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Became an Airrosti Provider:2006

Undergraduate School:University of Louisiana at Monroe

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic, now Parker University

Hometown:Shreveport, LA

Hobbies:I enjoy traveling and attending different sporting events.

Interesting Facts:I am one of the founding doctors of Airrosti. I am the Team Chiropractor for Denton Guyer High School, The University of North Texas, and the Dallas Cowboys. I married my sweetheart, Jennifer, and we have 2 children, Leigha and Layton.

Awards and Recognitions:Airrosti Founding Doctor. Airrosti Ambassador 2013, 2014. Airrosti League of Elite Airrosti Providers 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2019. Airrosti Award of Excellence 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Professional Affiliations:American Chiropractic Association, ACA Sports Council, Texas Chiropractic Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Professional Football Chiropractic Society

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is one of the best decisions I made. I love giving athletes their confidence back. All the functional and biomechanical assessments prior to treatment allow the athlete to see their weakness, and how that weakness is related to their injury. My favorite part of the day is after the treatment and seeing that laugh or smile of relief knowing that everything is going to be okay and watching them perform the functional assessments with confidence. I love watching my athletes perform at their top level and Airrosti gives me that opportunity.

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by Clay Sewalt

We made an appointment with Dr. Christy because of a family member’s recommendation and, frankly, out of desperation. Our 14 year old daughter was suffering from a long term, non-relenting headache that started two weeks after a coronavirus event. The headache arrived March 7, 2023 at 9:30 am. The only time the headache changed was when triptans were administered, and it became exponentially more painful. No medicine or combination of medicines (including IV meds tried for three days while she was hospitalized) changed the pain or pain level. The combination of severe headache and body fatigue completely changed her life. She had been a gifted athlete playing three sports for her school teams, cheering, riding and making all A’s in her+ show more advanced classes and literally went to sitting on her bed, unable to perform even the most simple tasks and apply herself in any way cognitively. We began a five month journey of trying to find a way to help her. We had absolutly amazing medical help, with many talented physicians, many talented functional medical friends, outstanding support from family and friends, tests of all kinds and many sets of labs (we are so grateful for the many things that she didn’t have that we tested her for): MRIs, MRVs, eye exams, urine tests, etc. It became a process of weeding out what she didn’t have. She was hospitalized by her pediatrician for testing and treatment. We were on day 95 or so of the headache and had just travelled to elevation for three days, where my daughter had a very adverse reaction that frightened me badly. After speaking with her neurologist, who was grateful that the situation had resolved upon us returning to a lower elevation, I contacted Dr. Christy. We had no idea what to expect from the appointment, but after Dr. Christy evaluated my daughter, he explained to us his findings and his plan. To be clear, her recovery took months and is still ongoing. Today is August 6, 2023 and after approximately seven treatments, my daughter has little or no body fatigue and is able to read and apply herself cognitively. Her headaches have gone from a 8/10 to a 4/10. Her recovery did not happen over night, but we saw she was brighter and mentally clearer after every treatment. She was reluctant to be treated initially but she’s excited to be seen at the Airrosti Denton Clinic. It has been a true godsend. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Christy and his rehab team. My prayer in writing this is that this information might bless someone who can benefit from Dr. Christy’s expertise.

by Justine McDaniel

I cannot say enough about Dr Christy and his staff. Over the past ten years he has treated me for herniated disks in my back, an old knee injury and plantar fasciitis, among other things. Dr Christy has always been great at explaining treatment options and helped manage my expectations in terms of results. He is very passionate about his field and it shows. I would not trust anyone else with my care or the care of my family when it comes to sports injuries. He and his staff are the best in the field!

by Amy Rickman

Dr. Christy has been my injury or physical aliment physician for 8 years. I do not see him often, but I know he will tell me what is wrong and what to do to recover. Landon Christy is the BEST.

by Diane Turner

I had gone on a trip to NYC and passed out on the train. When doing so, my knee twisted and it was very painful to walk. After getting a few treatments from Dr Christy, I was able to start working out again and walking without pain. The therapy worked and only after about 5 visits. Had I gone to physical therapy, this would have taken months. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr Christy.

