting and turning, my back start to feel a lot better. Learning what is causing the issue was the essential part of the journey. Every day with my commitment to work out and follow the regiment made the process smooth and beneficial. It has been 8 months since my last visit and remain pain free. Kudos to the team and especially Brian for finding the right solution. I have referred to many of my friends and colleagues since then. Have a great success in your endeavors.Â

by Emily Simmons

It was amazing, my leg has had no more problems. (Knock on Wood) I loved my experience, it was amazing. I wouldn’t go to any other doctor, it was the best experience!

by Dan Brigaitis

I am a soccer player who was dealing with foot and ankle pain for several years. Unable to strike the ball and suffering constant discomfort, I sought out a solution. This led me to Airrosti and Dr. Jestel. The visits were quick and efficient. The exercises were not overwhelming just providing one or two each visit. I can now strike the ball and am playing multiple times each week, which I was not able to do previously. Very thankful I found Airrosti.

by Ingrid Crawford

Dr. Jestel was actually recommended by my daughter’s pediatrician for an old ankle injury that flared up again. She recommend him because my daughter swims and she thought he would be a good option first instead of going to see an orthopedic. Took my daughter to him for her first appointment and I was so impress with him and how he handle her injury, I asked him if he could take a look at my lower back which had been causing me pain over the years caused by a fall from playing racquetball. So Dr. Jestel treated us both. What I really like about Dr. Jestel he explains why you are having the pain, and what can be done to relive the pain. I like the the PT part of it. They enable you with exercises that will assist in your recovery that you+ show more can do at home. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Jestel. I would not hesitate in going back again. He has me standing straight again.

by Kathryn Carter

In March 2016, I was having major knees issues, and at the same time, wanted to start a new fitness program called Orange Theory Fitness. I knew I needed to get my issues straightened out before starting the fitness program, so booked an appointment with Dr Brian Jestel, who was recommended by a friend. The first session, Dr Jestel was very thorough, asking several questions and performing a complete physical assessment. We talked about areas to strengthen, and then I was sent to see the CRS, Alex, who showed me every exercise in detail and taped me. I continued to see Dr Jestel for the next 4 weeks with great success and progress. I was able to start my new exercise program and was down 15 pounds in 4 months. As I became stronger, and c+ show morehallenged myself at OTF, I started having achilles tendon issues. Back to Dr Jestel I went, where we did more evaluations and began new stretches and taping. After only 2 sessions, I was able to identify and manage the achilles pain. It has been 10 months since my first Airrosti session, and I feel better than I did in my 20s and 30s! I appreciated being educated on areas of the body that need strengthening in order for other areas to work properly. I did not want to use medications to manage the issues, but rather knowledge on how to identify and prevent future issues. I highly recommend Airrosti to anyone who suffers from soft tissue issues.

by Mario Guevara

I am 56 years old, I teach tennis and I like to live an active lifestyle which comes with injuries and Airrosti have been awesome, nothing has kept me from enjoying my activities because when something happens I get treated and I am back! The recovery is fast and I recommend it to everyone I meet!

by Lorie Hougland

Dr. Jestel spent time diagnosing my running related issue. He provided great treatment along with recommendations for stretching. I needed more help to totally get well again, so he recommended another Airrosti doctor for a second opinion. I appreciated his willingness to help me get additional treatment without even suggesting that idea. I have great confidence in Dr. Jestel and recommend him.

by Emily Franks

I was starting to have problems with my shoulder. I noticed it when I reached back for my seat belt and other chores. Dr. Jestel worked on the area and definitely helped ease the pain. The follow up exercises were key to continued recovery. Dr. Jestel has a caring manner and makes you feel very comfortable during treatment. Attention and follow-up was great. I highly recommend him to solve any issues.

by Dolores Young

I was in so much pain, my hips kept locking up. A friend referred me to Dr. Jestel and within a few visits I was no longer in pain and I had the tools to keep that pain away. I don’t know how I managed to live with pain, but now I no longer have that pain and I can continue working out.

