Cortney Kante, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:Kansas State University

Graduate School:Cleveland Chiropractic College- KC

Hometown:Thayer, KS

Hobbies:Working out with a focus on strength training. Spending time and traveling with my husband and our family. Attending and watching different sporting events, especially Kansas State Wildcats basketball and football.

Interesting Facts:I am from a really small town (less than 500 people). Growing up I didn't have typical pets, my dad believed in life and character building experiences. When a calf was rejected by the mother, I would gain a \"pet\". I would bottle feed them, walk them, ride them, groom them and many other things that typically you would not do with livestock. My 4 \"pets\" were Red, Daisy, Racer, and Hamburger. I spent most Friday nights at the local dirt race track watching my dad race until I was of legal age to drive one myself.

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by Brian McCauley

What a team Cortney and Liz make!!! I am extremely pleased with the results I saw and this was all only in 3 weeks! I am an active runner and began experiencing pain in my left hip. For 5 weeks I dealt with it before finally going to Airrosti for the very first time. Believe it or not, I ran pain free the afternoon of my appointment!!!!! Cortney was able to identify the issue right away and address it with some very deep (sometimes painful) stress right where the pain was. Then Liz was able to help me with some great exercises and therapy that I can do at home daily to prevent this reoccurring. I was discharged in 3 weeks and am still not experiencing pain-and the best news is I am running my full mileage again! My only regret is I didn’t...+ show more come to them when I first started feeling the pain! I can’t say enough for Cortney Kante and Liz Burgin, they have helped me get back to where I need to be, they are the best!!!!

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