by Charlie Oman

Had been dealing with what I thought was lower back pain for almost 2 years. The last year had been very debilitating. I’m a Vietnam Veteran (100% disabled due to a gun shot wound to my head) with paralysis on my left side. In the course of 2 years, I had been to 8 doctors and the diagnosis was anything from not being a surgical candidate at all to one doctor wanting to do a 2-day surgery on me. As a last resort (and recommendations from a friend) I saw Dr. Christy. I could hardly walk in to his treatment room, but after accesment and treatment, I could stand up straight and walk with about 65% less pain. My wife said she could see the pain and agony gone from my face. With some exercises and stretches, and 2 more treatments, my quality + show moreof life is so much better! I can’t Thank Dr. Christy enough for helping me to get my life back. Before any back surgeries, please try this! Dr. Christy found my pain wasn’t in my back, all that time it had been in my left hip. Thank you again Dr. Christy!!

by M Guy Morton

Six weeks ago it was all I could do to stand up and walk. After just a few treatments on my left knee & hip I can now get back to working around my place without the fear of overdoing it. As a freelance photojournalist (if I can’t work, I don’t make money). I reserved walking for the days I was working. Thank You Dr. Christy & Brian for giving me back my life!

by Jamie Nolen

On January 15, 2012 I woke up with a terrible headache. Over the next 4 years, 8 months and 18 days I would deal with my chronic illness. My headache was 24/7 with no relief and felt like a hat band squeezing my head all the time. I was in the hospital 9 times and had 6 MRI’s, CT scans, EEG, sleep studies, and other procedures. I was treated by numerous neurologists, pain specialists, a chiropractor, bio-feedback specialists, and physical therapists.
Right before Christmas in 2012, I woke up with my left side numb, and I could not move it. I was rushed to the hospital where I spent a few days in ICU. This was the beginning of hemiplegic migraines. I never knew when the numbness would occur or how long it would last. I finished my S+ show moreophomore year on homebound.

On May 1, 2013, I underwent a 7-hour surgery for nerve decompression in my neck and face which relieved the headache. I was excited to join my classmates at school as we began our Junior year. In November of 2013, the hemiplegic migraines returned. I finished my Junior year on homebound.

I was only able to attend school my Senior year for 2 weeks, and completed high school on homebound. I would spend days at a time in a wheelchair because of my migraines. I graduated in June of 2015 in my wheelchair with my sister pushing me across the stage to receive my diploma.

On October 3, 2016, I walked into Dr. Christy’s office. Withing a few minutes he had diagnosed my problem and released my headache. I will be forever grateful.

I am excited to begin life again. I am working at a preschool teaching 2-year-olds, and I teach special needs children at my church. I have applied to college, so I can begin pursuing my dream of being a Special Needs teacher.

Thank you again for diagnosing my condition and for healing.