by Mary Ihfe

Wow – what an improvement! I had injured my elbow playing tennis and was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play again without pain. It now feels fine, even when I play. I received not just treatment for my pain, but also exercise and stretch training to help prevent an injury again. Thanks so much!

by Ryan Malone

I had problems with my IT band and the first doctor I saw said “stop cycling, you are too old for that” (by the way, I am in my mid 40’s). The second doctor referred me to Airrosti. Dr. Jestel got me back on the bike in time for the MS 150 ride. Great team!

by Jonathan Parr

I am a physical therapist and was a competitor on the show American Ninja Warrior going into my 4th season. After making it to the finals the year before, I was determined to repeat the same success. I was working with Brian on some fine tuning strategies prior to competing in the Qualifying round. My progress was great leading up to the event. I felt more flexible and more coordinated than ever. Unfortunately in May 2016, I suffered a major left knee injury while competing on the course. This ultimately knocked me out of contention for the finals. I hyperextended my knee, sublimated my knee cap, had grade 2 muscle strain on my calf, had bone marrow swelling, and sprain of ACL/PCL/LCL. I was unable to bear weight or even perform the slig+ show morehtest exercise because of it. I was also registered to run the New York Marathon 5 months later and knew I needed to get back up to speed, quick. I began working with Brain immediately after my injury in hopes to get back to running quickly. He gave me the appropriate progressions and we problem solved together on how to adjust the treatment plan according to my gains and pains. Long story short, I ended up running the NYC marathon less than 5 months after my injury. I am pain free and can’t thank Brian enough! He is excellent at what he does and is very knowledgable. I would highly recommend him as a source for a speedy recovery.

by Nick Harris

I pulled my hamstring in the Austin Half Marathon in February 2016. Due to the pain I could not run full strides until i had run at least 30 minutes, and afterwards i had a significant limp, especially after sitting while at work. At the recommendation of a running buddy I contacted Airrosti in late summer. Thanks to treatment by Dr. Jestel I was able to strengthen my core, and stretch my hamstrings and other leg muscles to run almost pain free. I resumed training after my third treatment and finally on December 4, 2016 I was able to complete my first full marathon in 4:07 in San Antonio. 54 years old and able to finish in the top 25% for men. Thank you for letting me get back into running.

by Jonathan Horton

I have been using Airrosti now for close to 10 years. I am an elite level gymnast who has been to the Olympics twice, and at 30 years old staying healthy has been a challenge in my sport. Even more challenging will be my pursuit of a third Olympics in which I will be 34 and basically considered ancient in the world of gymnastics. From my experiences with Airrosti, I know that it will be an important part of my success with keeping my body feeling good. I have used Airrosti treatment basically from head to toe, literally. I injured my toe once when I had a competition a week later. My Airrosti provider who was Dr. Harrison at the time tried anything and everything to relieve pain and it worked amazingly. Dr. Brian Jestel has been my docto+ show morer for the past few years and he has been so proactive in my career. He makes himself available to me and I have found that it doesn’t take many treatments to ease some of the regular pain that I have in my elbows, shoulders, and knees. Im thankful to have Airrosti treatments, and I recommend it to everyone.

by Jonathan Horton

As a gymnast for the past 25 years, I have had my fair share of injuries. Since being introduced to Airrosti, overcoming those injuries has become a little bit easier. Rapid recovery is essential to success in my sport. I am very thankful to the doctors who have worked to help me recover from just about anything. From a broken toe, to extreme tendonitis, I have seen results great with Airrosti.

by Carol Barge

3 years ago I fell and injured my hip. I had trouble walking for any length of time. I even had to rent a Wheelchair/Rider when I went to Universal Studios with my children. I was even contemplating get a disability sticker with my doctor so I could park close when shopping. My sister told me about her Airrosti experience and I thought what the cant hurt…I have done PT, regular Chiropractic and massage….and nothing has worked. So to say I was skeptical is an understatement. After one treatment, I noticed some improvement but still wasn’t convinced. After 5 treatments and MY HUSBAND noticing I was walking better…well that was all I really needed. I am doing the exercises and will continue to monitor it, but this is the best+ show more I felt in over 5 years!

