Kristina Kulcak, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Sam Houston State University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Groveton, Texas

Hobbies:I enjoy hunting, archery, fishing, camping and being with family & friends in the outdoors.

Interesting Facts:I once cut a rug on stage with Selena.

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by Kendra Adams

Back in 2016, after receiving a referral from a friend, I decided to try Airrosti therapy to help overcome muscle tightness and pain from a pinched nerved. I was weeks away from a 10-hour flight to Hawaii and needed some relief. I went in to see Dr. Kulcak and she was AMAZING!! She identified the issue, showed me daily exercises and stretches to do, and introduced me to the foam roller. The treatment I received was life-changing. Not to mention the follow-up calls and emails that Dr. Kulcak personally did to check on me. I was in tiptop shape for my Hawaii trip and got to see what it felt like to parasail for the first time!! I didn't experience ANY pain before or after this amazing experience and I attribute this to the wonderful care and ...+ show moreeducation I received from Dr. Kulcak! I highly recommend her.

by Sonia Loberg 

Dr. Kulcak always takes the time to explain to me what my body is likely going through as we work on my road to recovery. I LOVE and APPRECIATE that about her. She explained how a NEUTRAL position was beneficial. No one had ever gone through that much detail and something just clicked for me. I seriously think about that NEUTRAL position in every single aspect of my life now, not only at the gym. However, even with the heavy sled push at 675 lb that heavy weight was so much more easily achievable. I know my body and this would have been very challenging but I could tell the difference... especially at my age. I focused on a neutral position and went so much FASTER and FARTHER than I know I could have a few days ago. I'm learning and improvi...+ show moreng so much from Dr. Kulcak and Leslie at Airrosti (Pearland).

by Sonia Martinez Loberg

The best recommendations will always be reviews/feedback from personal experiences. Let me share my 2nd, and even BETTER, experience with Dr. Kulcak at Airrosti. What started out with my coach telling me that I may have a shoulder or hip issue when my squat was noticeably slanted turned out to be so much more. After my initial visit, Dr. Kulcak immediately began to turn my world right side up after only one visit….just ONE. Addressing my left hamstring and hip flexors fixed a LONG list of issues that had dragged on for years. I had seen various doctors and specialists already and they couldn’t figure out what the issue was and suddenly all that was going away. I completely put my trust in her to figure out what was the best course...+ show more of action for me. She was “spot on” during my first visit with her diagnosis and treatment plan. I know she was always looking out for my best interests and what would work best for me. She paved a path towards quick recovery. I had been to so many doctor appointments where the doctors and staff wouldn’t even look at me when I was trying to explain my issue to them. That can be simply degrading and made me feel so unimportant. Dr. Kulcak, on the other hand, always made direct eye contact with me so I knew she was always listening to me carefully, acknowledged what I said, and really tried to get the full picture. She always gave me every opportunity for me to tell MY STORY in MY OWN WORDS with no interruptions. She definitely instills a sense of compassion, respect for her clients, and a sincere desire to help. I always listened in amazement as Dr. Kulcak relayed her findings to Leslie Brown. Dr. Kulcak would reiterate the improvements I had shared with her in such detail that I knew she was not only listening to me but incorporating that along with the recent treatment in to the next set of rehab exercises. I still don’t understand how Leslie could translate all the information she received in to just the right rehab exercises but she did. I think what I was most impressed with, as I watched and listened to Dr. Kulcak converse on my progress and treatment, was the professionalism that they always maintained in that office. They certainly represent Airrosti well. I told Dr. Kulcak that if I could hug her to show my appreciation and gratitude for the difference she has made in my life, I would break her. I would simply crush her. I can’t put in to words the quality of life that I now have because of her management of my care, because of her ability to accurately determine what was wrong, and because of her skills and knowledge to build the correct recovery path for me. I also couldn’t be more appreciative of Leslie Brown as well. I’ve had rehab and recovery exercises before with others but Leslie is by far the one I’d prefer to go see. To be honest, I can’t say I’d go back to see any of the others. I definitely trust Leslie however. She took time to explain what each movement was and seemed genuinely willing to answer all my questions no matter how many I had. I knew at times I needed something slightly different or a different angle so I asked her what I could do instead. I could see “the wheels spinning” and she would quickly give me what I needed. On one occasion, I came in and reported pain after performing a particular exercise. Leslie had me perform the movement and corrected it right away. She has a way of very nicely and professionally telling people that they are doing something totally wrong and how to correct it. I’m so blessed to have found Dr. Kulcak and Leslie Brown at Airrosti in Pearland. I feel like I have the best professional pair out of any Airrosti location right in my very own neighborhood. What a positive difference and impact to the Pearland TX community that those two make.

by Sonia Loberg

WHY did I wait so long to go to Airrosti? I was afraid that I would be told not to work out …to rest. Well I was completely and totally WRONG. I hurt my elbow and after days, weeks, and months of progressively getting worse, I had had enough. I could not even hold up my coffee cup anymore much less do a snatch. After a few visits I was already moving back to my normal workout weights. And the best part was that Dr. Kulcak, at Airrosti, was so supportive with me getting back to my normal workouts while I was seeing her so she could watch my progress while I was under her care. I didn’t have to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I had support to get back in there and do what I loved to do at the gym! I was so excited when I was able to...+ show more get back to 20 lb thrusters with no pain whatsoever. What a milestone that was. Why, oh why, didn’t I go to Airrosti sooner? Dr. Kulcak didn’t just help me get back to my regular workouts. She removed a limitation that was just eating me up mentally. It's not just physical healing but mental healing that I got. When I couldn't do normal everyday things like lifting my coffee cup up, I would get mentally exhausted. It was so frustrating and irritating. Now that is a thing of the past thanks to Dr. Kulcak. After a few visits I'M BACK!!! Snatches, high pulls, thrusters, ring rows, lifting my ginormous coffee cup, turning the ignition key in my vehicle with my right hand, moving clothes from the washer to the dryer with my right hand, etc... I can do all those things without pain now. Dr. Kulcak has been so incredibly AWESOME. Now, I recommend Airrosti to everyone knowing what an incredible positive difference it made with me.

