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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:LeTourneau University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic School

Hometown:Jones Creek, Texas

Hobbies:Family and Friends, CrossFit, Golf, Baseball, Movies, and just about anything outdoors.

Interesting Facts:I took a 5000 mile trip from Texas to New York to raise money for cancer research while visiting all of the baseball stadiums along the way.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a group of providers that deliver the best soft tissue treatment on the planet! Our amazing providers put focus on our patient's wants, needs, and goals and never lose sight of that.

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by Stefano Casarin

I saw Dr. Hurta for 2 different injuries: Achilles tendinosis, which I had been unsuccessfully dealing with for more than 3 years, and calf strain. Both times Dr. Hurta provided me with the best care. He spotted the problem right away and proposed me a treatment plan integrated with targeted exercises to treat my condition and to prevent it from happening again. He was also always more than happy to address my questions and concerns. Best service I could imagine.

by Jim Moon

I came to Airrosti because my co-workers were raving about how they could help with my neck and back. My neck was injured when I was rear ended and my back was injured from years of jumping out of airplanes while in the Army (Airborne Infantry). So, I gave them a try. Dr. Hurta was amazing! The combination of deep tissue massage, muscle loosening techniques, strengthening exercises and tips on how to prevent future injury were ‘spot on’ and provided immediate results. It may seem small for those that don’t experience it, but to be able to look over my shoulder while driving instead of turning my entire torso to look back is wonderful. While the deep tissue massage is intense; the immediate results make it worthwhile. I can say tha+ show moret I’m an advocate for this type of care now that I have experienced it first-hand. Thanks Dr. Hurta!

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