by Corey Bartkowiak

I am an avid CrossFit athlete in cypress tx. About a week out from a serious competition my back locked up on me. I could hardly sit and stand without pain. The next day I went to see dr. Jestel. Within 2 visits he has me functional enough to not only compete but win the competition. Thanks dr jestel and arrosti!

by Kimberly Flesner

I came to Dr. Jestel with severe headaches. My GP sent me for an MRI and gave me pain pills, even though I told her several times I was convinced it was muscular. I heard about Airrosti from a friend, who was a hair dresser and had severe pain in her arm, limiting her ability to work. She told me Airrosti “cured” her (but it hurt like the dickens). My friend was exactly right. Dr. Jestel was able to locate the tight muscles in my neck and shoulder that were causing the headaches. The deep tissue massages and stretches were painful, but it is what I needed. Eventually, I realized the source of my muscle injury was the layout of multiple computer screens at the office. The Airrosti treatments & stretches were making it better, but + show moreI was re-injuring it every day. It was so subtle, I don’t think I would have figured it out without Dr. Jestel. Thanks Airrosti Cypress crew. You really improved my quality of life.

by Karen Ludwig

I saw Dr. Brian Jestel in 2014 for acute low back pain I had been experiencing for about 2 years prior without relief. The pain interfered with my lifestyle and activities. The pain was incapacitating at times and I was looking for relief. When I was first told about Airrosti I thought it was too good to be true but after 4 appointments I was pain free and now have the tools for self treatment when it starts to slowly reappear off and on. Arron and Dr. Jestel are a great team. Earlier this year I started having severe upper back pain . I returned to Dr. Jestel and Arron for treatment and again was pain free after 3 visits. The reason for success in part are the home exercises you are given and you are responsible for your own + show moresuccess.AIRROSTI works and helped me regain full range of motion and flexibility.

by Rodney Jaime

I received the worst injury I have ever had that completely kept me from my active lifestyle and the sport I love, Judo. What started as a groin pull evolved into an abdominal muscle strain. I self treated for 2 months before going to see Dr. Jestel. He very patiently worked with me along with Arron the PT. Though some progress was made he wanted to go step by step in hopes it was NOT a sports hernia. After 7 long months of treatment and following the rehab exercises I am almost 100% and am back doing what I love. Without Dr. Jestel and the Airrosti Treatments I believe I would still be down and out. Thanks so much.

by Dana Ziskrout

I was suffering from intense left and right forearm pain for over 1 1/2 years. Routinely the pain would wake me up throughout the night as the inflammation was unbearable. I went to an orthopedic specialist to get help thinking this was a wise decision. His treatment options: steroid injections into my elbow joint or surgery. I wanted pain relief so much that I chose the injection. Of course the pain returned a couple months later and a second shot was given. Still, no root cause or proper solution was offered. In the meantime, I heard of Dr. Jestel through mutual friends so I called his office and asked if they treated forearm pain (tennis elbow) and if so, how many months of treatment were required. Dr. Jestel replied that yes they + show moretreat it and it would only require about 3 or 4 visits! I was reasonably skeptical because of the orthopedic specialist’s failure in treating me. Dr. Jestel treated me over 4 office visits. That was well over a year ago and I am, without a doubt, 100% better. I have had zero issues since treatment. I am a medical professional and a long time competitive martial artist. Both require focus and hand/arm skills. Thanks to Dr. Jestel and his rehab expert Aaron, I am doing all that I want and not once since my last treatment have I experienced any forearm pain that plagued me for so long. Thank you so very much.

by Divinity Gonzales

I was injured during the unsigned senior volleyball tournament in Vegas. I was terrified that I would miss the rest of my season! I then was told to go to Airrosti by my club’s Director. I had a great experience, everyone was very friendly; making it very easy to put my confidence in their care. They turned a 6 week healing process into only 2 weeks! I am happy to be back to exercising, and most importantly doing what I love!