by Ina Bullard

My story started 2 years ago. We were outside fixing the fence when through messing around with my son, I fell on my left leg and broke my ankle in 3 places, shattered a piece, and dislocated the whole thing. What I thought was going to be a six to eight week healing process soon became a six-month healing process. The doctor set me straight pretty quickly on that one. However, it was not six months. 2 years later I was still dealing with it. I could not tip toe, I could not jump, I could not run or jog, going upstairs was very slow – coming downstairs was slower, and stepping off curbs was always very calculated. I didn’t do anything without thinking about how it was going to affect my ankle first. I also got very very very frustrated a+ show morend discouraged at this point. I was honestly looking at going back to the orthopedic surgeon with probable exploratory surgery in my future. I asked my chiropractor one last time to look at it. I had already asked him about six times over the course of the last 2 years. Every time he said no. But this last time he suggested something that he had recently heard about. It was a place called Airrosti. So I gave it a shot. I went to see Dr. Christy on April 5th. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him other than I knew he was one of the founding doctors of this procedure. I also knew he had experience with working with some pro athletes as well. These two things alone gave me some hope that maybe someone would finally be able to help me. I walked into his office, he greeted me (not a receptionist), and brought me back to the room. Here, he wanted to know every detail of what happened in my initial injury. He wasn’t like all the other doctors who wanted just a general idea of what happened. You could physically see him piecing together every little aspect of it. You could see him working the details through his mind. When I was done with my story, he looked at me and said, ” I know exactly what’s wrong with you.” Now, because I’ve been through multiple doctors already, I’m at the point to where I don’t believe doctors immediately. I question everything now. Many doctors have told me this should help or this will fix you, and it didnt. So when he said this, I’m thinking,”ok, let’s hear it.” He looked at me and said, ” it’s your hip.” Excuse me, my hip? This I gotta hear. He then began to explain that as I fell I landed on my leg in such a way that actually rotated my hip out of socket. The doctors during the emergency didn’t look anywhere else other than my ankle. They corrected my ankle the best they could, but they didn’t fix everything. My hip was still out of socket and my ankle was not in its proper location. They set it, but it was not exactly where it needed to be. Dr. Christy then proceeded with putting my hip back in socket. This was not pleasant, but it was well worth it. After that, he had me get up and move around and walk around. Already I’m starting to notice a difference. He then goes to my ankle. From there, he puts my ankle joint back in its proper location. This is where the tears began to flow. Yes, it was painful. Anytime something is out of joint and you’re putting it back where it belongs, it’s not going to be nice and easy. But again, very very well worth it. He then had me get up off the table and proceeded to show me all of the things that I could not do. Remember now, he has only just now put everything back where it belongs. Immediately, read that again, IMMEDIATELY I was able to tiptoe, I was able to bounce, I was able to run in place. Mind you, it’s been 2 years so I couldn’t do a whole lot of exertion because my muscles are still very weak. But I couldn’t do any of this when I walked into his office. None! After just a few visits at his office, I now live my life 95% free of pain. On my next to the last visit, he worked on an area that even he didn’t think he could help. Guess what? He took care of it. He freed it from the scar tissue that was holding it down. There are things that happen from surgery that are not correctable. There are days when I don’t have time to do my strengthening exercises or my stretches, and that allows the pain to come in. But if I stay on top of the exercises, strengthening, and stretching the way his office trained me to do, I’m free again. I’m now looking at upping my ability to a light trot, to a jog, to a jump anytime I feel like it, to tip toeing without even thinking about it. I did that the other day and I got so excited. LOL. I didn’t even think about it and I just did it. I realized while I was standing on my tiptoes what I was doing. Do you know how that feels? This was all because a doctor took the time to figure out how things work and put that into practice for his patients so that they could live life again to the fullest that they’re able. I now tell everybody I know about dr. Christy and the airrosti procedure. I know without a shadow of a doubt, because of my immediate and instant healing, this could help so many people If Only They know about it. I certainly intend to do my part to get the word out there. Thank you dr. Christy, thank you Airrosti Center, and thank you God for granted prayers.

by Ann Hague

I was originally referred to Dr Christy by my TMJ doctor. This was my first time going to a chiropractor. It’s been a great experience. Within 6 visits he had fixed my “frozen shoulder” to improve my range of motion 90-95%! I really appreciate that his treatment relieved my symptoms without surgery or drugs. Working with the trainer on exercises to assist my improvement puts control in my hands to help make me stronger. He’s now helping me with my knee. I can recommend him and his approach.

by Amy R.

For about six months my left shoulder hurt terribly when I stretched it out (ex: pulling a parking ticket) or behind my back. The base of my thumb also hurt with most any use. I was assuming I had arthritis and some dreaded condition that would need a surgeon or a rheumatologist. I had talked about going to Dr. Christy for a while, and finally I did. A few treatments later and I am healed. He assessed the problems and found my thumb was a part of the shoulder problem. This was the 2nd time Dr. Christy has cured me. The first was 3 years ago following a body surfing accident when I hit the sand very hard. I love Dr. Christy.

by Margie E.

Dr. Christy and his Team are fantastic! They are interested in finding the problem, fixing the problem with little to no downtime of physical activity, and teaching you how to maintain physical wellbeing with quick, easy, exercises tailored for your needs. Dr. Christy’s true understanding of how the body works is nothing short of genius. He’s amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in physical pain who wants to get back to a pain-free, active lifestyle.