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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:NA

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houma, LA

Hobbies:Activities with kids, Crossfit, Wakeboarding, Disc Golf, Anything Outdoors.

Interesting Facts:Had a kidney transplant when I was 18, living happy and healthy since. My hometown is on TV, one of the shows that needs subtitles so you can understand what they are saying.

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by Kimmie Gurley

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my Airrosti experience with Jason DeRoche and recovery specialist, Bobby Trujillo. I went in with knee pain that had gotten so bad I was barely able to walk and after just 4 sessions, I am a new woman. I don’t avoid going out and about anymore and am able to take nice walks again. I’m enjoying life like I haven’t for a long time!

by Suzie Elkins

Jason is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable provider. He works magic, allowing my limping entry to make an upright and normal gait exit. His explanations are such that a novice listener understands. He is respectful, concerned, and caring. He and Bobby make an amazingly awesome team, totally concerned with making and keeping patients functional without pain. Thank you!

by Tyler Ingersoll

Although we had difficulty with the app itself, Jason was so helpful and made sure that our appointment would happen one way or another! I had a lower back injury that caused many difficulties in my day-to-day life and the stretches and exercises I was given made a world of a difference!

by Paola Saibene

The entire process is excellent… from the call center service to the one-year access to the platform post-departure. My provider was able to identify and isolate the issue within seconds on the first call. That is no small feat. The technique, methods, and top notch caliber of the provider is altogether phenomenal!! I’m sending my family his way..,thank you, Jason!

by Tina Mckenzie

I Had been battling shoulder / neck pain from continually sitting a computer, but Had also suffered many yrs from heel pain due to Haglans disorder in which the foot specialist suggested a brace /boot or surgery . Airrosti helped me with BOTH pains by teaching me to do stretches and exercises along with muscle manipulation .( oh that Roller ) . I can not express how great it is to be able to move with out pain . I also loved the fact that Dr Deroche took the time to not only help me heal , but explain the process along the way , and the way our bodies work function during the recovery process. !! thanks for the remote recovery option during Covid ….

by Gerri Jacobs

went to see jason and once again he worked his magic on my big toe; lower back and thigh/groin area. jason was respectful; professional; informative and after one or two visits, i was back on the tennis court. Lauren was kind and understanding too.

by Ken Jackson

I am 52 years old and have always been very active. Recent surgeries though (cervical fusion at C4–C6 and low back L4–S1) have taken a toll on me and I have had to modify my exercise routine(not mention daily life in general) in order to reduce the amount of discomfort. Following my low back surgery that consisted of bi-lateral foraminotomy and laminectomy w/ruptured disc repair, I had significant SI pain. I had two SI injections in an effort to reduce inflammation but results were mixed and very limited. The only advice I was given was to reduce the amount of activity…not a bright outlook for someone who is not comfortable with doing nothing, taking pain medication, and hoping things do not get worse. A friend at wor+ show morek told me about Airrosti and how they help them get back to their normal activities in a very short time. Having run out of other options, I gave them a try. At my first meeting with Dr. Jason DeRoche I was skeptical. However, it was not long after hearing his unique approach and immediate cause and affect treatment methodology that I began to be encouraged. After two visits I saw immediate results. He stated upfront that conditions resulting from surgery tend to be a bit more difficult to treat but he was very positive he could make a difference for me. The one thing he said that I appreciate more than anything else was the fact that his goal was to get me to a place where I could do the things I had done before (within reason). This was the first time I had heard those words since my back surgery. Before this, everyone always said how I would have to modify my life and get used to the fact I just could not do some of the things I had done before…it was like breathing new air. After three weeks of seeing Dr. DeRoche for a total of six times, I am well on my way to enjoying running and working out again. He and the therapy staff have given me flexibility and strengthening exercises to continue my improvement, along with ones to help me to deal with occasional flair ups. I am not scheduled at this point to see Dr. DeRoche again for several months although he has made it very clear that he is available to me anytime if I have any questions or issues. I could not be more happy with my treatment and results I have received from Dr. DeRoche and Airrosti…certainly not expected due to my past experiences with medical professionals and surgeries. Being able to have a health management plan for the future that does not mainly consist of drugs and reduction in activities is beyond what I could have hoped for. Thank you Dr. DeRoche and staff at Airrosti for what you do…you are the best!

by David Dinsmore

First, a disclaimer: a number of our family is employed by Airrosti. Now our testimony: We have heard for many years about Airrosti rehab results, but neither my wife of myself has never been to an Airrosti doctor. This summer, my wife injured her shoulder working at the family cottage. I have a chronic sore lower back on my right side which bothers me, mostly when I play golf. Our recent visit to San Antonio the week of Thanksgiving 2014 gave us an opportunity to get in two treatments by Dr. Jason DeRoche, at North Hills Family Medicine. He was great! He was extremely helpful in explaining what was needed and very skilled in treating us. Lauren Martinez our recovery specialist did a great job getting us up to speed with our exercises an+ show mored foam rolling. We were amazed at how much better we both were after our treatments, and continue to be even after our 24 hour road trip home. My wife’s shoulder is so much better: she felt a huge release of tension after only one treatment. Dr. DeRoche showed me that the pain in my back was connected to an ache in my hamstring that I get when I have been sitting for a long time – as in the car. He was able to work on that issue at the same time. The trip home was much more pleasant and we both are singing the praises of Airrosti here in Virginia.

by Benjamin E.

I was introduced to Airrosti and Dr. Jason DeRoche through my CrossFit coach. I had a nagging sciatica pain that had existed in my right glute for months prior to even starting CrossFit. I gave Airrosti a try, and in doing so not only did they successfully treat my injury within three treatments, but also I learned a great deal about how muscles and fascia work. I also learned how to take care of myself to prevent future injuries.
Since that initial visit, Dr. DeRoche has helped me through four separate soft tissue injuries, including hamstring, lats, and rotator cuff. All of which were successfully treated, and they got me back on track very quickly to keep up with my training.

Most recently I pulled a lat doing pullups + show moretwo weeks before a competition. They squared me away within one week, and I placed 5th in that competition.

Much love for Airrosti. Especially my main man Dr. DeRoche.