by Barbara Kortsha

I went to see Dr. Jestel after he was highly recommended to me by a family of athletes. I knew something was not right with my ankle area but had no idea what it could be. After my initial visit with Dr Jestel, he diagnosed my issue and recommended treatment. I went ahead with his recommendations and within a few weeks I have no pain!! I am very impressed with Dr. Jestel and his ability to determine the issues and treatment for an injury. I highly recommend Dr. Jestel! I am not a person who likes to go to doctors, but Dr. Jestel will be my first appointment if I have any pain that I know is not right!

by Lauren Wilmer

I have had lower back problems for so many years from being an athlete. I kept putting it off to go and get treatment and pushed myself to develop an injury. I finally had no other choice than to go get treatment and am still kicking myself for not going sooner. I literally went 4 times and my back has felt better than it has in years! I am so thankful for Airrosti!

by Savana Rodriguez

I am an athlete who trains to fight mma, few months back I had a severe strain in my elbow. After 2 months of pain I was informed that I would need surgery. My coach recommend me to Dr. Jestel referring to him as a “witch doctor”. I decided to go ahead and try another route before considering surgery. My first visit I explained to Jestel what was going on, and he seemed convinced that he would be able to fix my elbow problem so I put faith in his treatments. After 4 visits I had absolutely no pain, and I am back feeling much stronger. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an injury, he’s treatments are absolutely amazing!

by Veronica Krell

Dr. Jestel & Aaron have been my lifesavers! I had trained with a little injury for a marathon – after running the marathon, I had completely injured my IT band & PF. I was unable to run and barely walk. Dr. Jestel got me in the next day and began treatment. Very concerned and caring, he treated me for sometime and let me know I would run again. And I did just that. After that I had the best running season and doing another marathon with a significant PR! I have been back once or twice for “maintenance”. I would recommend and have recommended Airrosti to many people.

by DJ Oguntoyinbo

I injured my should while playing soccer and was in intense pain for the next 2 days. A friend told me about Airrosti and I tried it out. My shoulder was significantly better by the next day and 100% in a week. I then told them about my knee which had been bothering me for over the last 4 years or so. After 3 or 4 visits, I’m now able to play soccer 3 days straight without feeling even an ounce of pain. What I love the best about Airrosti is not just solving the problem but they also teach you exercises you can do on your own that will help sustain and maintain the healing permanently. Thank you very much.

by Maria Camareno

I do CrossFit and I push my body to the limits all the time. I’ve had issues with my knee, hip and both shoulders (all at different times). I went to Sport Medicine doctor first for my right shoulder – I did the meds, the therapy, and more meds and never got rid of a subtle pain that lingered for about eight months. I was recommended by many to go to Airrosti for my knee. While I was there, I asked him to review my shoulder. After just 2 treatments, the pain and discomfort was gone! I was back to overhead lifting and kettle bell swings in no time. With any treatment from Airrosti thus far, I have been healed within 2-3 visits. I like how they explain to me what’s causing the pain, which is normally not the area where it hurts. I strongly+ show more believe in Airrosti’s treatment and I’ll vouch for them anytime!

by Brad Shaw

Since I was first referred to Airrosti by my daughters swim coach, my family and I have used Airrosti on several occasions. In every case (elbow, knee, back) the recovery times were shortened significantly. In fact, in every case mobility was increased and pain reduced after just the first visit. I never hesitate to refer my friends for Airrosti treatment.

by Rufina Tejeda

I was in pain for more than two years on my low back. When to see a chiropractor and she said it was sciatic nerve, but the adjustments didn’t help. After Dr. Jestel did his treatments my I got 85% better. I’m really happy with the results.

by Marianna Sviland

The side of my back had been hurting for over two years after vigorous planking exercise. Nothing I did would get rid of the pain, which seemed to get worse as time went on. Regular chiropractic treatment did not work and was long and expensive! I sometimes took painkillers, but the relief was only temporary of course. When I got engaged to the love of my life, my fiancé couldn’t even hug me properly because I would wince in pain. It was awful! I went to see my regular doctor again in desperation and he mentioned Airrosti. I read about it online before my first treatment and it sounded promising. The visits were painful, but in a good way, in that I always felt better and less pain afterwards. After five or six treatments, I could not+ show more believe the difference! I was close to pain free and my fiancé could hug me again without me crying out in pain! I am so happy and thankful to the Airrosti providers for their ability to make my life better and pain free. THANK YOU!