by Tamera Roberts

I am a thorough believer in Airrosti. I found Dr. Kulcak after I injured my back. She quickly helped me with my back pain. I have also used her for: IT band, bicep and wrist pain (Apparently, I am one of those who takes awhile to learn using proper form while doing Crossfit). Dr. Kulcak is always professional, quick to pinpoint my pain and what caused it to happen. Most of all, I don't have to go back for the same injury for more than a couple of times. Dr. Kulcak and Airrosti are the best!

by Carolyn Morris

I just finished my first appointment for an it band problem. I could barely walk into the office with a cane, and carried the cane out! Kristina is amazing! Please don't put off seeing her if you are in pain! Thanks Kristina

by Marcella Rodriguez

Dr. Kulcak has been a savior to me. I went to her dejected after a chiropractor whom I had been seeing for a month told me that there was little hope I would be able to run my half in 5 months. Dr. Kulcak from the get go stated I would see improvements with her and Airrosti, and lo and behold, I did. Within 2 sessions I was able to start jogging at a slow pace, and within a few more sessions I was back to running 10ks without any pain. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Kulcak for her care and treatment, which allowed me to continue my love of running.

by Donna Janak

I was having pain in both knees and after 1 visit we thought I would be an easy fix. My pain was persistent and after 3-4 visits I was getting frustrated but Dr. Kulcak would not give up. It took us 6 visits to finally get me to a near non-existence of pain in both knees. Yeah, especially because I will be leaving for a 12-day European vacation and I know I will be doing extensive walking. Can't thank Dr. Kulcak enough for giving me the gift of being pain free.

by Marcia Cole

For about 6 months I've been battling what I thought & was told to be carpal tunnel syndrome. I was even scheduled for surgery. I decided last minute to cancel it & go see an Airrosti doctor. One of the best decision I've ever made. Within 3 session with Dr. Kulcak I've made a complete 180. To be able to pick up my 4 month old without any pain, to even feel what his skin feels like is amazing. I had no sensation in my right hand & now I do.

by JoAnne D.

I had a pinched sciatic nerve. The pain was so great, I was missing work. It really was bad while driving. I would scream in pain. I started with a pain Doctor. He gave me pills and said I needed a MRI. The pills did not help and I could not afford an MRI. So the next step was a visit to a new chiropractor. They took x-rays, shock treatment and told me my back was a mess. They also wanted me to go get an MRI. I was lost. I was at work and in a lot of pain. A co-worker asked me if I have ever heard of Airrosti. All he could say, is it will hurt and then you will be ok. He was ready for back surgery and was healed on one visit to Airrosti. I got an appoint with Dr. Kristina. When I arrived, I went to get out of my car and the pain...+ show more was so bad I could not move and I could only scream and cry. Dr. Kristina happen to be in the front of her office and saw me. She came running out and helped me in. At the end of my appointment I danced a little jig for her. After about 5 visits I am great. No pills, no surgery, no MRI. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Kristina preformed a miracle. I hope my story can help future readers in pain.

by Ofelia Y.

I was in such excruciating sciatic-like pain. Sitting at a desk all day was so painful that I was seriously contemplating retirement. I could not walk, sit, stand or drive without pain! I was afraid I would end up in a wheelchair. I had tried everything from chiropractor, physical therapy, traction, and massage and just could not get relief. Desperate for a solution, I decided to see a back specialist. After an MRI, and getting a second opinion, both surgeons stated that surgery was the only solution. I scheduled back surgery with both surgeons and eventually cancelled both. After my very first treatment with Dr. Kulcak I was ecstatic! I could not believe 90% of the pain was gone! I could sit, stand and sleep after almost 3-months of suffer...+ show moreing. After my second treatment it was absolutely pure joy! I was the 30th patient she had prevented from having surgery. I have recommended anyone who has pain to call Airrosti and make an appointment. I was assigned various exercises which I keep up with religiously. I am now pain FREE. I can't express my thanks enough to Dr. Kulcak for giving me back my very active life -- and my husband is so happy to have his wife back. I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone with pain. Thank you so much Dr. Kulcak! you are my Angel.

by Janet B.

Airrosti has helped me for over three years. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, Airrosti has allowed me to continue to train and make gains as an athlete. When Dr. Kulcak relocated to CrossFit WMD, my CrossFit home, I had no idea how good I would have it. I have never had a bad experience with any Airrosti doctor, but Dr. Kulcak is one of the best! She is extremely thorough and is able to find the root cause of any injury. She is the most passionate and competitive Airrost doc that I have ever come across. As a current CrossFit Games competitor, I truly believe that I owe my success to Dr. Kulcak. She has helped me continue to become a stronger athlete, pain free! Words will never be enough to thank her!