by Laura Dowdey

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Jestel and Aaron! They are the best! I look forward to my visits even though they aren’t always pleasant! 😉 Thank you for all that you do to keep me doing what I love! I will continue to send my gym members to you all always!

by Cara Jacksits

I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years with chronic low back pain. Throughout my years I have tried many different forms or treatments, chiropractic, physical therapy, ultra sound, e-stem, and probably others that I cannot remember anymore. It was not until I became a coach when I discovered Airrosti. Airrosti has been the only form of treatment that I have found to give me long term relief. Of course I still have occasional flare ups that are inevitable with my background and my line of work, but I would never go back to any other form of treatment. Airrosti has really made a difference for me!

by Cathey Woodward

The plan was to be ready for tennis soon and follow instructions from the doctor. I got on the courts 2 weeks earlier than planned. I am very pleased with the services from the Doctor.

by Keith Nevils

I’m 49 and have been a regular in the gym for a long time. Unfortunately I seem to hurt my back every couple years, and it typically takes 4-6 weeks to recover. This time I nursed myself along for 8 weeks, and it seemed to be getting worse. I couldn’t stand up straight after sitting for a while, and just tying my shoes in the morning was a slow painful process. I had avoided going to the doctor because I hate being told “Take these pain pills and don’t exercise.” My wife finally convinced me to try Airrosti after she got tired of listening to the grouchy version of me. Wow, what a difference! The first visit I went from about 20% of normal to over 50%. After a couple more visits I was back at 95+%! Since then I’ve continued t+ show morehe exercises they gave me, and I’m now flexible enough to touch my toes for the first time in years. And I pulled a 315-pound deadlift from the floor again for the first time in months. My wife is happy to have the smiling version of me again, and I’ve been out preaching the benefits of Airrosti to everyone with any injury. One of the main reasons I continue to workout is so that I am able to move well as I get older. So not being able to move really had me down. Going from having my back almost locked up and being unable to do much, to being able to move like I want again in all activities, has been just as big for my mental state as it has physically. Thank you Brian Jestel and Aaron Grassham for helping me recover so quickly.

by Jeremy Mahon

I am a professional mixed martial artist and have been undergoing treatments with Dr. Jestel for almost 2 years for various injuries caused from fighting and the day to day grind of fighting. Dr. Jestel has not only been able to fix these things he has been able to speed the recovery so that I miss little to no time training. As a 35-year-old athlete I do not think my body would have been able to hold up if if was not for Dr. Jestel and Airrosti.

by Tom M.

In my 30-year gymnastics career as an athlete and coach, I have never found such quick, and specific results as the improvement I see after working with an Airrosti provider. I personally have worked with Dr. Brian Jestel over the last 2 years in my program and he has been incredible. He is very specific to my athletes and follows up with them beyond their visits in the office. He has taken the time to visit my facility to understand more about our sport, as it is so unfamiliar to most of the world. When it comes to soft tissue recovery and rehab, there is no better option than Airrosti.

by Neil S.

Airrosti treatment helped me with numerous issues including sciatica and shoulder problems. The whole family has benefited from treatment to quickly return to action.

by Christian D.

My senior year of basketball, I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain in my knee had gotten almost unbearable and I needed a remedy before the season started. One day, a teammate came in with k-tape on his arm and I asked what that was. He informed me that he had gone to a rehab place called ‘Airrosti’ that not only exercised his problem, but also taped it and felt great. I went to Dr. Brian and from day one I could notice a difference. He talked to me about my pain/problem, told me about the plan to treat it and we got to work! He gave me instructions and exercises to do at home/gym and was very friendly as well. My knee went from a progressive pain for years, to feeling better in a matter of weeks. I even felt as if my basketball performa+ show morence improved because of it. It only took 5 weeks worth of visits to fix me right up.

by Ryan B.

I am a 6’5” basketball player who had serious knee problems that caused my legs to tighten and hurt. After four treatments at Airrosti, my legs were able to move again without pain. Once me knees were healed, I played about a year without injury until I landed wrong on someone’s foot and hurt my hip. While I should have sat out, I was too stubborn and I hurt it so bad that it just tightened everything up again. I promised Dr. Jestel that if he could get everything loosened up I would pursue college basketball and not give up on my offers. He was able to get me back in good condition and I attempted Texas A&M walk on tryouts and was told that had I been in better shape I might have been given a chance. I owe that opportunity to try+ show moreout to Airrosti. If I hadn’t received their treatment I believe I would still have some complications with not only playing, but also running and walking. So thank you Airrosti!

by Vanessa O.

I had extremely painful tennis elbow a couple of years ago, and although skeptical, I tried Airrosti, which was recommended to me by a friend.  I just wanted to get back on the tennis court as soon as possible!  Well surprise surprise, after a mere 3 treatments my tennis elbow was gone. I was able to continue playing while having treatment. No medication was needed and I have not suffered a day since. Earlier this year, I was suffering with a lower back injury. After having physiotherapy for 3 weeks, I knew if I wanted results I needed to visit with Dr. Jestel ASAP.  He had me back up and running like a well-oiled machine with just 2 treatments! I have recommended Airrosti on many occasions for treatment of various injuries. It + show moregives fast, long lasting results without any medication and no down time from your daily activity.

by Crystal C.

I am a preschool teacher and I am constantly kneeling on a hard floor. Once school let out, we remodeled our house and I was on my knees a lot from laying hard wood floors and lots of painting. A few weeks later, I kneeled down and had a sharp pain just below my right knee. It felt like a fire pain down the outside on my leg. It was honestly the worst pain I’ve ever had. I was referred to Dr. Jester by my PCP. I had no idea what Airrosti was, but if it was going to heal me I was willing to try anything. One month of treatment and at home exercises later and I have no pain. I couldn’t be more pleased.    

by Caitlin W.

I severely strained the MCL of my left knee playing soccer.  I had a major showcase tournament in Phoenix in five days.  Dr. Jestel was able to get me back on the field and I was able to perform at 100% for the showcase.

by Benjamin R.

I pulled my back doing cleans at the CrossFit box. I could barely walk the next day. Brian saw me on the 3rd day, and had me fixed in one minute. I’m now having him work on my foot. Airrosti is awesome!

by Lorri M.

My daughter, an avid volleyball player, had been suffering from shin splints for months and the pain began to affect her level of play. We decided to see Dr. Brian Jestel at Airrosti. From the moment the evaluation began, I knew we were in the right place. Dr. Jestel’s thorough evaluation revealed there was more to my daughter’s pain than simply shin splints. Dr. Jestel set up a treatment plan for my daughter and she began to see results quickly. The Airrosti treatment method allowed my daughter to quickly return to the court, without pain. In fact, she helped her team win a bronze medal at the USAV Girls Junior National Championships. We are so grateful to Airrosti and Dr. Jestel for helping her return to perfect health. Thank yo+ show moreu!

by Dana Ziskrout

Thorough, professional, explanatory, and able to resolve painful condition. Well worth a visit.

by Samantha McGee

I just wanted to say thank you for helping my daughter Shelby Klentz. Since Shelby has had the same injury on the other ankle I just knew she was going to be out the rest of her volleyball season and was sickened since this is her time to shine just before high school tryouts. I set out looking for a good orthopedic and was referred to Airrosti by our club director for Houston Juniors. I thought it was the name of an orthopedic so I researched the name online to see if it was on my insurance. I found your website and started to investigate and liked what I read. I was a little hesitant because I haven’t ever heard about the methods you guys use, however; I am 100% pro-Airrosti now! I really thought she was going to be out all volleyball + show moreseason for club before coming to you. I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am with her progress! To come from two partial ligament tears in her ankle to now back to playing 100% within 3 weeks speaks volumes. I can’t thank you enough because there aren’t words to describe how thankful I am for the services your organization gives back to their patients. I will forever refer Airrosti to everyone and anyone I hear with an injury and have already told a few. I am a HUGE supporter of Airrosti and even going now myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!